Story – Fair Conscience (Fair Science -The Sequel) 1st Rough Draft



A tale that took place after FAIR SCIENCE. This time a fellow scientist convinces the President to take a tour of Dr. Raymond Rooosha’s ansion and state of mind. The leader of The United States, along with some of his staff are in for a real eye opener.

It all started with one of the President’s advisors coming to him with the following statement and question, “Ants communicate through as much as 20 different chemicals they put out. They tell oters where the food is, where to nest, when there’s danger and what kind of danger. They even give off a chemical that lets others know their rank. They’re casting roles sir. One says, ‘I am the queen to our survival, take care of me.’ Let me ask you sir, have you ever been to a petting zoo, sir?” The president was trying to make sense of what his advisor was rambling on about and why he came to him with what seemed to be such unnecessary information; however, as their day went on it all became perfectly clear.

This is the continued tale of Dr. Raymond Rooosha and his fair science…

Henry McNeil was that advisor who came to the president with what seemed like an abstract ramble about ants and a petting zoo. Henry was on a mission and he was pretty sure that the antidote to some of the problems society was facing could be solved if the president himself was willing to meet and talk with, observe some of Dr. Raymond Rooosha’s ways. Henry reminded the president of the first time he met Dr. Rooosha. The president’s memory was very clear. How could he forget. The whole world had their attention on that crazy scientist back when he invited 3 Young children on a tour of his mansion. There was no denying his brilliance but the suggestions he made, during the public media frenzy that followed that day especially, was embarrassing. He questioned and challenged the lifestyle so many were use to living in order to conserve energy, as well as, preserve the earth. Many were offended and rejected his suggestions. The president was interested in learning more about Doctor Rooosha and what he had to offer as far as possible natural resources that could make America number one and the leader in the industrial world. Henry knew the president and most of his cabinet couldn’t care less about global issues unless it effected the popular vote but he also knew Dr. Rooosha could offer suggestions and solutions to prevent Wars over fuel and other economical debates. After Henry explained to the president that Dr. Rooosha was like the queen ant and challenged the president in their last public encountered his master and chief was willing to listen. He informed his advisor to contact the doctor and set up a personal tour, “Yes, we better look into this character and make sure he understands his place in society.” The advisor was thrilled and called Dr. Rooosha right away. Henry was a scientist himself. His admiration for Dr. Rooosha’s discoveries and work went all the way back to when he was a little boy. The phone at Dr. Rooosha’s was ringing. Henry hoped he could speak to him personally but assumed the head Butler, Mr. Miff, or some secretary would answer. He was shocked and a bit awestruck when the Doctor himself answered, “Hello, hello, hello you’ve reached Dr. Rooosha at Dr. Rooosha’s home, Manor and all around play palace. How can I help you?” Henry had to get over being stunned, “Ah, Oh! Hello um, Dr. Rooosha?” “Yeeees? It is me, I am he. Did you like my intro? I was going to answer in a disguised deep voice, maybe try a different accent and ‘zay, ‘you WHO’ve reHeached zhe Zcity moHORrgue, man iz id cold in heeere. AreHHyou alive or callZing for Zhe deHead?…” Dr. Rooosha waited for a response or some type of reaction. There were a few seconds of dead air. He asked in his normal voice, “Hello, ya still there?!” Henry snapped out of it, “Oh! Yes hello I am…I am still here.” “Well, good. Thought maybe ya died and really did need the mortuary. How can I help ya? Oh wait…” Henry heard some rustling then the Dr. came back to the phone, “Thank you for holding, I had to let the dogs out, the cats in and platypus under.” Henry had heard stories about Rooosha’s eccentric behavior and strange life behind the mansion’s massive gates but had no idea how wild things really were. He knew the inventions, discoveries and innovative work this man achieved were beyond belief and now he was about to set up a tour to see it all first hand. “Sir, uh, Doctor Rooosha, this is Henry Mc…” Rooosha interrupted, “Henry, I love that name. I have aaaaaStaff member named Henry. What can I do for ya Henry?” “I am calling on behalf of The President Sir.” “Oh! Wow! The President of the United States or like the president of the P.T.A. or maybe weight watchers?” “The United States sir, ah…Doctor.” Rooosha exclaimed, “Oh! Good. I felt bad the last time I met with him seemed, how would you say, cut short, abrasive and thought that maaaybe I even offended him a little.” Henry replied, “I understand sir, ah Doctor. I was there when you came out of your house with those young scientist and um…well when there was the confrontation between you and Mr. President.” “CONFRONTATION?! He accosted me verbally. I had to give an honest answer. I guess it was kind of a confrontation huh? Hah! Anyway. So he wants to meet with me again and talk a little more about how we can pooooossibly try to preserve the planet or does he want me to cease & desist?” Henry answered, “Oh, no! I mean yes, I mean he wants a tour, sir.” Dr. Rooosha was silent, waiting for more. This time Henry asked, “Hello? Are you there?” There was no answer. Henry asked again, “Are you there? HELLO?!” Dr. Rooosha laughed, “HAH! DID I GET YA? DID YA THINK I HUNG UP?” “I uh…yes, yes I did.” “Nope, didn’t hang up. I get people with that all the time. I am surprised you didn’t hear background noises. Quite here huh?” “Yes…ah… Yes it is.” “That’s cuz I am in a sound proof phone booth. It is the only way we can hear each other. Why, it’s SO LOUD OUT SIDE THIS BOOTH I’D HAVE TO YELL…” Rooosha took a deep breath then shouted even louder, “LIKE THIS FOR YOOOUU TOOOO HEEEAAAR MEEEE!” Henry was holding the phone away from his ear and could hear Dr. Rooosha snickering. “Okay sir, well, about the tour.” “Are you coming too Henry.?” “I hope to be allowed to attend too sir.” “Please, Henry, call me Ray, or Raymond or Doc., I like when people say, ‘what’s up doc. Anyway, I’d love to have you and the president come. Bring some friends. Have him bring a friend. When ya’ll wanna come…wait…any day but a Sunday and when you tell the President tell him I insist that you come too Henry, okay.” Henry smiled, “O.K.! How does August the eighth sound?” “This year?” “Ah…yes?” “YES! August the 8th, 8, 8, 10-4.” “10-4 Dr.?” “Roger Henry, Over and out…oh wait, what time? Can we do a… do a whole day, I mean make a full day of it? If we do only half a day I’d prefer the daylight hours because the chickens sleep at night but of course we could do it at night after the cows come home. Whatever is best for you and the president. If he just wants to sit and have a boring talk I don’t care what time of day or night but if he wants an actual tour, like I gave the 3 kids for the science fair thing, then we really need a good 8 or ideally 10 to 12 hours. 10-4?” “10 to 4, sir?” “Oh no that is too short. That is only 6 hours. Oh, you mean 10-4 like C.B. talk?” Henry was confused but entertained, “Haha, no sir, ah Dr., Ray, Raymond, I understand… I think. Can I get back with you on the time? I’ll tell him we need to block out a few hours for a tour.” “Not just a few, Henry, 8 or more on 8/8, this August 8th.” “Okay, okay Ray.” Dr. Rooosha was thrilled Henry finally called him by his first name. “Okay, okay Hen RAY! SOUNDS GOOD. I’ll mark my flag with a calendar, ha ha, I mean my calendar with a flag. Thank you.” “THANK YOU SIR…RAYMOND.” Dr. Rooosha smiled, thinking how funny it was that Henry was so use to saying sir it came out Sir Raymond. “See you soon Sir Henry.” Henry was thrilled, “Yes Sir. And thank you Dr. Rooosha!” Henry hung up and couldn’t wait to call his wife & friends & tell them about the whole conversation, as well as let the president know it was all set up. However, the phone rang back. It was Dr. Rooosha again. “Hey, is this Henry?” “Yes, DoctRAYOMOND are you calling to cancel? Is the date no good? I still need to check on the time.” “Oh no! We are still on for 8/8…it would be cool to meet at 8am or 8pm but no, everything is still on with the date and tour, IF THE PRESEDENT WILL LET YOU COME. I was just calling to see what you all prefer to drink and eat. I know you’re use to some good food there at the… WHITE HOUSE!!!! But, you’d be amazed at how good the food is HERE! Sorry, I got off track. You’ll want coffee right? I have a two headed cow. Yeah, two heads. I got her from a side show. Bought her from them.” Then Dr. Rooosha whispered, “Can you hear me Henry?” “Yes.” “Not dead? HAH! Yeah, I gotta whisper again cause I don’t want her to hear me…the cow. She…she has 4 ears. I wish she had 2 sets of udders. DOUBLE THE MILK! Am I right?! Shhhh…so, we can have coffee or tea, even fresh juice, right from the fruit and we can have milk or milk in our coffee and or tea but not from her cause…it isn’t very good. SO, AH, YEAH…I don’t think she heard me. So, oh wait… that reminds me I have to feed the pigs. I have a very big one named Mikey. He drinks the milk from the two headed cow but no one else will. Mikey likes it! To bad we can’t drink Mikey’s milk. Well, we could but it is not very good either. I don’t have to whisper, he’s not here right now. I wish we could get coffee out of the cow. ANYWAY, what do ya’ll prefer to drink and eat? Oh, and wait until ya meet my hog, I can’t wait for you to meet …my hog, Henry.” Henry was once again confused but pleasantly surprised and got a kick out of Rooosha’s rambling. “I’ll ask and get back with you.” “Okay, good enough. Thanks again. See ya soon. I am so excited to have guests.” “Oookay, Thank you Raymond. I’ll call you soon.” The call ended again and now Henry had even more things he couldn’t wait to tell his wife and friends. He also knew he needed to tell the president before he got another call from Dr. Rooosha.

August the 8th final arrived and Henry convinced the President to try to block out the day to not only meet Dr. Raymond Rooosha but take in a tour of his whole mansion. Henry was sure that a tour would give the President an accurate picture of how America could adopt some of the Dr.’s concepts to help preserve what resources the earth had left to offer, as well as best use, not waste, those resources. He really didn’t know what they were in store for but knew Rooosha suggested many good ideas and many of those ideas could benefit the world. The president just wanted to make sure this strange scientist wasn’t trying to take over. His hidden agenda was to remain in complete control as the leader of this nation, as well as, make sure that if they did apply any of Rooosha’s inventions and concepts that it would put America in the lead and help them Lord over any and all other countries of the world.

The Presidential motorcade that day included: The President, his wife (the first lady), Henry McNeil, Mickey Marshall (a top advisor), and 7 secret service men (One of the seven was also the head of military strategies and head of the security guards that traveled with the president).

The door bell to Dr. Rooosha’s mansion rang and bounced off the hard marble walls and floors. His head butler, Miff, went to answer the door but once again the Dr. ran up to answer it himself. Mr. Miff was pleased to see his boss was dressed in anything but his pajamas with the feet in them. Yes, he had farmer overalls on and hiking boots but, it was still more socially acceptable than some of his other outfits. Before answering the door Raymond turned to face Mr. Miff and straightened a bow tie he had on, with the overalls, “How do I look Mr. Miff?”, he asked as he straightened the tie around his neck. “Fine sire.”, his coworker replied.

Henry couldn’t wait to see inside the mansion. He had heard all the rumors and the reports the three children gave during the various interviews after their personal tour. He knew the news corporations were not always unbiased. They tended to report things one sided, only giving the opinion that best suited their political point of views. Outside Rooosha’s mansion Henry, the several secret service personnel, the president, the first lady and Mickey Marshall were waiting for . Raymond opened the door slowly. His words flowed out from beyond the enormous door, “Weeelcome to my humble abode.” Just as the words came out, so also a few chickens escaped. “OH NO! Mr. Miff, Mr. Miff, get them please!”, called Dr. Rooosha. Mr. Miff skirted around the president’s defensive security with a bag of chicken feed trying to wrangled them back inside. Raymond apologized, “Oh my. First impressions are so important, but then again, this is the second time we’ve met so…weeeelcome to my house and workshop. The chickens are not normally in the front hall. They are suppose to stay in one of the guest bedrooms. The living room and foyer is reserved for large livestock only. Come in, come in, please.” They all entered. Their heads were spinning with confusion while Dr. Rooosha continued to try and explain, “The kitchen use to be for the goats but HA HA, they ate everything, HAH! Go figure huh?! So, the goats are now kept in the dinning room, the fish in the pool, OF COURSE, and the pigs, they are only allowed in the master bed room, as well as, in the three guest bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor.” Mr. Miff ushered the chickens back in and around their visitors who were still standing their with their mouths open as they surveyed Rooosha’s highly unusual living situation. They also were now able to make judgments on the Doctor based on what he was wearing. Henry wanted to speak up but knew The President had to take and have the lead. They were all relieved as he asked what they were all wanting to know, “Where do you live and…sleep Dr. Rooosha?” Rooosha straightened his bow tie again and brushed off his overalls as he answered, “OH! Yes! Well, I sometimes end up in one of the guest bedrooms, I’m not sure which one. We have 9 so I am not really sure which one specifically. Although we know there are nine they are not numbered.” The first lady spoke up, “You don’t stay in your master bed room?” “Oh, no, no, no…you can stay there while you are here…as long as you don’t mind sharing the bed with an Ass, donkey that is, to the lay person.” Raymond than asked, “What animal represents your political party? I don’t have any elephants. It’s a farm not a safari. Wait, they have elephants at the zoo too right? I hope they never go extinct, I think they can literally pull their weight in gold or silver, all depends which is doing the best in the ‘stock’ market eh? HAA HAA!!!”, Raymond laughed loud. The president’s wife asked, “You don’t have a house to yourself?” He replied, “House? Well, home is where you lay your head and hang your hat or hang yourself, oh no that’s a bad analogy. Although, you never see homeless people hanging themselves do you? But seriously some people consider home to be just a place where they sleep. I live in the barn more often than not. I didn’t always live like this but we save on electricity when keeping the animals in the house they don’t care or need air conditioning and in the barn I find there is a nice natural cool breeze flowing through. I even get to sleep in the loft sometimes. Mmm hmm, very soft and cozy nothing like reading a good book by candlelight.” The president spoke up, “Doctor, this is all very interesting but we would like to talk to you about your idealism for natural resources and potential power sources, as well as, how to prevent global warming.” Doctor Rooosha said, “Sure, of course. Let’s walk and talk. Wait, did you bring walkie-talkies?”, then he let out his normal loud, “HAH! Come on!” He led the crew of guests past the indoor barnyard animals throughout his house to a beautiful garden. “Let me show you my favorite place to walk and talk and even think a little.” They came face to face with a huge hedge. The doctor walked around the corner of the hedge. It led to another 20 foot tall hedge. This one appeared to be a wall covered with shrubs, vines and flowers. They followed Dr. Rooosha then made a sharp left turn followed by a sharp right turn then another sharp left which led to a long curved to the right that forced them into a spiral before it finally opened up to a fork in the path in front of them. Dr. Rooosha turned and looked down at his guest’s spit-shined patent leather shoes. He slowly moved his eyes up toward one of the Secret Service men and asked, “Which way should we go?” The man looked at the others baffled not sure if he should be the one to answer. One of them was also a military officer with all kinds of metals decorating his outer jacket. He went by the name Kent. Raymond didn’t know his name but thought about how he looked like superman in a military uniform. Kent stepped forward and spoke with authority, almost as if he was God. His looks said that he would rather blow a hole in the maze of hedges rather than choose which way to go. He spoke loud and clear, “Sir?!” Dr. Rooosha pointed to himself and looked over his shoulder as if the soldier was talking to someone else, then he listened intently and stared the officer in the eyes. He was fighting the urge to give him a sarcastic salute. The glorified body guard continued, demanding full undivided attention, “I’m not sure what type of diversion you’re trying to take us on but this digression is entirely unrelated to our purpose.” He then addressed his commander and chief, “Sir, Mr. President Sir, we need a erudite individual to come up with a disquisition!” Without batting an eye Dr. Rooosha said, “So, you’d stop here and set up post or ask for advise and approval?” He smiled. The U.S. officer didn’t return the smile. Words were exchanged through the radios the Secret Service Personnel wore on their shoulders. “Okay!”, said Dr. Rooosha, “So, you want to hear what kind of things we’ve come up with before we run out of the natural resources that we’ve already exhausted and how we can exhaust less carbon so our ozone hole doesn’t get so big that we get half baked, RIGHT?!” “Correct.”, the president answered precisely. Dr. Rooosha, as their host agreed, “Yep, okay. Want to go to the Gazebo, sit in the shade and drink some spiked lemonade or Long Island Iced Teas?” The head of Secret Service Personnel went to reply and the president held up his hand letting them know to stand down. He then addressed Dr. Rhooosha directly, “Yes, please. That would be nice.”, much to the amazement of all those there. He continued with, “But first, please show us through your garden labyrinth doctor.” Rooosha jumped into the air and clicked his heels as he shouted in glee, “OHYEAH! Now you’re talking my language!” The president made eye contact with his men. They read his non-verbal command understanding that their chief was handling things diplomatically. They had heard him say on other such awkward occasions that sometimes to get what you want you got to give a little and they all believed in the theory to beat them sometimes you got to join them. They trusted their leaders diplomatic ways but didn’t have any faith in this unusually strange Doctor. They observed Dr. Rooosha turning and waved his head wildly to the left and right trying to decide which way to go in order to make it through the Maze’s extremely tall walls. The president and staff were completely taken off guard by this whole situation. They had heard strange things about doctor Rooosha and his mansion but what they were seeing was far beyond what they could even try to dream up. Henry was loving every minute and knew there was a method to the doctor’s madness. Even if the president’s motives were not completely pure and his vision had difficulty grasping abstract metaphors Henry knew Dr. Raymond Rooosha would present worthy ideas to the president that, if applied, could help make the earth be a healthy place to live. Henry was a little more aware that for many people the economy was always at war with ecology. He didn’t want economy to rise at the expense of ecology. The group of them followed the doctor as they allowed him to lead them through his little part of the world, which was a world all of its own. As Dr. Rooosha walked he explained how alternative resources would be healthier for us and our planet but also explained to them why each of those plans or resources failed in one way or another, “You see, the main thing is that instead of gas and oil we’ve tried the use of sugar cane or corn or even algae to help preserved our environment in ways that other natural resources could not; however, when breaking down sugar cane, corn or fermented algae there is an amount of carbon shot into the air that is just as bad as all the engines that already use diesel, unleaded gas…all fossil fuels combined. So, what is the answer? What is my point and why is the president (that’s you he whispered) and you wife and your bulky armed body guards and Henry (we musint’ forget Henry) WHY ARE ALL OF YOU really visiting?” Marshall noticed Rooosha didn’t include him, perhaps he thought he was part of the secret service. Their host finshed by saying, “Those questions and more will be answered in the most peculiar and intriguing ways. Have you ever been to a petting zoo?” Dr. Rooosha stopped in his tracks and looked directly at the president, waiting for an answer. They all stopped with Dr. Rooosha as the president search out and recalled his treasured childhood memories. Those memories were the only and last link between him and the real world without the luxuries that accompanied his posh political life provisions since he started running for political positions. He answered with joy, “Oh! Oh yes! I almost got eaten by a goat!” His Secret Service Men actually smirked but let out no laughter, they dared not. Doctor Rooosha wasn’t as restricted and reserved. He laughed out loud. He wasn’t about to hold back any natural reaction, however, just as his over exaggerated smile and laughter lasted an unusually long time his face went straight just as fast without cracking another smile. He replied, “Awe, that’s a shame. Pity really…” There were a few seconds of uneasy dead air. Then Dr. Rooosha broke the silence with, “…A shame that goat missed a meal.” They glared at him as he gave a crazy eyed smile back at them. The president wasn’t sure if he was to laugh or question that statement. The Doctor turned and moved on. They followed. He lead them through the hedges and bushes in the shape of a large maze, occasional teasing the Secret Service bodyguards as he did at the start of the maze, “Hope one of you has a GPS, a compass or perhaps at least some breath mints. How will we ever find our way… OH WAIT, STOP!” Dr. Rooosha gave a loud unexpected yell then a loud whistle and a Yelp, “HAYHO! YIPP YIPP YIPPIE HIPPY I A!!!” Just then, from behind the president and his crew, came a huge hog. It almost bowled the men over. Doctor Rooosha’s grinned filled his face. His eyes were beaming. “Gentlemen and m’lady”, he address them, “This is Henry. I didn’t name him after you Henry but I loved when I heard that your name was Henry too. Everyone meet Henry The Hog. Henry, meet the President and his…coworkers.” The men stepped back as Raymond let out another yelp, “HEEEEEEEENRYYYYYYYY!!!!! Is what I like to call him.” He then laughed deep heartedly. The president gave his men the look to, ‘Stand Down’. He knew it was best to still let the doctor be himself, even though he was extremely different. It was almost as if they were meeting the leader of some foreign country. The president knew enough to trust that Dr. Rooosha had control over his home environment, probably more control than most leaders had over their town, village, county, state, or country. Although things seemed constantly in chaos Henry McNeil hoped the president would start to consider that the doctor’s control over his own little world and way of living just might as an example for a better way for world to operate. So far even Henry wasn’t too sure that anything they were encountering was making sense. The president was willing to open his mind and way of thinking. He was getting closer to understanding this strange man a little more while his staff became more and more estranged. Doctor Rooosha climbed onto the back of Henry the hog and they marveled that he was amazingly big enough to carry him like a horse. He nudged the hog and it carried on, pressing through the hedge maze. Rooosha said, “This, I mean he, sorry Henry, is the best way to travel through the maze. Henry knows the way through. He follows what is under the ground, not distracted or overwhelmed with the size of the shrubs and thick bushes and brush growing up from the ground. We try to see through and around and over, but not Henry.” The president began to understand the doctor’s point. He asked, “So, Dr. Rooosha, are you saying we should look below the surface of things in order to find our way?” The president pushed out his chest and beamed with pride that he was able to read and predict the doctor’s theology. He made eye contact with his men and his wife seeking their recognition to his brilliance. He was so proud of himself that he almost didn’t hear the doctor say, “No.” Dr. Rooosha went on to say, “That’s an interesting concept but, no. Actually this is just a hog. Don’t worry, he knows who and what he is. He is not offended when I call him a hog. He runs on food. If there were not radish, which he loves don’t you Henry? Yeah! If I hadn’t planted radish in the right order through the maze Henry would be as lost as we are! What Henry tells us is that the only reason, drive and purpose is to eat, get a meal and focus on that. He is looking to meet his needs not just his wants. He is not trying to solve a maze he is looking at what will help his survival. Henry once was quoted saying, ‘You people’, or did he say humans? Anyway, it was some form of pig Latin. He said, ‘Ya’ll look at the world and the problems and search for solutions but if you focus on the harder task of simply survival you will find your way.'” “But doctor…”, began the president, “We have to look at the problems and solve them to survive.” Dr. Rooosha debated, “No, if you look at surviving you solve the problems.” The larger bodyguard, Kent was heard to mumble, “Evolution.” “Henry heard that!” The doctor commented as he laughed a little and went on, “Haahaa Hey, you know Mr. president, the big guy is right. We evolve. We either survive or die and to survive in our changing environment we must change, evolve. No need to cry and complain or even worry about our atmosphere killing us, we actually need to learn how to keep us from killing us. We can adjust to an environment if we are willing but we can’t really adjust to us trying to kill ourselves or others. We do more fighting than surviving. Rather than battle we need to balance.” As Raymond kept his balance on Henry The Hog he continued with his lesson, “We…need…to… baalaance things around us, not continually battling and fighting things around us. You know some Wars, once they are started they never stopped.” The president held onto that thought. Dr. Rooosha Jumped off Henry suddenly. Out of nowhere flames shot up out of the ground in front of the group led by Henry. He yelled, “WOE! EVERYONE STOP!” “Mayday, mayday, mayday!”, the Secret Service cried like little girls into their watches and shoulder mounted radios, “Standby. We may need reinforcements!” The doctor just laughed rather than calm them down. He even egged them on a little, ” Oh no! Oh no, no, no run Henry RUN!” the hog began to squeal as the president’s men surrounded him like a fort. Just then buckets of water fell from the sky. Rooosha called out over the down pour, “IT IS A SPRINKLER SYSTEM OF SORTS!” He had naturally reacting mini volcanoes on the grounds and an all natural rain cloud system. “I COULD HAVE TOLD YA ABOUT THAT AHEAD OF TIME BUT IT WOULDN’T HAVE HAD THE SAME EFFECT AND LASTING IMPRESSION I’M SURE!” The visitors were astonished as flame shut up and rain came down. “LOOK, LOOK UP EVERYONE DON’T LOOK DOWN.” The rain fall began to lighten up enough so he no longer had to yell over it, “YES! Look up. Don’t look down. Are you looking up? Things are looking up now. See, real rain clouds formed.” As the smoke rose up into the air the doctor broke out into song, “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling… I’m….HAPPY AGAIN!” Then he began to dance as he continued to hum, “Hmmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm…see it’s all part of nature men and MY FAIR Mrs. First Lady.” Although their natural reaction was to avoid getting caught in the rain they found themselves strangely amused. Large fans kicked on after the fires were out, clearing the air and drying them off a bit. Rooosha continued, “The fire you saw in front of us was volcanic. The mutant lava will flow down channels and will build up my land. The fire will burn the old crops and the ashes will be great fertilizer. The clouds overhead will put out the fire. They have been gathering water from my reservoir, just waiting to burst. The soggy wet president began to rave, “You sir, are out of your mind!” Raymond didn’t argue but rather he said, “It’s been recommended that is true.” “Dr. Rooosha, sir…”, the president continued, “I’m not sure if I should have come here.” The doctor looked deep into his eyes as he spoke to him man to man, just as he did the day he and the 3 young people addressed him, “If not here then where sir? Where are you going to go?” “GO? Go for what?”, ask the president. “Go for the answers to your questions?” The president was stumpped. He knew Dr. Rooosha had answers. “Okay, let’s talk some more.” His wife squeezed her husbands hand, assuring him he was doing the right thing. Henry knew he was too. Marshall was really to punch this nut. The secret service men were not so sure, however, they didn’t have a say. Raymond was glad the president didn’t give up so easily. He asked, “Well, why talk when we can walk and talk?” The president nodded once again agreeing to go along with the method behind the doctor’s Madness. “People in the rat race think and say that we’re in a race against time.”, Dr. Rooosha said. Then he asked, “Do you think the cavemen said that or the American Indians? Their threat was wasn’t global warming, not enough oil, a gas crisis or even the lack of resources.” “My good doctor…”, the president trying to be warm and friendly said, “We are not in the life and times of those before us.” “Oh, but we are Mr. President.” “Explain yourself.”, commanded the president. “Okay, thank you. If you lost your home, your car, your electric, your… well, your job, your dog, your lifestyle… what would you miss the most?” The president was speechless. Henry the hog brushed up against the presidents expensive suit. The president shivered. Raymond said, “OH! Look, he likes you!” The president let out an, “Uugh!” Then the doctor shook the president’s whole world by asking the most appropriate question, “Have you ever gotten high off the hog?” The president made direct eye contact with Henry and admitted, “I’ve lived high off the hog.” What he said next shocked everyone, “It’s time I get off.” Marshall, his top advisers stepped forward in protest, “Ah, Mr. President, we discuss the financial and political consequences if there were to be any major economical changes.” “Yes, yes we did and if I were to take my salary and give it to the world economical system it would throw things out of balance. You say the whole world would be out of balance.” Henry had heard this argument many times. The advisor reinforced it by adding, “Yes, and not just financially out-of-balance but in every way out of balance. If we ran more like a non-profit and just took what you needed, gave you what you need and paid you no income, we’ve informed you that the world wouldn’t run as we know it.” The first lady spoke up, “Yes, you’ve told me it would be the end of the world as we know it.” Dr. Rooosha chimed in, “That sounds like a song!” His smile puzzle the others. The president went on, “But I ask you, are we in Balance now? Would the end as we know it right now be a bad thing?” His advisor insisted, “Mr. President, we can’t.” He smiled, “Dr. Rooosha?” “Yes Mr. President?” “I think we do need to look into all of this.” Rooosha said, “Sir, we all need answers, solutions. All the ecologists and economists and socialists and naturalist and any other ‘ists’ have all created more questions. All the solutions so far cause other equations that are still unsolved. The only sanity and the only real hope is found in living a simpler life, plain and simple, not creating new technology but rediscovering what really makes the world go around and sustain the lives of those who live in it. Each one of us need to understand the difference between a need and a want. Our view of what really matters, that is where our treasures are. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Rather than trying to generate more and more money we all need to be content with what we have and realize when enough is enough. We don’t need to keep trying to be number one or the most wealthy. Until the focus is on being the most healthy rather than the most financially wealthy I am afraid that we’ll be circling the drain instead of climbing the ladder to success. So many people are focused on fortune that we chase it at the risk of destroying the future. If the majority of people would just be much better Stewarts of what God has given us we could preserve the earth rather than pervert it. There are many, many things preventing it from going on for years to come. THAT is no way to evolve, that is devolution. That is why I have pretty much made my house into a type of self sufficient fall out shelter of sorts.” One of the secret service men was a dooms day prepper. He had his own set up under his home but on a much smaller scale. The President asked Dr. Rooosha to please show them more and if he could give them some ideas that typical Americans could apply to help them all conserve more. Raymond said, “Sure but most of it is common sense. It is not about how much money you have and what you want to gain it is about what you’re willing to give up and live without. I realize many will not change their lifestyle and we will never change the corporate world. Just like anything else, it comes down to the choices we make as individuals, regardless of the pressures, deception and persuasions around us. Ya know one man’s trash is another man’s treasures. Would you like to see my trash?” The president wasn’t sure if he wanted to say yes to that and gave a vague answer, “Well…I…am…” “I guarantee you won’t regret it.” Rooosha smiled. Henry knew where this was leading, or at least had a good idea. They secret service knew they had no say and were to just follow where ever they were led regardless. The first lady was open to see all they could in order to understand ways to prolong the health of the earth and all life on it. The president’s other advisor, Marshall, was willing but skeptical. He thought Dr. Raymond Rooosha was just a nut, a loose cannon. He couldn’t deny all the innovative ideas and solutions to problems the Dr. had helped with in the past but he had no room in his head to grasp and understand the man’s way of getting to the point. He didn’t realize that the things that he believed kept their economical system in balance were many times the very things that were throwing the ecosystem out of balance. His main mission was to make sure the president didn’t make any rash decisions that would effect his own financial interest. Before they knew it they had reached the exit to the hedge maze where there was a beautiful gazebo.

In the gazebo Dr. Rooosha and his staff had a beautiful lunch and beverages set out for them to enjoy. They were amazed by the taste of the food. Mr. Miff, the head butler, explained that everything they were eating was raised and grown right here on their property. There was no denying how much better the quality was. This helped all of them to open up their minds a little bit more to what Dr. Rooosha was accomplishing there.

When they all finished their feast the president requested, “Dr. Rooosha, lead us on.” Raymond sprung to his feet and replied, “Okay, great!” He tried not to walk too fast but wanted to run. He knew they had a lot of ground to cover. Rather than leading them toward his bio dome, as he did with the 3 children who visited, he lead them to a huge slide that tunneled down into the earth. Upon reaching the entrance he handed each of them something that looked like what scientist wore when entering into a nuclear site. As he handed out the white cover all suites he expressed, “Now, these are pretty much one size fits all but they may feel kinda baggie to the smaller individuals and snug to the bigger individuals. Mine is snuggy, a combination of baggie and snug or snug and baggie. Each person looked at those around them questioning if they should be putting on these out fits. Marshall questioned, “Are these really necessary?” Dr. Rooosha said, “Well, if you want to exercise safety and good hygiene, yes. If not, then no.” The president began to climb into his and the rest followed suite. As Dr. Rooosha handed them the helmets next there was even more hesitation and Marshall along with Kent, the head of security, protested. Marshall said, “Are we about to enter an area of high risk?” Security recognized the outfitting too and their leader questioned, “Nuclear, Radioactive protection?” Raymond assured them, “Just a precaution gentlemen.” The first lady tried to lighten up the situation with a little humor, “Well, at least I look good in white.” The president encouraged her, “You look good in any color honey!” “Ready to slide?” asked Rooosha “Down there?!” Marshall asked as he pointed to the dark tunnel. “YEP!” The president’s wife asked, “Is it safe?” Raymond not only assured her but encouraged her as well, “Not only safe but FUN!”, he shouted through the plastic face shield. “Ooohhh Kaaaay.”, She agreed in hope and trust. Rooosha asked, “Everyone ready?!” He noticed some of the secret service men were still trying to get their suites on. Just for fun he jumped in the tube and was secretively hoping that some of them didn’t make it in time to keep up. He yelled, “READY OR NOT, HERE WE GOOOO!!!!!” He flung his body down the shoot. They could hear his cheer as he cascaded downward. Marshall addressed the president, “IT WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS YOU SHOULD LET KENT GO FIRST THEN THE HEAD OF SECURITY THEN ONE OF EACH OF THE SECRET SERVICE PERONELL MEMBERS BETWEEN EACH OF US!” The president had a hard time hearing him. Marshall didn’t have his helmet on yet but the president had his head covered. He just nodded and tried to follow their directions. Kent said, “I’LL LEAD!!!” He then gave hand signals to each of his men directing them who would go when and in what order. Rooosha was at the bottom waiting and smiling. He knew this day was highly unusual and very uncomfortable for his guest and he was loving every minute. He wasn’t trying to convince them of actions that needed to be taken in order to encourage longevity he knew regardless of what he shared with them they were going to continue to only do things they were comfortable with. Kent had seen battle first hand and this slide down into the depths of the earth was more frightening than anything he had ever encountered. Kent placed one of his six men behind him and before The president. Not far behind the president was another secret service officer in the small enclosed cylinder. Henry was next. He was enjoying the trill of the ride, followed by another secret service officer, the first lady, another security member, Mickey and one final member from the security team. Dr. Rooosha watched as each one plunked out the end of the slide into the foam pit at the bottom. He loved watching the defensive reaction the security staff had, especially in comparison with the way the untrained members acted. As each one arrived at their destination Raymond greeted them, “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome (he repeated it a total of 11 times, once for each visitor).” He flipped a switch giving them more light as he explained, “These are my catacombs!” The visitors took in their surroundings, they found themselves looking around at caves and various passages. The president noticed that the Dr. had removed his masked hat and he began to take his off. Kent tried to stop him. Dr. Rooosha said, “It is safe. I guess you can never be too careful, then again I guess you can but you don’t need to.” Kent gave a nod feeling that Rooosha wouldn’t have his off if it were not safe. The president asked, “Did you make this cave and these tunnels?” The dr. smiled, “NOPE! Water made them. Under ground streams. It saved me a fortune in tunneling, mining and permits. Follow me.” He led them though various passage ways that were as confusing as his hedge maze. While he walked he was advising them, “You will need the protective helmets again when we get closer to why I brought you down here.” Marshall remarked, “So, they are not just for looks and effect.” “HAHA! You know me better than I thought but not as well as you think Mr. Mickey.” Mr. Marshall didn’t like being referred to as Mister Mickey. He felt that it was degrading and it brought back bad memories of when he was a kid and other kids taunted him, singing the Mickey Mouse Club House song, ‘M-I-C, see ya real soon. K-E-Y, why because we love you, M-O-U-S-E!’ Now it was running through his own head and stuck there. Dr. Rooosha was singing it to himself too. He even started humming it softly. Mickey Marshall wasn’t sure if he could hear Rooosha humming it or if it was all just in his own mind. The walk ways were a little cold, damp and slippery. The first lady was glad she wore flats and not high, high heals. They were all beginning to understand why the Dr. had on hiking boots and overalls. Henry was wishing he had known what today was going to be like. He would have advised them to all dress more appropriate for the occasion but in reality he knew they probably would not have taken his advise. He wasn’t even sure if the others even had hiking type clothing, other than the secret service guys. Rooosha’s voice echoed off the stone walls as he guided them, “The water source that made these caverns and under earth walk ways is still active. The streams lead to a lake and the lake leads to the ocean. In the ocean the waves naturally help pump turbines that run my irrigation pumps. The natural springs don’t need any help. They spring up on their own and feed my gardens above. Perhaps another time I will show you my garden.” The first lady asked, “Garden? I thought we saw your garden.” Rooosha clarified, “You saw my flowers and hedges and what Henry The Hog eats but I have not showed you my all nature, all natural food gardens. The food you ate was from there but you didn’t get to see the source.” The 3 children who toured Dr. Rooosha’s garden had shared publically about those gardens and their bio-dome experience but many just assumed they were making it all up and didn’t believe what was coming from what they considered to be just the over imaginative children’s point of view. Little did they know all that Dr. Raymond Roooosha accomplished and possessed on these ground. The visitors finally came to a massive lake. Henry marveled at how large it was. The others had been in under ground caves before but nothing like this. The president commented, “Oh my! The stalactites and stalagmites are beautiful!” Dr. Rooosha said, “Watch this…” as he flicked a switch on the wall, lighting them up. Some had lights inside them. Others reflected and shimmered from lights aimed on them. The president’s wife said, “They look like they have diamonds or jewels in them.” “They do! That is where the over priced rocks come from, underground, under all the dirt and layers above.” Marshal replied, “Well, Dr. Rooosha. You are much more rich and fortunate than any of us realized. This could be mined and sold at a great price.” Raymond said, “Well, like I said, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You think this is grand. Wait until you see what is ahead.” He led them down a few more intricate tunnels and then stopped to inform them, “Okay, you will want to put your helmets back on and make sure the face shields are down and secure.” Kent asked, “Is there a need to use radioactive precautions?” Raymond replied, “No, but the smell is strong!” “Sulfur?” asked Marshall. “No, just…smelly…well…come on, I’ll show you. Once you see it you’ll see what I mean. Showing is always better than telling.” He led them to an underground pile of trash. “UGH!”, They all expressed and fogged up their face guards. “TRASH?!”, yelled Marshall. Raymond was beaming with delight, “It is a compose pile!” He went on to explain. He could tell by everyone, other than Henry, didn’t understand the value of it. “Like I said one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and one man’s treasure is another man’s trash!!!” Marshall argued, “YOU HAVE RARE GEMS, JEWELS AND GOLD IN YOUR UNDERGROUND WALLS AND YET THIS IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION?!” Henry spoke up for the first time, “HE IS BRILLIANT!” “Thank you Henry. I guess we need to explain to the rest of them why, although I am not sure if they will buy into it even after we explain.” The president asked, “Please, explain.” Dr. Rooosha said, “Stone, gems, gold, diamonds and the various PLAIN OLD ROCKS, even coal, is taken from the earth, polished up and sold to people who want to show off how much money they have invested in what is just a piece of rock. This compose pile provides so much more. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t smell good but what it produces is far more valuable than any ring, bracelet or necklace could ever hold. Even coal and other fossil fuel will eventually run out, we can and will exhaust those resources but trash, scraps of food, papers, plastics and other discarded debris will continue to pile up. This landfill is drilled into from above. It serves as an alternative for fuel and we’ve also learned to process it into a different type of oil. Methane provides electricity to 100,000 homes. Burning methane makes Steam and that drives turbines at our methane gas power plant. Using this garbage dump, trucks dump trash today then they go and fill their tanks produced from the gas the trash made yesterday. I am sure you all know the value of recycling tin, aluminum, copper, plastic, paper and more but there is even more benefits to recycling things we simple throw away.” Marshall spoke up again, “This would never work!” Dr. Rooosha smiled confidently, “It is already working.” “WHAT?!” Marshall continued to debate, “No one in the world is using trash as a source of fuel!” Raymond simply shot back, “I AM, MICKEY!” Marshall ignored the name calling and addressed the president, “Sir, he’d have to have special engines.” Raymond said, “I DO, MICKEY.” Marshall had enough. Raymond could tell. “You call me Mister Marshall!” Ray just smiled. He knew Marshall wasn’t just upset because he was using his first name. It went much deeper than that. He thought back to the young lady, Suzy, who was one of the three children on his last tour. The president tried to clam him down, “Now, Marshall…” “NO! THIS IS A LOAD OF BUNK SIR! THIS MAN IS OUT OF HIS MIND. HE HAS A FORTUNE IN RARE JEMS JUST SITTING UNTOUCH, UNTAPPED INTO AND YET HE CONSIDERS THIS PILE OF CRAP AN ASSET!” Raymond interjected calmly, “It is my fortune.” “SEE!!!???” Marshall spouted. Henry spoke up once again, “What we throw away he considers fortunate to collect. I can see how that would offend some people.” The president held up his hands to try to gain some order as he took the lead, “So, you claim, Dr. Rooosha, that this stock pile of discarded trash is worth something and can be used as fuel.” Raymond just nodded then said, “And the exhaust does not spit carbon dioxide into the air. We are filtering it underground here. We are able to reprocess it before it has a chance to enter into the earth’s atmosphere.” Marshall just rolled his eyes. He didn’t buy it. Dr. Rooosha felt no need to try and show them anymore if they were not willing to take him at his word, “Should we conclude our tour?” They all nodded in agreement, Henry wanted it to go on but it took everything in Marshall to not continue the debate. As Dr. Rooosha led them on he hummed the Mickey Mouse Club House theme out loud. Mickey Marshall knew he was doing it deliberately and it was getting under his skin more and more. The president’s wife said, “Hey, I remember that tune!”, and she began to sing out loud. The rest joined in. Kent knew it bothered Marshall so he sang the loudest. They came to a large freight elevator shaft. “EVERYONE IN!!!!”, Ray announced after taking off his helmet. The lift took them back up to the ground floor, just outside the back of Dr. Rooosha’s barn. “We can walk to the house from here or ride the hogs. “Ah, I am not sure the first lady should travel on a pig!”, protested Marshall. “NO, of course not. I meant motorcycles, ya know a hog?” They were please to see several motorcycles there. Ray asked, “You all know how to ride? We have some with side cars too.” The president said, “Side car for me.” Henry and The First Lady admitted they didn’t know how to shift gears and would need to travel in a side car too. Mickey had only rode a little but wasn’t about to admit he didn’t know how, it was another pride thing he had going on. They all hopped on and rode them up to the house. Mickey straggled behind in his attempt to act like he knew what he was doing. It just made him look even more foolish than he desired. Once they all arrived Dr. Rooosha commented, “It is hard to learn new things or do things that you’ve only done a little bit, like riding a bike or motorcycle but once ya learn it can be real fun.” Mickey remained silent. The president, Henry and The First Lady thought about how fun and different it was even just riding in a side car. The secret service men were impressed by how smooth the bikes handled. Dr. Rooosha said, “Are you ready for the kicker?” They all looked at him in wonder. He said, “Those bikes, the motorcycles, the hogs…they all are running on the fuel from my underground compos heap. Aaaaaand, you don’t need to know how to shift gears.” Kent spoke up, “I was shifting gears!” His men were all nodding in agreement that they were too. Ray explained, “Yes, you may have been but you didn’t have too. They are all automatics. What you thought was shifting the gears is just a decoy. A mock lever that is not connected. FOOLED YA!” They still were not sure why Dr. Rooosha felt it necessary to pull such pranks but Henry understood and fully comprehended what the Doctor was doing. The metaphors and colorful ways of getting points across were so obvious he couldn’t believe the others were not getting it. Dr. Rooosha then said, “Change is hard, I know. And I know that not many are willing to sacrifice some things in order to achieve greatness.” Marshall was ready to debate again, “Are you saying sir, that the president and the rest of us have not achieved greatness?!” Raymond simply replied, “I think you believe you’ve achieve greatness and your interest, progress, and view of success has not only been achieved but you are still striving to achieve it.” “You like to speak in colorful words and talk in circles don’t you Dr. Roooosha? Your…flowery wording doesn’t impress us.” Raymond replied, “Oh, and I was trying so hard to impress you Mickey.” Marshall began to heat up again. The president interjected again before it became too heated, “Dr. Rooosha, this has been one very interesting day and I am sure we will discuss what we maybe able to take away from our time together. Thank you for your time.” “Leaving so soon?”, Ray asked, “You will have to come again soon.” They all nodded politely, except Marshall. Ray then said one more thing that remained with all of them long after they left, “Just one more thing…Next time you throw something away, consider the value it could hold if something, ANYTHING, could be done with it other than just going to a landfill to sit and simply rot. That land is your land but this, all this land you see here today, this is my land,” Henry looked over the sprawling hills. The rest took a quick look and saw just hills but Henry realized that there was so much more to Dr. Raymond Rooosha’s land than the eye could see.

Once the president and those with him got back to the white house they all typed up short summaries of their time there. A copy of all their summaries was given to the cabinet and then they had a meeting with everyone to discuss what they saw and took away from their tour with Dr. Rooosha. The president starting things off, “Wow! Crazy huh? That was something else. I want us to brainstorm and come up with something, anything, that could be beneficial from our tour of Dr. Raymond Rooosha’s mansion and grounds. Those who were there and those who read the brief, what do you have to say or ask?” Marshall was ready to go on a rant about how the day was practically a waste of time but tried to act professional, “The potential of using landfills, or what they produce, it is not practical because the engines in all our vehicles would have to be changed. We already have electric cars and we know they are not efficient enough to get us any real distance and they require charging stations, another cost to build enough of those to make that work.” Henry said, “Progress is slow but worth it. Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular.” The president wanted to hear from all of them so he remained silent. A few cabinet member had questions, having not been there all they had was a typed brief. Jeff Collins was the Director of Justice. He asked, “Was there anything there that would cause harm if it got out or off his grounds, any risk of his experiments going wrong and effecting the area around his mansion’s property which in tern could spread through out the world.” Henry was on staff mainly because of his experience with science and they knew he was a little partial toward Rooosha because Dr. Rooosha was highly respected by all good scientist. The president asked Henry to answer that question. “No, everything is contained, although a few chicken’s got out as we came in.” Marshall laughed. The rest who were there chuckled as well. This meeting was a little unusual because Kent, head of security, the secret service personnel who went, and The First Lady were sitting in with the cabinet. Normally The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General. The president remarked, “We were invited back. I am glad we had a thick security team with us. Thank you Kent and the ladies and gentleman on your team. However, I highly recommend we go back again with less security and a few of you. Henry, Mr. McNeil, you set it up before, set it up again. He is able to accommodate a large group, we had 11 of us last time and now that I have been I think it would be best to take some of the 15 members of the executive departments. Having my wife with me was wonderful…” She smiled and blushed a little and wanted to speak but knew it was best to let him finish and not interrupt the words he was choosing in order to be diplomatic about this. He continued, “I think the following departments would find a tour helpful, inspirational and perhaps we can take some helpful advice from what Dr. Rooosha says and shows us. Henry write this down.” Henry was ready. “The following departments: Agriculture, Energy, Health…ah, housing and transportation. The brief before you is a combination of notes we gathered. I even took notes from Kent and his members and my wife influenced it as well. As you know my first encounter face to face with Dr. Rooosha was very confrontational. I know he has invented and created some of the world’s most amazing and helpful…uh… machinery and mechanisms but he is also very eccentric and…well…to be honest, a bit strange.” Marshall said, “Amen to that!” The rest thought, “A bit?” The president smirked and the others who had been there were all nodding as they though back to what they saw. The president continued, “We must keep in mind that we are actually looking into his personal life and dwelling and it is very…uh…different but that does not mean that it is wrong or not helpful. He has built and planted and…grown things around, under, above and even IN his house and on his grounds, his compound, you will see that he is self sufficient. He has no need for the outside world as we know it. He doesn’t need to drive anywhere. He doesn’t have to shop or gather supplies outside of his place, he has everything he needs right there and anything he needs more of he just…well, he finds a way to meet that need. Necessity is the mother to invention. One thing that is very clear to me is that he does have a completely different view of what success means and clarifies the difference between needs and wants, necessities and accessories.” Marshall thought back to the harsh words Rooosha said to him about success. The president asked for more input now from some of those who went and saw things first hand. The others read and could only rely on the brief. He sat in silence with a note pad and waited for to hear what they wanted to add. Henry spoke up, “Mr. President, have you considered that Dr. Rooosha’s whole point is for us, our country, perhaps the world to adopt his lifestyle in some ways?” The president said, “You mean live in a mansion? Everyone live rich and well off with no limit to their resources?” Henry shook his head, “With all due respect Mr. President, not the size of his house or the number of acre surrounding it, not what money bought him, not what those who are financial success can afford but imagine living with your needs met, knowing you grow what you need and reap what you sew. He knows his product will be great because he grew it himself. He also knows that his future is sustained because he reuses what many people waste.” Henry addressed everyone at the table saying, “Imagine living above where you work. Wouldn’t it be nice to work next to where you shop and shop just a few doors down from where your friends, family and all those you care about and that care about you. A real community!” The rep. from the department of commerce spoke up, “That sounds like stepping back into the 1920’s. Even before that time period, when things were simpler, family oriented and not reliant on mass transportation and such they still struggled with pollution and financial troubles.” Henry replied, “Yes. The poor will always be among us but those who are poor, if they have family, friends, community…love really, and their basic needs are met they are truly rich, not distracted by modern technology or the rat race and struggle to get ahead and climb a corporate ladder.” The rep. from the treasury dept. shot out, “Where’s the fun in that? HA HA!” It was a rhetorical question and said with some seriousness but also a joke. Marshall spoke up, “Henry is one of those minimalist who thinks that the best thing in life are free and simple pleasures are the best. Peace, love happiness and all that…stuff…all that jazz.” Henry remain quiet. Marshall was right and Henry did feel that way but he knew most of the department heads at the table were focused on making money, with the deep belief that the financial success of people and the country was the answer to any and all the problems. The attorney general said, “Hey, you only live once, grab all you can right? But I see what Henry is saying. Many do believe that whoever has the most toys wins, in our economy we promote that idea and encourage it. In our culture we have some that believe whoever has the most drugs wins. We are surrounded by sex, drugs, money and power hungry people. They are more hungry for those …things, than they are for food and shelter. They run and their lives revolve around on at least one if not more or all of those things. We will never change that, regardless of what laws we have and what ones we pass.” The rep. from the dept. of housing and urban development made another point, “We’ve tried urban gardens, community gardens, roof top gardens. They work at first and really bring the community together but after a few months they die and very few endure. County living is completely different and the struggle is still there but the labor and the rewards are on a completely different end of the spectrum.” The person from the department of energy spoke up, “I’d like to find out more about this new energy source he has. We’ve made some progress with solar energy and nuclear energy is perfectly safe…I know that can be argued but the only nuclear power plants that failed had fair warnings and ignored those warnings….before I get of track or start a separate debate about those pros and cons let me say this we all agree that we need a cleaner burning fuel, THAT we all agree on and if this Dr. Rooosha has a solution we need to consider it. I realize that would be a sore subject for those ‘other’ companies, the oil industry would be freaking out, however, after all the mishaps with oil spills and the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the air we MUST welcome a source that doesn’t coat our oceans in a blanket of oil and our skies in a coat of smog. It is time for a change, not just to save money or make more money but in order to survive.” The president wrote a few notes down as he was listening. Henry sat listening but was also deep in his own thoughts. He wondered why Dr. Rooosha didn’t try harder to convince the state, nation or even the world leaders to make major changes in the use of fuel and types of new fuel, energy, new ways to practice conservation. Maybe we are to old, to big, to far gone…maybe we have reached a point of no return. Then Henry heard in his head the last words Dr. Rooosha left with them,

“That land is your land but this, all this land you see here today this is my land.”

Within a few seconds Henry’s mind raced through pictures in his head of all that Dr. Rooosha showed them but most of all as he saw the rolling hills and lush garden. It was as if he had instant x-ray vision and he could see through the ground. His mind displayed for him a cross section view, showing him that there was more than what was above the ground. Henry was still at the table but his mind was on the grounds of Dr. Raymond Rooosha’s Mansion and the property all around it. He began to understand that the mind of Dr. Rooosha was focused on real success and value. His priorities, perspective, ethics, and character, not his financial wealth, was really what everyone needed. He said to himself, ‘Those things can not be bought, planned for, programed, made into some type of legislative law. I’m not even sure it can be taught, unless the student is willing to change. It is a way of life. Am I the only one who understands or grasps that? Are we too advanced to go back to simpler times? Are we beyond hope and help?” His mind went to visiting his grandmother. The voices of those at the table became a blur and soon they were complete blocked out as if some someone hit mute. Henry’s mind was on it’s own exploration and the journey led him to the faces of his family who were still alive and the times they had together. He pictured their accomplishments of gratitude, not just the various graduations from high schools and colleges he had attended. He remembered them succeeding and overcoming family fights, arguments, disagreements and feuds. He saw newborns coming into the world and celebrating time together. He dwelt on and cherished the treasures of having parents, grandparents, daughters, sons, grandchildren, cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and more. A smile came across his face. His mind returned to the table and he spoke, not aware if he was interrupting anyone or not, he just blurted out, “It is all up to the individual. We can provide opportunities, transportation, housing, laws for safety and fairness but it is all up to each individual to choose how they live. No man is an island but when someone decides that they are not going to buy into commercialism, as important as that is to some, the materialistic profits offer no real substance that satisfy our actual, real, basic needs. I know it sound cliché and like a slogan for some health nut or eco friendly environmentalist tree hugger, as some say, but if we really love ….live, simply love life and realize, other than food, water, shelter, love is what we need, for each other and for our environment ….appreciation for what God gives us, that is what we really need. Mr. President, I am so glad you want to go back and take some of the executive department, we should, that will be good but, honestly it is up to each of us to make a difference. What Dr. Rooosha was trying to say is each of us have a land, a life, and only we can decide how we are going to treat it and how we are going to live. The world will continue to spin and mother nature will do her part, it is up to us to figure out how to listen to the Father of creation and focus on what really matters.” Henry caught his breath after speaking what was welling up in his heart. The president said, “Thank you Henry. You are absolutely right. Set up our next tour, please.”

And this story ends here my friend. Perhaps you will find a way to tour Dr. Rooosha’s mansion and grounds. Perhaps you’ll go on your own personal tour and tell me all about it some day.


For the first story that inspired this story go to: “FAIR SCIENCE

My deepest thanks to my wife Rhonda for sharing our beautiful way of live together. Also to all of my dear children: Kyri, Alexx, Olivia, Madi, Abbey, Christopher and Carol-Ann who share in the celebration of life with me, as well as, my whole family and friends for their participation.

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This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or businesses in practice, are purely coincidental. The views expressed here are my own, as are whatever factual errors exist in the text.

Thanks for reading, Beetle

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