TITANIC Survivals

Including a soldier from The Salvation Army some people did survive the sinking of The Titanic.

Watch “Top 10 INCREDIBLE STORIES of People Who SURVIVED the TITANIC” on YouTube

“VWhere zthere iz a vwill zthere iz a vway!” 👈If you’ve read my story “The Park” that quote will make sense to you, if not it is simply my take on an unknown foreign accent,


There were more than 10 survivors but in the above video you’ve heard the background stories of 10 people who survived the sinking of the Titanic. 
I’d like to form a metaphor here; part of this metephor come from a quote,

 Holding onto personal possessions in this world is… “like polishing the brass on the Titanic, it is all going down.” -Taylor Durden 

Now, I don’t say that to be dark or dismal but to point out that this old world is in decay. Everything we see, touch & can physically feel with our hands will fade away. It is all temporary. That is just another reason to store up our treasures in heaven where rust nor mold can touch it. I believe God has made away for us to carry on and survive, out living this world. My hope is in Christ.

Not because of anything we’ve done or can do but, because Christ willingly died then conquered death by raising from the dead, we too can have eternal life.

Mercy = God not giving us what we deserve  (punishment and death for our rebellion against Him, pleasing & serving ourselves rather than honoring Him).

Grace = God giving us what we don’t deserve. God’s Riches AT Christ’s Expense (G.R.A.C.E.).

How thankful I am that when this cruise ship called life goes down, because of Christ I will survive.

My will is His will.

He > i

In Him, Beetle 

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