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This is the story of a funny, crazy but brilliant scientist who invites three children into his mansion and his mind.




Dr. Raymond Rooosha sat down at his little TV tray next to an enormous dining room table.  He took the first sip of his first cup of coffee for the day. He called it his “inspiration juice”.  It was so hot and bitter that he could only drink it in small sips trying to cool it with his lips before entering his mouth entirely.  With each small taste he let out a, “Aahh”, partially  because it was burning his tongue and partly because he truly loved the taste.

Before him were three file folders. He rubbed the sand from his eyes and wiped it on his pajama pants then drove his fingers through his wildly out-of-control hair. Finally he yawned louder than loud. His kitchen staff heard  him and smiles were exchanged as the head chef said, “And now the start of yet another…exciting day.”

The doctor’s outward expression was just a little louder today then other days. The maid upstairs making his bed and preparing the bathrooms was not used to hearing such a roar and wondered if everything was okay.  Mr. Miff, the head Butler, was standing at the bottom of the spiral staircase and he looked up through the center making eye contact with the maid assuring her that all is well.
Dr. Rooosha was the most well-known scientists in the history of the world he was also known as the strangest scientist in world history.  He was completely Bonkers! Sure he was brilliant, original, innovative and a genius but he was totally off his rocker, unpredictable and even unbearably manic at times.

His business of the day he was to review the 3 files that were set before him. The first file he opened and jump back repulsively as he expressed,  “EEESH!” He looked at the photo of a little girl, pigtails, braces and dressed in a typical school uniform. He closed his eyes, reach for his coffee and took another sip, this time he tasted the BITTERNESS a little bit more than at first. He rubbed his eyes again before returning to the files.  He read the description she and her parents submitted describing their charming little girl it read, “Susan Climate is a young lady who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.  She has excelled in everything she puts her mind to.   She is exceptionally intelligent beyond her years.” Dr. Rooosha rolled his eyes and then continued reading,   “She’s won first place 13 times at the state science fair and Achieve 32 trophies for excellence in inventing. She is very active in recreational and constructive extra-curricular after school activities.”  Dr. Roosha spouted, “BAHHH!”, followed by, “Yay, yay for her! She’s a jolly good fellow!!! Everyone give three cheers for Susie!!!” He then quickly flipped the next page. There he read what his hired staff wrote about the young girl when they met with her in person. It read, “This is a weird one!” Before reading any further Dr. Rooosha took another sip of the coffee, turn to his left and spoke as if someone was there. Mr. Miff was use to this by now. The first time Mr. Miff experienced it he actually started to respond but then quickly realize the good doctor was just thinking out loud. Dr. Rooosha  spoke to his invisable friend, “Exceptional, except…tional hmmm.” The word channel came to his mind and his thought process deviated slightly to having a t.v. that received every channel except the channel this child was broadcasting. He said out loud, “Except channel…accept channel…hmmmmm.” He took another slightly larger sip of his inspiration juice then continued.  “I’m not sure what that means Mister Miff, Mr. Miff? His head Butler snapped out of his normal meditation he did while his master carried on with his normal routine and antidotes. Miff answered, not really sure what was being asked, “Ah, what’s that sire?” “Do you know what that means Mr. Miff?”  Mr. Miff cleared his throat and stammered, “Oh no, ah no sire, I can’t say that I do.” Dr. Rooosha inhale deeply then push the air out through puffed cheeks.  “Well.”, he continued, “I  guess we’ll find out…hmmm exceptionally intelligent beyond her years.”  He stood to his feet, approach the floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the mountains and valleys surrounding his home. He pressed his nose and forehead against the glass. His words fogged up the window pane as he went on recanting what he read, “State fairs, recreational constructive extracurricular after school activities. A bit over the edge mom and dad.” Then he completed the thought with a sigh proclaiming his discouragement, “Oh well Mr. Miff, WE will see, we WIll see, we will SEE?” Mr. Miff just nodded and said, “Just as you say sire.’ The doctor sat back down, pulling up his chair little closer to the TV tray. “Would you like more coffee sire?” His servant asked, trying to bring some comfort both to himself and to his employer. “Nah, I must press on Miff, thank you.”  What his staff wrote about Susan climate was a whole lot more accurate and realistic than anything already scripted by Susie’s mom and dad since I have not had the… pleasure of meeting Susie I don’t know what she is really, really like now do I?” Mr. Miff was not sure if he should answer or not. Just then Dr. Rooosha clarified things by point-blank saying, “Don’t worry Mr. Miff  I’m just thinking, thinking out LOUD.” He shouted the last word of his sentence but the whole house knew that was all part of their bosses verbally animated character. The staff didn’t fear their employer they just highly respected him and they didn’t want to get in the way. They were there to help not hinder.  There were times when they swore there was somebody in the house visiting then came to realize that it was just the doctor doing various voices and impressions.  Reading further, what his staff wrote, “She’s is a real doozie.” He leaped to his feet and shoured, “Doozie Susie, we got a live one here folks!” He sat back down in a jerk and read more, “This little girl thinks that she is the smartest person on the planet and has the attitude to prove it. She is more of a smarty pants than intellectually sound. We think that she may just be a little snot-nosed child, maybe not a true scientist.” Dr. Rooosha inhale deeply again,  “Now that is what I want to hear!” A smile slowly appeared across his long thin face, “Now I can have more coffee please my dear Mr. Miff.” No exception needed to be summoned. The kitchen personnel were waiting at the door for the request. They knew the routine, although sometimes unpredictable. A friendly will groomed young lady came out with a scolding hot pot of coffee.  She smiled as she poured a little more coffee added to what was already there. The doctor looked up and with sincere gratitude said, “Thank you, Jill. I truly don’t know, I can’t fathom what I would do without you.” Then he raised his voice almost scaring the young lady,  “Any of you and all of you I appreciate every single one of you! She just gave a little curtsy bow and backed out of the room into the kitchen where she knew she would feel a little more sane.

“Shhhh, enough.” whisper Dr. Rooosha. He rubbed his eyes again and stood to his feet stretching his arms out into the air above and around his body while extending his butt out and up, his voice bursting out moans of pleasure, “OHHHHH YEAHYAY, yeah okay ready for some more.”, he said as he sat right back down. The kitchen staff almost entered to bring him more coffee but realized once again he was just speaking to himself about what he was going to do next. Although Dr. Rooosha was eccentric he was still loved by his staff, not to mention he paid them much more then they would make doing something else. “Now, wow!”, Dr. Rooosha exclaimed as he closed Susan’s file and slid it to the side almost pushing it off the table completely. Then, in one fast flinch, he shoved the file he had finished off the TV tray and into the air. He turned and watched with the way the pages glided through the air and settled to the ground.  “Hmmm… I wonder if Susie can fly like that?”

His focus went back to the next file. “Next!!!”, he shouted. The very next file folder he slid in front of him he lifted to his nose to smell.  “Humph electrical.” He then placed it back down and opened it. He studied the photograph he saw before him. He thought how familiar this kid looked. “Miff I can’t put my finger on it but I think I’ve seen this face before… Miff? The butler assured him,  “Yes I am here sire.” “Okay, okay, I’m just checking. You know how I hate to be left alone.” Mr. Miff smiled and said once again, “Yes sire.”, and gave a little smirk. Dr. Rooosha looked over his shoulder at Mr. Miff and smirked back then went on to read. “This is Philip Ross. He is better known as Phil ‘filament’ for having invented a new type of light bulb filament. Phil likes to ride horses, play polo and take long walks in the woods.” Dr. Rooosha couldn’t contain himself and busted out in wild uncontrollable laughter. In between breaths he managed to the a few words out, “Whee, he,  wow…thee, he, this kid is is known for ha, ha horse playing.” He looked over his shoulder at his Butler, still standing there, almost at attention and said, “caha, come on now, mehe meester MiHiff, UT hum, get your composure back this is shherious shhhtuff. Really, it’s, ut hum.” The Dr. tried to compose himself but still couldn’t finish speaking with a straight face, “Thiiis is, ut hum, beeeyyyond the shadow of a… doubt, ut hmmm, the most shhherious shhhtuff you’ll ever, ever, ever, ever EVER, do… okay, maybe not that shhherious UT humm, whooo. I think I need more coffee please.” As the nice young lady entered again he broke out into his own original mocking of a hip hop song,  “Pretty, pretty please, with sugar on top top top.” Steam Rose from the coffee that was pour it into his barely empty cup.  After thanking his staff member again he sang one more line, “Gonna sing it wrong and then stop, stop, stop.” He froze his dancing mimic then went to the back to the business at hand.  “What i am reading here is more like something you’d print in the news paper looking for a date. Did this kid cut and paste his MySpace profile?” As he turned to read the next page he noticed it was not his staff’s comments, rather it was the last part of what this little Mr. Philip, ‘Phil Filament Ross’, had to say about himself. It read, in bold large print as if one could not see it well enough in small print, “MY NAME AND ACTIONS SPEAK  FOR  THEMSELVES.”  Dr. Rooosha turn the page looking for something more than said with a chuckle, “Well, well, that is a deep deep well. There’s nothing like a little confidence.” He then found the page written by his staff who had the elite privilege of meeting Mr. Phil Filament Ross. He read their notes it out loud, “This boy looks above your head when speaking to you. When asked about his scientific abilities he just kept referring to his sole invention, or as he said, ‘creation’, the new filament that will allow light bulbs to last forever. Other than that he just wanted to show us pictures he brought with him of him, his horses and him riding his horses.”  Dr. Rooosha stood up for another stretch, not expressing himself out loud this time he thought, “I wonder if this ‘Fill-o-mint’ will arrive on one of his horses? That would be cool, maybe a Mustang.”  Dr. Rooosha step away from the t.v. tray and walked around his 20-foot oval dining room table. He made a few laps one way and then a few more backwards as if he was retracing his steps in the snow. He returned to the tiny t.v. tray and sat down, trying to make himself more comfortable in his little wooden chair.  Closing Philip’s file there was one more file left.  Dr. Rooosha was hoping that this was the one he had been waiting for.

His staff where instructed to find two children who thought they were some scientific genius and gloated in some scientific success and then find one child who had scientific talent but was humble and possessed a rich desire to learn everything Dr. Rooosha had to offer.

Dr. Rooosha put his index finger on the next file.  He slowly moved it over, shoving the previous one off the edge and onto the floor. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and open the file. When he looked down he saw what appeared to be the most innocent, meek and timid boy he had ever seen. “Looks can be deceiving.”, he said, not sure if there was a child alive today who had what all good scientists must embody. “Okay, let’s see what you got!” He continued to survey the file. He read silently then he stood up, walked toward the window and began to read the last few sentences out loud, “Benny’s dream is to discover not how to invent something new or create something from an original idea but to take what Heroes of our past have started, as well as what nature itself tells us, and continue with those efforts. We should use that knowledge until all resources have been explored, leaving behind challenges and opportunities for success. This will increase growth for generations to come.  Dr. Rooosha stopped just before walking face-first into the glass window. As he peered over the top of the folder he raised his voice just above a whisper and said, “We evolved, we progress, we succeed, we build, we extend, we embellish, we embrace a belief that there is such a thing as too fast too many and too much.” Then as he slid open the large glass door. He felt the freezing cold wind cut through his thin pajamas and touch his skin. He yelled outside at the top of his burning lungs, “Why, why do we keep coming up with more and more and more stuff that we don’t need?! It’s time to let science step up and be allowed to work while the scientists step back!  He repeated himself yelling into the brisk air hearing his voice echoing off the mountains, “IT IS  TIME to let science work while scientists stop working!!! SCIENCE STAND UP! ! ! SCIENTISTS SIT DOWN ! ! ! YOU HEAR ME WORLD?!  PEOPLE OF THE WORLD?!” His last word echoed back, “DO YOU HEAR ME, me, me??!! Dr. Rooosha came back in and had trouble closing the heavy door. The wind force made things even more difficult.  Mr. Miff never saw the doctor so direct and upset about anything. He was not sure if he understood what was said by his boss but he could tell he was passionate about it. The Dr. went straight upstairs as he asked Mr. Miff to please pick the files up off the floor, tidy up anything else and to let him know when the children arrived.



A few hours went by. A few months prior to all this Dr. Rooosha had covered every square inch of his mansion, making sure everything was in place for the new young scientists to explore. The doorbell rang and bounced off the marble floor and smooth stone walls. Mr. Miff move toward the door. Unexpectedly Dr. Rooosha came rushing down the banister, ran up and slid in front of his Butler before the door was opened. “Please, allow me this time Mr. Miff.” His head Butler stepped back and nodded Dr. Rooosha took a deep breath and let it out slow. He then turn the cold silver knob and open the oversize door. The three children he read about where now standing in front of him. Behind them he heard the snapshots of the cameras, the calls and shouts from the Press. He looked down at the three children standing there and said,”Welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’ve arrived. Will you please excuse me just one moment, please, there is one matter I must take care of before you come in. The children stood at attention staring up at him. As he stepped around them they continued to stand staring at the big door huge door. He then spoke loud enough for the press to hear him,

“People, people, so many of you, some of you irate, thank you for staying outside of the gate…                                  I know it’s hard to be held at Bay but I can assure you that at the end of the day…we will conclude our time together I will come out there, we all will, no matter what the weather… I will fill you in on this wonderful time spent we will meet you in the media tent. Thank you!”

What he shouted almost came across poetic. The world had its attention on what was taking place,  not just because Dr. Rooosha was always a character of interest, intrigued and intelligent but because this was the first time he opened up his mansion and his mind. Many journalist and popular well known celebrity interviewers tried to setup entrances  but these three students that were hand-selected and given the privilege and opportunity. They were becoming known worldwide for their break through in science. Some newspapers labeled them as, “The Next Dr. Rooosha.” Millions of people follow their progress on various social media sites, as well as in the newspapers, on the radio, t.v,  and talk shows. Their stories, their lives were broadcasted for the world to see. Because of this people were not only aware of their professional achievements but also knew personal details like what’s their favourite flavor of ice cream. Having addressed the public the doctor turned around and ushered the three guests in from behind, almost like a sheepdog herds a flock of sheep.

Once inside he closed the door behind him and moved around in front of them. He noted that their attention was fixated on the appearance of the mansion. Mouths’ wide open and eyes about to pop, they kept looking up and all around trying to take in its size majesty and pure beauty. “It is nice isn’t it?”, Doctor Rooosha asked. The kids were speechless. Susan Climate was the first to look closely at Dr. Rooosha. She was taken back realizing he was still in his pajamas and to top it off they were kind with the feet built in. She blurted out,  “Why are you in your p.j.s?! He simply answered,  “So that if I fall asleep while working on something I’m dressed to rest!” When the doctor turn to lead them into the house they all chuckled a little and exchanged looks noticing that there was a flap in the back, held shut with buttons. This was just like the old long johns underwear that could be opened in the rear so you could use the toilet without taking off your clothes completely.  He expected that reaction and kindly said,  “When you’re done chuckling about what I’m wearing on the outside of my body I will escort you on a tour and share with you the things inside my brain. You see children, this is not just a tour of my Mansion. It’s a tour of my mind.”  The children were captivated by the animated expressions on his face.



“I have invited you here because I have read and heard that each of you have captured the attention of the world with your scientific abilities. When I was young I had no one mentoring me. My purpose and goal in meeting with you today is to get to know you for who you really are. Also, for you to get to know me, who i am and for us to come together and consider our role in science. I’m going to show, ask and tell, no, no, no, tell, show and ass…no, wait a tick,  actually ask first, yeah, then show and then tell…” He looked up as if searching his own mind for order then completed his sentence,  “…Many wonderful and totally mind blowing,  amaaazing, emphasis on the zing part, things. Do you like a good maze? I do hope you will be amused and amazed. ”   Then he said in a sing-song manner, “First, first, first things first,  ask the class. Pop goes the Weisel cause the Weisel goes pop Quiz! Yep,  that is  it, a pop quiz! Poppity pop pop pop quiz.” He stopped and looked at the three young people and ask, “Do you like my singing? I know you like my P.J.s.” He received no response or reaction, just blank stares.  So he went on,  ” I have here a jar of water, not acid, not juice, not urine, not even eyeball fluid but a jar of ordinary H2O…water. Now, as I shake it look, water is coming out. The floor is getting wet! Someone may fall! Somebody could fall on purpose and try to sue me!  Look at it as I’m shaking it.  If I keep this up there won’t be anything left in the jar unless I refill it and do it again!!!” He froze, then spoke with his lips stuck together. His words came out funny but they could understand what he was saying they just didn’t know why he was saying it that way. He strained his words through his sealed lips and gritted teeth, “Now, you tee trillin ah not sure why I woo refill ot an do it again dut…”  He then unfroze and snapped out of it, speaking clearly again he exaggerated his words, “Ooookay now, here is… the… pop… quizzz. I’m going to assign you to a grade level according to your answer. Question number one Benny, why did the water come out of the jar?” Benny was nervous and didn’t expect to be called on the spot but he was able to say with some assurance and Logic, “The lid was not put on right?” The doctor said with great enthusiasm, “YyyyNO!  That’s  not the answer I was looking for,  second grade! Sorry. Number two Phillip, or Phil, the same question.”  Phil was a little on edge also but answered, “cuz you shook it too hard sir?” The doctor smiled and started to nod his head yes then shouted, “KINDERGARTEN! I still have not heard the bottom line, the exact and obvious reason. NOW, you, young lady, nice to have you with us. What is your answer to the same question, and please try not to answer with the question as the two young men did.  Susan thought she was the only one that had the right answer and puffed up as she answered  proudly, ” The jar is flawed. It could be, as my peer has recommended, that the cap is not correctly in place or perhaps there is a crack, the presence of a small hole or any such particular imperfection in one area of displacement. That could very well be the specific and scientific rational reason the jar loses its capacity to hold water sir.” Dr. Rooosha stood back and he looked amazed. This made Susan all the more prouder and she gloated in it. He was amazed,  but not at her intelligence, at her ignorance and her unnecessary use of words. He was pleased to inform her of the grade level he was assigning to her. He snapped the words out quickly,  “AIN’T BEEN BORN YET!!! She was appalled. He took a deep breath in and said, “Back To The Head of the Class, Benny, why did the water come out of the jar and onto the floor?” Benny thought for a few seconds and then replied,  “Well, Doctor, I was going to say this at first when you asked me but it seemed too simple and too obvious I guess but the reason the water came out of the jar is because… there’s water in the jar.” The doctor leapt in excitement,  “WOOooo whooo, yesss!” Then he gave Benny the grade, “Master’s degree! Brilliant, good job! That is it, that is it folks, obvious right there in front of our faces. What goes in must come out.  What has been put in, when shaken, pushed and pressured enough, it will come out. If you have any particles or material,  especially chemical, in a confined area you have to remember and never never neeeever forget that it can and probably, and will most likely,  get OUT.  ALWAYS consider what harm it could cause for others. What seems like a huge scientific step forward could knock us back on our buttocks and cause  great devastation to a complete ecosystem.” The doctor blinked his eyes rapidly then he raised his arms far above his head and took a really deep breath, ” Come, come on now.”, He called, “We got to shuffle through.” He began to walk but then turned quickly and shouted, “Mind the water! Don’t anybody slip on accident, or on purpose!” He smiled, turned with a jerk and rushed off.

The kids jump to catch up with his brisk walk. When they were able to get close enough behind him he turned around very rapidly. They literally bumped into him, unable to stop in time. “Oh there you are.”, he said. “Now please come into my, my lounge…ah my relaxation room…the den…agh, we are still working on the ah, name. I am not alone in this world.  Let’s talk first and listen later, then look before we leap. It’s now time for me to show you something or for you to show me something.” Not one of the nervous preteens had any idea what Dr. Rooosha just said,  or meant, but they did know without a doubt that this was going to be one weird day.  



“Sit, sit, sit, ZIT, ewwww! Everyone have a seat.”, said the doctor as he gestured toward various strange shaped objects. Susan tried to sit on the top of this ‘U’ shaped structure but ended up sliding down into its middle. Phil straddled an object that look like a long snake. Benny wasn’t sure to make of any of this either but he tried to make himself comfortable inside this egg-shaped thing. “Okay, let me see… Susan Cimate?!” Susan answered with confidence, “Yes sir that’s me!” Dr. Rooosha said,  “Please, we are all friends here. Don’t call me sir.  Call me Doctor.”  Her face showed her confusion as he went on,  “So Susie…” She interrupted, “No,  no Sir, ah doctor, I am Susan not Susie. I go by Susan, Susan Climate not Susie.” Dr. Rooosha  nodded and replied,  “Oh, I see.” He scratched his chin and continued,  determine that this little girl was not going to interrupt him again, “Now, Susie, you invented an air conditioner that runs on its own thrust of air. The air is forced through the the fan and, once it is started by an initial boost of energy, it will continue to self-sufficiently function on its own putting out cool, cold air, kind of like a windmill. She began to speak but he raised his voice and went on,  “ALSO, I read that you found out how to run a washing machine by the force of water, much like a watermill. I like it! May we see it?!” She didn’t expect to be asked to see it. She stammered,  “Ahhh, well, I didn’t bring…” He clapped his hands and his staff wheeled in both machines.  She was shocked. “Let’s see.”,  he commanded as they pulled off the sheet covering the first one. “PLEASE,  show me, please Susie.” “It is it is Susan Sir!” To this he said, “It is DOCTOR,  SUE. Don’t waste any more time. We have others you know,  and you have two things too, so show show show please!” Susan went to explain with words. To this he shouted, “SHOW!!!” He calmed himself then actually whispered, “Not show and tell. Shhhow. The show will tell all.” Susan almost felt like she couldn’t just show him she thought she had to tell him but after hearing him Shout she knew it was best to just push the button. Dr. Rooosha watched with eyes wide open. The air condition machine made a little click sound,  like the sound when lighting and electric gas fed barbecue grill. It then pushed cold air out, just as it was meant to. “Yesss.” He expressed with delight. “Now the washing machine. Show us please Susie, please thank you please. Please show show show.” Susan said nothing.  The staff pulled the sheet off of it and Dr. Rooosha  said, “Wait! Susie, does this have a guard covering the wheel in the back that spins?” Susan said , “Sir, I mean doctor,  I really would like for you to call me Susan I…” Dr. Rooosha  stopped her. “Susie, your naaame is not important here and now and has nothing to do with this. Just answer the question.” She sighed and said, “No sir it does not, however,  it is in the back and it…” He jumped in before she finished and said “It’s Doctor, not sir, and you need a guard or some type of safety covering, even though the turning gears are in the back. Now, show. Let the show begin. Does it work?”, he prodded. Susan push the button just like she had on the A/C unit and the washing machine kicked on and kept running after that one jolt of energy. The Dr. walked  over and stood next to Susan then said,  “Now, look at the back Susie.” She turned her head to the side and peered around the edge of the machine to see the back. Her hair got caught in the wheel and pulled her into the gears.  She shrieked,  “AHHHGH!!!” Dr. Rooosha quickly pulled out scissors from a pocket on the side of his p.j.s and cut her hair, freeing her. “YOU,  you cut my hair!”, she yelled. “I saved your life Susie!”, he yelled back, ” Wake up Susie, wake up little Susie, wake up.”, he broke into song. She was too embarrassed and ashamed to lash back in any way form or fashion.

“Now, who is Philip ‘Filament’ Ross?”, He asked as if he didn’t already know,  “You are next. SHOW  US!!!” The staff wheeled  in Phil’s invention on cue. Before they uncovered it Dr. Rooosha described what he knew about it, “Under this sheet is a type of light bulb, that when tapped by a small hammer, has an internal chemical mixture, much like a glow stick from a rave party, that gives off a bright enough light to fill an entire room and I understand it is cold to the touch. Now, before you show us I want to ask one question, what happens if the bow, I mean bulb, breaks?” Phillip didn’t expect that question, “No one has ever asked me that Ssir, ah…Doctor.”  “Well, I’m asking you now.”  Philip admitted with some disgrace, “I…I…I, um, really don’t know Doctor.” Then the doctor gave a quick shout,  “SHOW!” They all jumped and the sheet was pulled off. Phil picked up a tiny hammer next to the bulb and tapped it ever so lightly. It worked just as predicted.  Dr. Rooosha  stepped over to the light,  reached out, touched it and said, “Ah yesss, it was cool to the touch. It’s actually very cold!” He then unscrew the bulb and dropped it to the ground. It broke open and the room filled with the deadly gas put off from the chemicals released. Dr. Rooosha pulled a handkerchief out of his side pocket and masked  his face.  The rest of the kids choked and coughed. Susan let out a shrill, “aghh!”, followed by a gasp for air.  Benny tried to mask his face with his arm and without hesitation or prompting he grabbed what was left of the broken bulb, ran to the window and threw it out. He then dashed to all the other windows in that room, opening them so the gas could escape. After the tear-jerking, throat grasping fumes cleared the room Dr. Rooosha said, “Ooops.”, and smiled. He put his hand on Phil’s shoulder, looked him in the eye and said, “Good job Benny!” Phil replied, “I’m Philip, not BENNY!” The doctor replied, “Oh yes, I know but you Phil, filled the room with deadly gas so I’m calling you ‘fill’ from now on! And again good job Benny, thank you.  NEXT!!!” 

The staff rolled in a small car covered by a white sheet, “Thiiiiisss is Benny’s. Benny?” Benny was shy, very shy and even a little scared. Without a word he just stepped forward and walked over to the vehicle. The doctor shouted,  “SHOW!”  The staff members pulled the sheet off and threw it into the air. It cascaded down to the floor like a smooth landing parachute. Benny said nothing. Dr. Rooosha  said nothing. Benny open the door and started the engine. Dr. Rooosha smiled and said, “It runs on saltwater, saltwater! Now we know what else we can to do with our oceans. Imagine a boat that could be powered off of the surface it uses to travel on. Consider this.” He paused for a moment and thought then began an improvised poetic verse that came to him on the spot, right off the top of his dome,

“We have not been to the deepest part of the sea.                                              We don’t even know where it may be!

I don’t think it is bottomless.         But I do believe it is deep enough for all of us.

We can tap into it as fuel.                  We can use it as a carpool!”

He smiled at the rhyme that came to his mind.  “Much like all of your inventions,  discoveries and projects it will take tools to make these tools and it will take money to manufacturer these tools but these tools will save money and the environment. Benny’s car that runs on saltwater could put a cease to the wars over oil and gas! Now come with me. Leave your machines running. I love the sound. I like how they don’t produce noise but just a nice hummm. I commend all of you that they not only don’t produce pollution but they reduce noise. All of your machines are much more pleasant than the shriek Susie makes.” He imitated Suzie’s reaction to when he cut her hair and when she experienced Phil’s experiment going wrong. “Phil, I mean ‘fill’, and Benny I do apologize for any misfortune brought to you as well. I was going to tell you earlier but none of us could breathe! Dr. Rooosha was not trying to hurt any of these children’s feelings but he was giving helpful criticism in order to challenge them and get them to improve what they have started. Perhaps allowing Susan to get her hair caught in her own machine and cutting her hair was a bit over the edge and breaking the container that held  the chemicals Phil mixed was pushing the envelope but he wanted to deliver a strong message that they would not soon forget.



What Dr. Rooosha did next outweighed every outlandish behavior they saw so far. He laid down on the floor face up then, using a back handspring he put himself back on his feet and exclaimed, “Let’s jump to it!” and the tour began.
Strolling  down a long hall with the children behind him he told them a brief background of how and why he built this mansion. “This is not just my home. This was my dream since I was a little boy like you, well like you Susie but a boy, I used to sit in the woods and there I found encouragement and gained the knowledge of what could be developed using, but not abusing nature. The Natural Science of how things work around us can teach us so much.  My parents sometimes had trouble finding me but I always returned home because it was there, at home, that I could build an extension of what nature already did for us. The inventions I enjoyed working on the most were based on the way insects work,  such as the first bulldozer. I mimicked the way moles burrow and push around dirt. The dung beetle pushes dung with their back legs. Imagine pushing that around all day,  that big ball of poopy! That helped me come up with the development  of a backhoe.  Other animals,  even are domestic dogs dig with their front paws but throw the dirt up, underneath themselves, that one I’m still working on. I watched a spider and saw how it used its web, that led to safer window cleaning contraptions and better building scaffolding. Maybe you are aware of how we are working on using spider webbing to develop bone marrow transfusions, but that dives into the medical field and is a whole other story. Then I studied anteaters, elephants and other creatures of nature that inspired me to build cranes with extending arms and Steamrollers. The giraffe spired the cherry picker machine that could reach up high.  All of these are just imitations of nature.

This meant a lot coming from him because he was the one who invented all of those machines.
He stopped abruptly again and turn to face the kids. This time they kept their distance so they didn’t run into him again. He looked down at them and began to say, “You know kids…” He stopped, looked up at the ceiling and then bent down on one knee so he could look them in the eye as he said softly and gently, “You know young people you, and what you have invented, is an enhancement of what has been around us for years.” The three looked at each other then back at Dr. Rooosha. He saw they needed further explanation.  “You may not realize it but Susie…”, he smiled knowing how much it bothered her that he was changing her name ever-so-slightly. He acted as if it was a strain to pronounce her full name, “Suuue…sss…ann,  your contraptions use air and the other uses water for power. Yes it needs a small electrical volt to start but, once in place, look how it keeps running and can be used to complement our own personal hygiene.” A small smile started to form on Susan’s face until she was just beaming with light and pride. In her head she thought how this compliment made up for the correction, humiliation  and embarrassment she went through earlier,  however, she was still upset about her unplanned haircut. She felt so good it almost made her forget that she couldn’t stand being called Susie, almost. “And you Phil…”, the doctor went on,  “You used the chemicals that lightning bugs use. If you squeeze a lightning bug and break its butt open there’s a toxic fume exerted but they are so small it has no effect on us. So let’s figure out how to make your container,  with the larger source of light, break proof, unbreakable and everything will be fine.” His voice was calm and soothing then he extended his hand and put it on Benny shoulder addressing all of them,  “Class you three are special. You have a gift and drive.  Each of you have put together scientific principles and laws of nature to form utilities I have wanted to put together myself.  Benny, you have now given us an opportunity to run the heavy machinery and our personal vehicles without filling our air with tainted gas and oil fumes.” Benny looked down at his feet humbled by the compliment. Imagine combining all three of your inventions and once a huge cruise ship starts moving the saltwater fuels it and all of the lights on the ship are Phil’s filaments. Dr. Rooosha then stood to his feet and collected himself saying, “Now don’t get all mushy on me it’s one thing to be passionate and grateful for the things around us it’s another thing to shed tears. WAIT, maybe if we all cry enough we could feel the oceans with tears and that would fuel the ‘Benny buggy’! That was supposed to be a joke, funny, haha, you know?” None of them found humor in what he said, they were still caught up in the meaningful moment, so he just turned back around to press through the Mansion’s extensive hallways. “Let’s Press On!” Dr. Rooosha began to walk faster and faster until he was running full speed. The children had no trouble keeping up with him but the halls zigged and zagged.  The unexpected corners did challenge them. Out of no where the doctor stopped and put his back flat against the wall. The kids momentum didn’t stop and they ran a few feet beyond where the doctor stopped. They turned and came back to where he was frozen against the bright white wall,  “Oka,y we are safe now.” Susan was the first to ask what all of them wanted to know, “Safe from what?” Dr. Rooosha has smiled as he caught his breath  and answered,  “I’m not sure, but we are safe now right?” They all kind of chuckled and agreed in unison,  “YES!” The children were finally realizing it was okay to have fun and play along. Then he tapped his palm against the wall and it slowly opened, “Hurry, hurry before it closes!”, he encouraged them. They quickly squeezed into the next room, avoiding being crushed by the rotating wall.



Once again the three of them took in an eyeful of the entire room that had just been revealed to them. They all let out a loud and long, “WOOOOW!” “I call it my biodome!” Phillip noticed that the glass ceiling went on for miles.  Benny felt like it was if they stepped into a foreign country and it was so large its size reminded Susan of some islands that she was able to visit. Phil asked, “What is that huge box or, ah,  room in the corner over there?” Dr. Rooosha chimed in with great glee, “Ah yes, it is what I call the ‘nocturnal room’. It is a pod with no the windows. In there I observe how and what things grow, glow form, recreate and evolve in complete darkness.” “What is that?!”, ask Benny, pointing to an area with strange looking animals. Dr. Rooosha cupped his hands over his mouth and use them as if he were a tour guide speaking in a fuzzy sounding microphone, “CHKHHhhh, attention folks, attention! We can, chkhh, stand here in the doorway and see things from a, chkhh, or we can get, chkhh, up close. By the show of hands, how many of you today would like the tour to begin? Chkhh, check one two testing testing.” They all responded by raising both hands, playing right  along.  “Chckhh, okay folks, chckhh, stick with your buddy, chkhhshhckchh, as we travel along chckhh,  THE BIO-DOME, Dome, Dome, dome. ChKia he 10-4 good buddy, chckhh, ALLL ABOOOARD!” He jumped to the front of the line and led the way like a train. They listened and looked carefully not wanting to miss anything as he spoke in a normal but projected voice, “This is basically an extravagant greenhouse, more like a green City, and oh so much more, because of its enormous size. This is where I grow organic,  as well as inorganic plants and animals.” He turned, walking  backwards to better see the kids and for them to hear him better. Over here on my right,  your left, you will see a typical Field Garden and animal farm like you see or may see in American Farm country. You can’t buy any of these items at Macy’s, although some of the wool from our sheep we do sell to manufacturer to make clothes that they then overprice and sell.  I, WE, grow everything in this area the exact same way the F.F.A., the U.S.D.A., the U.S.A. and the P.T.A. does. That’s right I said P.T.A., the Parent Teacher’s Association. I don’t withhold one single chemical pesticide or other artificial coloring or poison used in this day in age. You won’t find any insects or get any mosquito bites but you could die from the pesticides and insecticides. ANNnnd on this side, over here to my left your right, behind the 100 foot high and 1 foot deep plastic window you’ll see the all truly natural or as I like to call it the all natural nature all area. THIS part of the building here is directly above a real fresh spring, an ice water hole! We don’t have a gate for the water so there’s no ‘Watergate issues here’. The natural well forces out, and up, ice cold water from the depths of caves below, which we may visit later. This section is allowed to grow without any interference. It is sealed of, sanctioned, seperate, SET APART  and sanctified. Above you you’ll see a type of trapezzzze made out of trees and vines. You may have seen something like this in the circus! Those are for the orangutangs as well as other animals that use the tops of treessss, like a trapezzze, as a mode of transportation. We do not charge them for this mode of transportation. Coming up behind me is what may look like a huge cage for all Homo Sapien life forms.” Susan said,  “You, you mean animals,not people right?!” Dr. Roush smiled, “Now Susie, surely you know what Homosapien are!” Phil swallowed hard he was a little nervous but answered, “Mmmaammals mammals  right?” Benny added,  “But, but not all mammals can survive on land. Homosapien, us, are mammals but ah…” He looked at the other two kids and then to Dr. Rooosha and said, “Whales, dolphins, they are mammals but you, Dr. Rooosha said, ‘all homosapien’ life-form.” Dr. Rooosha motion for them to come closer, “Take a look. See, see for yourself. Look, look, observe and study.” One by one each child began to see. Susan was the first to shout, “A human!!!” “Very good Susie!”, commended the Doctor. She looked at him, rolled her eyes and corrected him, ” SUSAN  SIR!” “Of course, as you wish Susie.”  She growled and grunted in frustration. Benny exclaimed,  “There’s a whole family of people over there!” Philip cried, “Where, WHERE?!” Then he noticed more and more people in the distance walking around, crawling in and out of what looked like man-made shelters. Some were climbing trees to reach figs growing up high. Some were washing their clothes in a stream of water. “NOW, kids, before you call the F.B.I, C.I.A. or M.T.V. on me,  let me explain that everyone living in there has volunteered. I know that they are so faaar in the distance they look like little ants but I assure you they are really real life-size people, like us. They have willingly separated themselves from regular Society.  They have dedicated themselves to more than just science. They are like missionaries on a mission who go into foreign countries, uninhabitable or rather places uninhabited, HOWEVER, unlike reality TV shows where people willingly try to survive on an island or in the jungle purely to entertain others, these people actually serve a real higher purpose. What we are doing here is providing controlled, not just humans diets, but the Earth’s diet, and other ways of life to find out how Nature and Science, the science of our surroundings, affect us.” Phil shouted,  “WHAT THE WHAT??!!” He pressed his finger against the glass, “THERE’S SMOKE COMING  FROM  OVER  THAT  MOUNTAIN!!! IS SOMETHING  ON FIRE???!!!” Dr . Rooosha busted out laughing, “HA HA HA AMUSING ISN’T IT?! NO, no, no, no, no, whoa, whoa, whoa, no. Don’t be alarmed.  Did I say no?  The smoke you see over there isn’t coming from a fire.  Let’s climb the fire tower and see.” They walked around a few bends on an nice path decorated with brilliantly colorful flowers on each side.  At the end of the trail was a huge tower. They climbed it and were able to see that the area under the dome went on for miles. Susan looked out over the small mountains and said,  “A McDonald’s?!” “Yep Susie, fast food for those who eat nothing else. B.T.W,  by the way -not Booker T. Washington, the Bio-dome is actually the size of a small town. We’ve divided things up into territories. Some of the people eat nothing but fast food.  Another territory is for the vegetarians.  There are even fancy restaurants at the farthest part of the dome for those that only eat Ritz.  Others cook their own food they buy from the Bio-dome market, ‘Bio-Mart’. Then there are those who eat only the food grown in the all nature all natural area, where no chemicals or pesticides or injected proteins are added. Guess which group is doing best?”  They left the question unanswered, as it was obvious. “Let’s move along!” The kids thought, there is more? Benny walked as fast as he could to keep up with the  rest.  Ttrying to catch his breath he stated, “I knew your Mansion was listed as the biggest house in the world but I had, whew, no idea what you had in here!” Dr. Rooosha froze his tracks and whispered,  “No one knows.” He quickly shifted his eyes from right and left.



Then he said almost too soft to hear, “It’s best if we keep a move on now and move fast!” The kids got the impression that there was more of a mystery than they knew. The Mansion was spread over several miles but was linked to other locations by intricate tunnels. On maps and from the air the place was known as breeding grounds for rare plants, thus explained the greenhouses. Little did anyone know they were all connected.  The real reason Dr. Rooosha was moving so fast was so that he could show and tell them as much as possible. The hall they were walking in began to descend. “Are these where the caves are?”, asked Benny. The answer was, “NO, no, Heavens no, we, more than likely will not have time to see those, but I know you will enjoy this.” 

They came to a dead end. He stomped and put his ear against the wall and asked, “Do you three know how to swim?” Susan said,  “I’m not going swimming!” “No, pshhh fish, I mean pish posh fish. Not swimming Susie, but you may have to tread a little water to survive if things go horribly wrong. REMEMBER KIDS, WE ALL NATURALLY FLOAT. Hold you breaths,  count to 10, or is it 20?” He leaned against the wall as if to think. 

There was a slam from behind them. They were instantly surrounded, above and around, by a clear thick wall. The room within the room dropped down into the floor revealing an aquarium that made them feel as if they were in the middle of the ocean in an oversized submarine. Cupping his hands around his mouth again and faking the ‘walkie talkie’ the doctor began, “Chckhh, okay folks this is, chckhh, one of the most, intrichkhh, intricate, chckhh, and interessschkting  rooms! You are actually submerged and as you look around you’ll see every type of fish you see in the Big Blue, chckhh, ocSCHKean. WE, CHCKHH, don’t have to feed them we have, chck, chck, what is, chckhh, excuse me, chckhh what is called the food chain. This is a division above us, chkhh, I gotta giit’ this thaang fixed!!!” The kids looked up and couldn’t even see where the water surfaced.  He went on, “On the right side of the, chck, tank you con’, chckSEEee fish found in the SEA, OUR OCEANS, all over the world. Ooon the left side,  chckhh, chck, contains chck, chchk, the highly respect chckTed fish that are born and raised separate from any pollutants found in our oceans, chck,  KOSHER FISH,  YUMMY!” Phil notice the fish on the right side where larger but the ones on the left we’re moving faster and seemed uninhibited. It was as if they were truly free. Dr. Rooosha put a hand on Phillip shoulder from behind and said,  “Notice no square-shaped fish on the left.”  Benny  laughed and sarcastically said, “A real pity.” Susan remarked,  “I don’t see a difference”  Phil let out a laugh and said, “A real pity.” Dr. Rooosha’s face lit up as he said,  “I wonder if you could taste the difference Susan.”  “You, YOU called me Susan!” she blurted out in surprise. He smirked and said, “You’re right! Sorry Susie.” Benny loved how she walked right into that one. She just coughed, ” You are nuts!” “Oh, that reminds me kids. At the end of your visit you will receive a bag of nuts grown allll naturale, right here in the biodome.” Dr. Rooosha performed a little tap dance then stomped his foot. A lever came up out of the floor and he pull it. The room moved extremely fast through the water then stopped abruptly. The children had to pick themselves up off the floor and looked up at Dr. Rooosha as he said, in delay, “Hold on.”  He raised his hands, they felt another jolt. On the other side of the  clear walls solid walls went up with a fast jerk and slam as they locked into place. “Let’s go to the debriefing room now.”



The kids were on their feet and staring at the walls. Dr. Rooosha pushed a particular spot on the wall and a door beyond the clear walls open to a drainage tank. Once it was all clear they stepped out of the submarine room into another room the size of an elevator.  The dry chamber moved upward  and the door opened to a room setup much like a lecture hall. They noticed they were back at the Greenhouse, Green City, level, which was in the back of the lecture hall. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLLLLEEEASE, have a seat.” The doctor invited and demanded. He then let out a sigh and asked, “OOOOKAY, how many of you want to live here?”, he let out an evil laugh and rubbed his hands together, “MWHA, HA, HA!” followed by, “No, seriously. What do you think about coming to live here? Just stay. You don’t have to go to bed at a set time. You don’t have to eat all your veggies,  unless you want to be in the vegetarian section. You won’t even get grounded, of course you can’t leave but,  you won’t need to go anywhere. You stay in your own handmade shelter! When living the shelter you don’t have to clean your room,  other than the dirt floor and some bugs maybe… it is like camping out! It will be fun!  What do you say?!” Afraid to speak or be the first to say how they really felt all three of them slowly nodded no. Susan then spoke up with a very negative attitude,  “Who would want to live here?!”  Dr. Rooosha thought he had convinced them. He  knelt down in front of where she was sitting and said softly,  “Me, I would, I, I, do. Oh, don’t you see  me? The bio-dome, it is part of my home, the best part actually!” Just then a bird flew in from the back and pooped on his head as if on cue. He said, “Well, some parts are the best parts. sometimes you’re the bird, sometimes you’re the car the bird poops on.”



“Okay kiddies, moving right along, stand up and come up front here. It is your choice whether or not you live here or there. I never could control the ‘weather’, haha. It is now tiiiiime for the final subject!”, announce Dr. Rooosha.”We’ve been in a submarine that took us to the subterranean and for our final substantial subject that you MUST be subjected to today.” He began to well up with emotion as he dramatically announced,


“A FINAL EXAM?!?!”, protested  Susan. Dr. Rooosha dropped his arms to his sides and exclaimed, “Ah, gee, yeah, didn’t I just introduce that with great vigo, emotion and display?” Rooosha looked over her head and address people who are not even there, “All those in the back of the class, please pay attention I don’t want to have to fail you!!!” All three looked over their shoulder and shrug them realizing he was just being silly again.  “Now as I was saying,  here are the final Pop Quiz essay questions, final exam just sound… bigger. These questions you will  not only see on must see TV so watch closely and try to keep your eyes on the nut with the ball.” Phil shook his head still not used to the shenanigans. Benny smiled with amusement and Susan just folded her arms, disgusted, and let out a sigh,   “JUST TELL  US!” “Okay, thank you for asking.”, The Doctor said sarcastically before he went on. “Numero Uno, that means number one in another language, ut hum,  ‘numberus oneus’ on our list… ACID RAIN, we shot chemicals into the sky to be captured by clouds so that we AND other living things, including plant life, would be supplied with polluted water…WHY? Phil answered,  “We couldn’t survive without water!” Susan joined in, “Yeah, even if it was or had to be polluted!” The doctor turned his back on the children and faced the wall they faced and gestured as he spoke, writing in the air as if on a huge chalkboard,  “Weeee caaaan’t, wait crossout can’t, weeeeee cooooooouldn’t waaaait fooor it tooooo raaaaaiiiiiin.” Then turning back around toward the three with the invisible chalk still in his hand he said,  “Don’t you see dear children? Don’t you feel Phil? You don’t hear OR SEE Susie.”  She rolled her eyes. “You can not taste it Benny?” Benny  asked, “Taste what?” Dr. Rooosha  almost lost the little, if any, self-control he had. He jumped up on the desk and raved,   “The acid, the chemicals, the foreign substance, the, the, the …science in everything we eat and drink and touch and feel and oh, oh my!”  He jumped to the floor once again and ran to the back of the lecture hall went through the open doors to The green house city and they watched him rip somethings out of the ground and rush back toward them, dropping a trail of dirt behind him. “HERE,  HERE, TASTE!” He held out a carrot. At first the children were hesitant but then each of them reached out and took a bite. “TASTE IT, DON’T JUST BITE IT OR EAT IT, TAAAAAASTE IT, SAVOR IT. SAVOR THE FLAVOR.” He prompted. Phil spoke while crunching, “Taste what?” Benny spoke softy, “Nothing special.” Followed by Susan swallowing the confirming, “Yeah, no, nope,  I don’t taste a thing!” The doctor smiled and shouted, “AH HAH… but taste THIS!”, as he pulled another carrot from behind his back. Each kid took a bite of the second carrot and moaned. They all agreed, “It,  it is like candy!”, expressed Benny. Dr. Rooosha  busted out, “YES, yes, yes, yes, yes sirree Bob, I mean, Yes siree Benny it is!!!” His eyes were filled with tears. “WOW WOWWIE WOW!, MY MOUTH IS WATERING! This is a CARROT?!“, slurped Phillip. “So.”, said Susan. Dr. Rooosha put his hand on Susan’s head and whispered, “So…so, she thinks unpolluted food doesn’t taste as good because it is not polluted?” It was almost as if he was praying for her. Phillip laugh. “Shut up filament!”, defended Susan. Benny interrupted, “But what else what else, Dr. Rooosha, what else would taste better if it is not fed acid rain or chemicals?” To answer Benny the doctor got down on his knees and met eye-to-eye with him acknowledging the question,  giving a verbal as well as non-verbal answer, “My dear Benny, the question you are asking should not be, ‘what else would taste better?’  The question is what wouldn’t taste better not having been tainted, stunted, malnurtured and otherwise simply…messed with and ….mucked up.” Susan argued,  “I don’t think that has to do with anything it. We can manufacture better resources to produce better food and produce now than the Earth has ever produced before. There are some Farms that are growing pumpkins,  and even watermelons, the size of a small chair. They feed their groves special man-made chemicals.” Phil chimed in, “They’re really not using man-made chemicals. They just manipulate different elements and mix chemicals from different sources that the earth gives,  it’s awesome! Did you see the one they grow in a box so they can ship them easier and shipped more and when you open the box you got a square shaped watermelon, awesome! The point was missed and only Benny seemed to taste and see that the food man tampered with was far inferior to the all-natural. He then looked at Phil in debate saying, “Awesome?  WHO wants a square watermelon?  If you grow it in a box wouldn’t it taste, well,  kind of like wood? And I’ve heard those farmers who grow those huge mellons and pumpkin say that they lose their taste when they get too big, they are only grown for show and then thrown away.” The doctor spoke up,  “Now you’re starting to perceive and conceive.” Susan expressed her indifference, “Wait a minute! He’s just trying to be the teacher’s pet!” Dr. Rooosha went addressed her, “Susie…” She corrected him once again,  “IT is SUSAN!!!”  He continued, “Oh yes forgive me. My mind isn’t what it used to be… Now Susie, do you like Square fish as well?” Phil’s face wrinkled, “yeah like frozen fish or the kind you can get at a fast food place in a round bun. I always thought it would be funny, when I was a kid, I wanted to catch a fish that had four square angles.” He laughed. “Don’t worry…”, said Dr. Rooosha, ‘Someday you will.”  All three could tell he was serious and they began to see what he meant; although Susan was not very willing to admit that she was wrong. “LEVEES!!!” The kids jumped as Dr. Rooosha shouted, “THE GOOD CONSULTANTS  & ENGINEERS WITH  THEIR  MASTERS & DOCTORATE  DEGREES IN  LOUISIANA  HAD  LEVEES  BUILT  SO THAT  IF  THERE  WAS  A  FLOOD  or STORM  THE LAND  WOULD  NOT  BE  WASHED  AWAY… it was only after an extremely powerful water surge that they realized what they had done. The levees actually kept the water in rather than keeping it out. Also, my dear pointy headed little friends won’t admit that they were wrong.”  He looked at Susan.  “They also did more harm than good because if they had not built these walls on the shoreline the land would have taken care of what was needed. The tides washing in and out of the waves would bring with it land, leaving more than it took. Building something seemed like the right thing to do huh?  Loooong before all that their first mistake was building a city on land below sea level.” He went on as the children were now almost afraid to say anything without being pierced with his superior knowledge of things that were really very simple. “The ozone hole…can you see it? No, no, no, nah, nine, not possible, but it is still there! Where, where is it? Anyone, anyone, anyone??” Phil said cautiously, “It issss in the sk…?” Before he could say ‘sky’ Dr. Rooosha said, “Really bright young filament!” Phil wasn’t sure if he heard the doctor making fun of his nickname or not but at this point he wasn’t about to correct him as his words plowed through, “It is in the air. The air that we BREATHE! Our atmosphere is like a scuba diving mask and if there is a crack in that glass mask,  not only would our oxygen Escape but the water would come in. Our atmosphere has a hole in it. The hole was caused by…” Susan interrupted and the two boys were shocked as she interjected, “It’s caused by a numerous amount of aerosols like our hair spray, deodorant, factories, as well as pollution put off by our cars and trucks and yeah yeah yeah we know. You are not teaching us a thing we don’t already know!”  The doctor took back over, “Susie, you’re so sweet. You really should work on a farm,  by the way I love your hair. Please do tell me later where you go. I just gotta to get that due! Susie Q is right you guys, come on. He jumped into another impromptu poem,

Wake up,  smell the napalm. Smell the A-bomb.

 Too many dollars shot into space. Not enough food for the human race 

Put on your finest Dress.                   The whole world is in distress.

Stop and smell the crystal meth.       Go ahead take a deep breath…

And let’s not forget to stop and smell the rose and the daisy.                   They’ve all been genetically prepared and colored like crazy.

It is all for us to enjoy.                       The Earth is really just our big toy! 

So play people play.                         Don’t consider that that there will be one final day of decay.

Make more stuff, throw away what you possess.  OR,  hoard it all and live in distress.

He stopped and looked up in dismay. “Ya know I was thinking of breaking a hole in my very own ‘Green House City’, just to see how well my plants and animals would do, but I was afraid I would cut my hand on the broken glass and bleed to death all over my Rose Garden. So, later I will need each of you to please help me paint the roses red.” Benny and Phil smirk at each other. They were almost amused because Susan was being put in her place. Dr. Rooosha continued; however, some things he said seemed to be completely unrelated and random. They noticed a strange look in his wide eyes. Then he came back to his right mind and he pulled them back in with this last words, “OKAY NOW, last but not least chillins, consider this…even firefighting natural fires is, believe it or not ‘Smokey THE Bear’, NOT necessarily the best thing to do.” Susan couldn’t control herself any longer and Phil actually agreed with her here and now as she argued, “Now wait a second Dr. Rooosha, I respect you and all but come on. The firefighters are heroes and if they didn’t get wild fires under control we would lose are extremely high-priced subdivisions and maybe even malls and stuff.” Dr. Rooosha took a very deep breath in, scratched his head and looked up into the space around the lecture hall again as he let out the words with his chest felt breath, “haaaaaa, it is the ‘and stuff’ that worries me the most. I sure would miss all that… stuff. I mean, it’s not like the forest was here first and tried to keep us from taking over and killing it so we could have all the fun putting the trees in a perfectly precise, particularly planned, circular design that wraps nicely around our cul-de-sac. HeckI can’t imagine how we would live in the woods,  wow, scary huh?” Susan still dished out a little bit of attitude, “I know what you’re doing and saying and trying…” Dr. Rooosha stopped here there,  “Trying? Is that what you think I am doing, TRYING? I’m succeeding, not just trying Susie.” The little girl lost all composure, “I can’t take it anymore. MY name is Susan, SUSAN! Let me spell it out for you  S U S A N! CAN’T YOU GET  THAT RIGHT  GENIUS ? ! ? !” She even shocked herself and knew right away she was speaking out of place but she was still fuming and wondering why and how anyone so smart could be such a smart mouthed lunatic. Dr. Rooosha responded calmly,  “Okay, you’re on to me… Oh Susan, ah, oh won’t you cry for me?  I am so, so sorry please…crucify me, but can you wait until Friday cuz I got some stuff to do at the mall and stuff.”  Philip spoke up trying to get back on topic, “Seriously Rooosha, I mean Doctor Rooosha. How could putting out a fire be a bad thing for nature or science?

Dr. Rooosha laid down on the floor, face first. He started to scoot across the ground. The children moved out of his way as he divided them with his body squirming like a worm.  As he spoke the carpet was Pressing against his lips a little, “You see down here on the forest floor me and all my pine-needle buddies and leaves and… ah Susie, what’s the word again? Nevermind,  I remember, all the stuff down here on top of the dirt, we all get hot and eventually just explode because we just can’t take it anymore!” Susan thought about how she couldn’t take this anymore but she remained silent for the time being. They watched and listened as he mumbled and spit out a few carpet fibers along with his words,  “However, plhaaaa!”, he slowly began to rise up to his feet and started waving his arms like flames as he finished his point, “WE… burn like hell, literally!  Then,  after we burn the hell out of an area, Our Ass’, I mean our ashes, are used as fertilizer  and we would never grow new and stronger if we didn’t get so burnt up about being left alone in the dirt where people want to pave.”  Benny confirmed, “I heard about that.”  Philip agreed, “Yeah, yeah, I knew that things are forged in the forest after natural fires. They even do controlled burns, to help prevent wild fires and to let an area like, start over.” Susan’s blood began to boil again as she lashed out at Benny, “You’re just trying to make me look bad!” Dr. Rooosha oddly comforted her by taking her hand, “My dear, dear. You mustn’t feel that way.  They could not make you look any worse than you already do Suzy Ann.” She pulled her hand away, “OKAY, I’VE HAD ABSOLUTELY  ENOUGH!!! I’M LEAVING!” The two boys and the doctor just stood there. Dr. Rooosha wanted to make a joke about her not being a ‘leaf’. He almost said something like, ‘don’t leaf.’, but he refrained. Susan just stood there too, not really knowing where to go or how to get there. She broke the awkward silence,  “Dr. Rooosha, you have done nothing but treated me rude the whole time and I will not tolerate it any longer!” The doctor really didn’t want her to go but he wasn’t going to stop her. He attempted to reason with her, “Oh, no, I… I am sorry. I, how do I,  oh, my my.  I just want you to know what I think. I just want everyone to understand what I have done and what we can or could try to do. I want that more than anything else we did today. I hope and pray that you will go home feeling like I did a lot more than just treat you rude. I also meant every word I truly did but I meant it for your best interest my dear Sue…uhhh…son” He began to crack a little, “Let’s ME  spell it out for YOU,  S U E – I S –  D O N E.” He realized by her body language alone that she was determined for her time with him to be over. He bid her farwell, “Please come again won’t you, and don’t forget your nuts Susie.” Susan screamed in frustration,  “YOU ARE JUST A  MEAN, WEIRD, FREAKY, CRAZY OLD MAN!!!!”  “Now, now Susie, I’m not old.” It was then that Susan finally ran back toward the greenhouse city and tried to recall how to get back through the maze of halls from which they came. It was intense. You could cut the air with a knife.



Phil broke the moments  of silence once Susan couldn’t be heard any longer.  He stammered to get out the words, “Mmmistster, ah, Doctor Ro, Rooosha. I,  please excuse me. I don’t really know how to, sa, say this but I, I thought it was, ah, was kind of funny and all but like I think, like you kinda were a little, sorta-kinda…” Dr. Rooosha  expressed his frustration by mocking Phil a little, “Spi, spi, spit it out young one!” Benny tried to help, speaking  softly with this naturally charming British accent,  “I think you might have been a little too harsh with her doctor, just with her, I mean, a little sire.” Dr. Rooosha put his head in his hands and sobbed, “OHhhohohoho. You’re so right.  Then he looked up, stop the fake tears and spoke up,  “But she asked for it. Didn’t she boys?!” He broke the false guilt and raised both eyebrows.  Both boys had to laugh.  Phil admitted, “She reminded me of my sister!” Benny smile,  “Honestly, I guess if she didn’t stick her neck out so far it couldn’t be put on the chopping block.” Dr. Rooosha  was impressed,  “You see my whole point. Now you’re flowing smooth,  running like water river rapid with a bunch of Salmon trying to swim up against you so they can get to the top and mate on your head!”  Phil cracked up with laughter. He really had no idea what the man just said but knew the whole situation was funny. Benny realized it was okay,  it just fine to laugh and try not to fully understand what was said.  “Boys, men!” Their leader started,  “Men I want you to know you can laugh. You can laugh because things all around us are a joke.  THIS WORLD IS ONE BIG, ‘YO MAMA’, JOKE.  I’m glad you came here today.  I do love company so much, except when I’m hungry. It’s a weird phobia. I’m not afraid to have people eat with me, but, I am afraid people I am with will eat me. SO, you know, I better get some grub and maybe meet you guys again someday. Okay, I really, really, reeeally, like you guys… really. Good night.” The boys watched, utterly shocked as their hosts walked right between the two of them, up and out, exiting the room the same way Susan just did moments ago. They didn’t know what to do other than to chase after him shouting the whole time,  “Wait, stop! Dr. Rooosha! This can’t be it!  Wait…NO!” He ran through the greenhouse city, zoomed down the various hallways, acrossed his lounge area and finally got to his kitchen. The two boys were not far behind him. Benny shouted, “We can’t make the whole world any better, can we Dr. Rooosha? Neither can you!” THIS stopped the doctor right in his tracks. He slowly turned and questioned the boy,  “What did you just say?!” Benny went on to repeat it but the doctor shushed him. “I have spent my whole life tinkering, exploring discovering,  creating and inventing things, STUFF UPON STUFF! I was not just trying but, like I said to Susan, actually succeeding on making this world a better place for everyone… Then, one day… I saw it. I saw, I realized,  that the things, the STUFF THAT I MADE, that were owned by everyone, now owns everyone! I’ve caused massive regression, devolution, with what I thought was progressive progress for us in this world.” A door slammed. It was Susan coming back in. She not only slammed the front door so hard she also shattered the small glass window and nearly knocked the head Butler, Mr. Miff, down on her way in. She entered the kitchen where she heard their voices,  “I’m back and this is not easy for me but Dr. Rooosha, you are a gift and I want to do something that will make this world a better place, maybe correct the mistakes we made. There’s a lot of  hungry people out there and they’re all looking for answers. They have WAAAAAY too many questions that I can not answer. They thought I failed because I was the only one coming out there, alone. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want others to think I failed. What do we do?” Dr. Rooosha just smiled and assured her, “It is nearly time. Right after we eat! I’m hungry too.” He cleared his throat and finished, “…And little girl, Susan, They, out there, they are hungry too, hungry for knowledge and more importantly, wisdom. It’s time to take everything I’ve shared with you and share it with those outside my house and, intern, share it with the whole world. I do hope you learned something and you know, if not, I hope you at least feel like you’ve made a new friend and that, just maybe, we all get something out of the last few words you hear me say this day.  It is nearly time to face the crowd out there and bring this day to a close and hopefully open a new one;  but first… LET’S EAT!!! The four of them and the staff enjoyed the best meal they had ever had. The all natural food was just  positively the best tasting fuel they needed before they faced the world again.



There was a huge stage setup outside the gateway to the doctor’s house.  People were waiting to hear from him and the children. The buzz was all about what new inventions,  discovery and ‘creations’ they had seen or possibly came up with today.  Someone said that one of the children may have been awarded another prize.  Rumors spread that Dr. Rooosha was going to make the children some kind of offer, giving them a chance to invest in his business. This was the most important part of the day and their experience was about to be shared with the world. It was an especially hot and overcast day. The  dozens of mobil media network trucks had been constantly running their diesel engine, as well as their generators the whole day to provide continuous coverage. The noise and chemical  pollution filled the air all around the entire area. The smog made it difficult to breath. The press blamed the weather for the poor visibility,  the smell and the uptight attitudes of those gathered. They wondered if the conditions would prevent them from getting and delivering the best high definition story ever. They hung onto what Rooosha promised, no matter what the weather may be like he’d still come out to tell the tale of their wonders. Media personnel were basically regurgitating the same thing over and over again. As you walked around you could hear questions waiting to be answered and the news casters rephrasing questions that had already been answered. There was some debate that the Dr. himself may just send out the children one by one. The network called, “The final Source” insisted, “The one female who came busting out a few minutes ago was terrified and that gives us speculation as to what horrible things that might be taking place behind the closed doors of this mansion. We have a right to know exactly what took place here today and every day in the life of this controversial Doctor.” This station was especially good at developing  conspiracy theories and they raised suspension that gave some of the general public reasons to believe that Dr. Rooosha secretly  did evil scientific experiments on plants, animals and even on people. There were even protesters present with signs saying things like,  “FREE THE CHILDREN!”, “REPO ROOOSHA!”, and “TELL US EVERYTHING, LIER!” Some insisted that, “even if they all do come out alive, we’ll never know the truth.” The over zealous  radicals were so one sided they were even bashing the government for not having the swat team, riot police and other special forces break down the doors to the mansion with a bulldozer rather than standby guarding them. In reality that group of people were actually the greatest threat to everyone, including themselves.

One reporter was assuring the public that their hours of putting everything else in life on hold, sitting, waiting, glued to their television, telephones, cell phones, radios and computers to see what happened today was about ready to be the most important time of their lives. “Don’t turn that channel or go ANYWHERE because you can’t afford to miss this. We’ll be right back after these commercial. STAY TUNED RIGHT HERE!! We’ll be showing and telling you why this is important to you.” After the break another roving reporter was heard begging people to keep watching their signal, “No other station will be giving you what you need! Now, here is a quote and a clip, prerecorded early, AND I MEAN EARLY, this morning. Before we show you the footage,  let me read what, THE DOCTOR RAYMOND ROOOSHA WAS QUOTED SAYING EARLY THIS MORNING, SINCE WE’VE BEEN HERE, AND I QUOTE, 

‘People, people so many of you, some of you irate.’…

The reporter stopped reading the  entire  quote in order to add his interpretation on just the first few words. He spoke in one huge run-on sentence, “Now I will tell you folks, and I spoke with Jim, Jim Nokomis our top journalist who wrote this quote down verbatim via Dr. Rooosha’s addressing the press first thing this morning , I will tell you folks, I heard this with my own two ears…it is obvious to some that Dr. Raymond Rooosha noted that some of the broadcasting networks are a bit, ‘cut throat’, if you will, when it comes to getting information out to the general public. Ah, he DID SAY, DR. RAYMOND ROOOSHA SAID, with his own words…ah…AND, I must say with no bones about it he used the word, IRATE! ‘…many of you irate!’ No, I stand corrected, it says here that he, Dr. Rooosha said, some of  you are irate.’ He sure knows how to put people in their place, how to keep them in check! Now we’re going back to Billy and Barbara back in the studio,  WHERE IT IS A WHOLE LOT SAFER than out here where the action is I’ll tell ya that is for sure…Bill & Barbara, back to you for a bit.” He finally took much needed breath. “And we’re CLEAR!”, shouted one of the field producers. “Good job!”, he tossed the reporter a towel. “I felt like I was babbling”, he expressed as he dabbed his forehead gently. His cameraman encouraged him, “You’re fine, just giving the people the facts. Besides,  they are showing the man himself saying the same exact thing he said earlier that you were just reading. Listen into the direct feed from the studio if ya want.” He put his hand up to his earpiece and pushed it in a little more to hear. He heard Dr. Rooosha’s recorded voice “…thank you for staying outside of the gate…I know it’s hard to be held at Bay but I can assure you that at the end of the day…we will conclude our time together.  I will come out there, we all will, no matter what the weather… I will fill you in on this wonderful time spent. We will meet you in the media tent. Thank you!” The reporter gave his forehead a few more dabbles and thought to himself,  ‘hmmm, that all rhymes.’ He composed himself. The field production manager gave the command, “We are coming back, STANDBY!” The reporter fought back a quick jingle that some how found its way into his mind, ‘I GOT RHYTHM. I’VE GOT MUSIC…WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING…’ “And, we are back in three, two…” The manager pointed at him. He inadvertently blurted out what was currently going through his mind, “MORE,  who ah, who coooould ask for anything more…Barbara & Billy, yes um, thank you for that. It has been a very long day, a long day, ut hum, time out here today since early, early this morning. As I have already previously mentioned the weather, yes the weather, ah…” He coughed and choked a little as he tried to keep speaking fluently, “ugh, excuse me, ha ha, just as our weatherman, ‘Dan The Man’, forecasted again he was right on the spot with that, very accurate but Dr. Rooosha did promise to make an appointment,  or ah, to um, make an appearance, to make an appearance. He, ah, To make another appearance, for us…” He shifted through papers he held while standing there in the spotlight, “He did say,  ‘I will come out there, we all will, no matter what the weather… I will fill you in on this wonderful time spent’ ….ahhhhh…he said…ah, I know you just saw and heard him say it in that clip but I have it heeere too, ah, let me see. He said, and I quote, 

‘we will meet you in the media tent.’ 

Then he, um, thanked us, said , ‘thank you!’ and ummmm, those are the great Doctor Raymond Rooosha’s words, one of the wealthiest men alive . So, we know for a fact that if any of you stop watching now, You WILL miss it.”

They were in a media Frenzy and were basically rehashing the same stuff over and over, on edge to go live at any second. They had interviewed people who had never met Dr. Rooosha but we’re experts in the scientific fields. They  give great detail into what a person like Dr. Rooosha was like. They even dove into personal affairs, socially, politically and financially, that they heard the Doctor participated in, none of which were even the least bit accurate or had one shred of truth.

Everyone gathered from miles and miles around. Every country was represented. There was not one single form of public broadcastor absent. The nation, the world, practically the whole universe stood still in one place and time to hear and convey what results took place while these three children were with THE DOCTOR  RAYMOND  ROOOSHA. They were ready to get on record what the most respected and genius scientist was able to share.



The wait was over. Mr. Miff opened the front door. The Doctor stepped out. The media went crazy!  There were so many cameras clicking it sounded like tree limbs snapping. The roar of news personalities was like the sound of a huge waterfall. They were trying to out shout each other and the competition was in full swing. The crowd could not see the kids exiting, however,  the three children were directly behind him. Once up on the stage the kids took a seat and Dr. Rooosha stood up to deliver his statement.

 “Oh, me oh my oh, ut hum!” He cleared his throat and stepped up to the podium filled with large microphones, each with their logo on a big square wrapped around its base. Before he said anything he thought to himself, ‘when will scientists stop working so science can work?’ After years of studying, teaching and attempting to create things using his knowledge of science he realize that our environments Natural Science can take better care of itself without our intervention and inventions but could he convey that to the world? He tried by speaking precise and clearly, “There are too many scientists in the way, myself included! I said, too many! We need no more and those of us who exist must consider how we exist.” The audience gathered there began to discuss and argue among themselves with questions of what they just heard. He continued and the world hung on his every word,  “We, to easily, get in the way. We destroy amazing self-supported ecosystems rather than discover better ways to preserve them. The air we breathe,  the water we drink, our very own resources of food that we eat… we think they can be improved upon? Why must we try to make things bigger, better and in some way try to improve what is already perfect if left alone?! We are forging a rapid death not just a slow-motion suicide.” Someone from the crowd yelled out,  “You taught these up-and-coming child prodigies to not be scientists?” Several oversized microphones were aimed at the stage. There was a mass of indistinct murmurings and muttering. Dr. Rooosha pleaded, “May I explain?”  The assembled mob before him silenced. He let about five seconds of dead air speak for, itself seeing if they really wanted an answer. He then went on,  “The word science is defined as a systematic knowledge derived from observation not from obstruction. We are all to study, grasp branch.  Just a branch, not even the mass or the roots. A branch of knowledge that systematizes facts,  principles and methods. As scientists we attempt to develop a skill or technique in dealing with the biological,  chemical and physics that make up everything around us. This includes  what we can see and what we can not see. We must consider what we feel and the presents and forces we don’t feel. There are elements that we are able to smell and that which is in distinctive. What we hear is not all that can be heard and that needs to be heard. There are wondrous substances that we don’t even taste when using our very own tongue and taste buds. We all have our wit and senses but I am asking for all of us to use common sense. We all have knowledge but I am calling on us to seek wisdom. We are but Steward’s of what has been given to us.  We are all stewards that should study but not destroy.” Everyone was completely dumbfounded, speechless and listened closly as he  further built his case, “We did not invent or create the trees. We didn’t even really discover them. The rainforest was just there.  We decided to use the limited resources of wood to make paper.  I am sure all of us love paperwork! Oh, how we need more paperwork to write down and record and document things that are right here in front of our faces. We need to take the time to read nature! Do we love where paper comes from enough to work at using our minds and human abilities to the extent that we do not have to manufacture any more paper? Most of us email but also demand a triplicate hard copy or print out what is digitally saved and backed up.” He could almost read the awestruck minds of those standing before him.  He could tell they were starting to understand but he almost lost them at this point because he knew they would be considering what type of sacrifices would they have to make in order to save other creatures and ultimately the planet itself.  “Let me make things a little plainer. Let me simplify.  Let me explain.  Trees, like these surrounding us now, they make it possible for us to breathe. They produce oxygen.  Let us also not forget that they are also homes to countless amounts of life-forms, some so microscopic we cannot even see or imagine. We could not live without them. They, the trees, the life in them and all that is produced by them are far more important and abundant than anything we could ever write on another piece of paper.” Some hung their heads in shame. Some had never really considering these simple facts, they just took it all for granted. Not one soul was left uncomprehending that we have all been so selfish. We not only take nature for granted we take advantage of it. They all realized that very few people are willing to make sacrifices, but rather, they will sacrifice other things so that their wants and desires could be satisfied. Benny, the least expected to succeed,  stood up and use the loudest outdoor voice he had, “WE THINK WE  OWN…”  He hesitated a moment, surprising even himself with his own zeal and bold self-confidence. He took a step forward and raged into the microphone,  “We think we are in control, in charge or can have our own say over, all the elements of science, the Very fibers we were created from and we are sustained by. We are not acting like residents or tenants. We act as if we own and rule the plant. The truth is  nature owns and provide us with a loan allowing us to survive. We have things backwards and upside-down! We don’t meet the needs or provide for our environment, it provides for us. He looked back at Dr. Rooosha. They exchange smiles of assurance. A very brave but small time unknown figure of the local press shouted from below stage level. “What should we do? Another voice was heard asking, “What do we do?” Before Dr. Rooosha, or anyone else for that matter answered the top newscaster ‘The World Satellite Resources’ spouted, “Are you mad?! What can we do at this point?  Are you asking all of us, the entire planet, to stop living life as we know it?! Dr. Rooosha leaned into the microphone and said, “IF you want to keep on living, and generations after you to live, we can’t keep living life as you know it now.” Another top television company was covering this along with all the others and you could hear the familiar lead anchor person shout, “You want all of us to live like the Amish?” The answer came within seconds as Phil jumped up almost knocking Dr. Rooosha off the stage. Phil introduced himself briefly and reminded them that he was the inventor of a new type of light bulb. He then said, “To my knowledge I don’t know any Amish people who have mixed chemicals of Natural Science to enhance their lives. When we look at the grass, sun, insects, all these things around us and think about what they have to offer without us causing an endangerment or extinction then, then we will be living a life that is simple, healthier and even more loving.” Phil started giving a personal example, “I love horses. No, I LOVE  horses,  man do I, ask anyone who knows me!! Dr. Rooosha looked at his staff and rolled his eyes. They exchanged a non-verbal sign wondering if Phil should be taken down. Mr. Miff read his boss like a book and they both let Phil have his say. Phil went on, “But, as much as I love my horses I don’t plan on relying on them as my only mode of transportation. Today, Benny here, showed me that we can get where we need to go without using gas oil or other things that pollute our air. Dr. Rooosha pointed out that the invention I discovered, which again was how to light my stables and home mixing chemicals that are not synthetic or man-made. I do need to make it safer but we don’t have to use candles. Philip then sat back down behind the lectern. Susan couldn’t resist and she stood and shouted, “YES IT IS POSSIBLE…” Dr. Rooosha held up his hand as if to stop her. Then he motioned with his hand for her to not stop but to step up to the mic so everyone could hear her. Once at the Mic. she was still yelling. The speaker’s could hardly take her voice and slightly distorted it as she cried out, “If you found out that you could still use modern appliances but could use them wiser don’t you think it would be an excellent, most awesome way of life? I just wanted to say that with my invention it is possible… but, I…ah,  I can feel Dr. Rooosha’s eyes staring through the back of my head so I have to confess… I didn’t invent the air powered air conditioner or the water powered washing machine.” The crowd gasped. She finished, “I just used, channelled or harnessed two of Nature’s strongest forces are wind and water. They’ve always been around we just need  to use them. Years ago people used watermills and windmills, before electricity. Why, in this day and age don’t we see more solor panels and use all Nature’s, all natural, power. The wind, water and sun are all forms of power, power without pollution!” Susan bowed her head did a little curtsy and went back to her seat.  Dr. Rooosha stepped back up and said, “Thank you Susie!” He looked back at her and smiled. From that day on everyone called her Susie instead of Susan and she ended up preferring it. 



 The most amazing thing took place next.  The president of The United States of America spoke up from out of the center of the crowd. No one knew he was even there.  He was in disguise and his secret service men were surrounding him. Everyone recognized his voice from the first word on as he said,  “You think we can survive and that the world’s economy will survive with a plan like this? Do you realize this would affect our allies?” No one was sure if these were rhetorical questions or if the answer to every one of these questions was,  no. Benny put a hand on the doctor’s right shoulder and took him away from center stage. Then he stepped in front of the mic.  while the president was still drilling them. Benny waited, he had no intention of interrupting the president. When the slightest pause came Benny simply jumped in with a common-sense reminder,   “Our ancestors didn’t always live in brick homes, no disrespect but, as simple as that sounds doesn’t it help you realize that there are only a few things we really need food, drink, sleep, shelter and love. However,  we are all fooled, spoiled into thinking that we need is actually and only just what we want. All of us can and should scale back! Is that blasphemy? Disagree with us if you wish. Heck, you may even want to crucify us if you disagree.” Dr. Rooosha smirked and kept himself from laughing out loud but a little snort sound did manage to come out. “We know now we can live self-sufficient on our own land. If we simplify our lives and take some personal responsibility we wouldn’t need all the other countries and they wouldn’t need us. The nature, all Creation, that have been around us since the beginning of time is more than enough to meet our needs. Father God created Mother Earth and with some good honest hard work we cannot only survive but thrive and have all of our needs met .” There was a few brief seconds of silence. The president then strung together several last questions, “You’re recommending that we go back to living like cavemen or primitive Savages in tents, huts, small mud homes or somehow modify the homes we have with the use of your scientific theories to make our planet a better place to live? How can we live better if we are not living better, progressing as civil intellectuals, using every resource we can get our hands on? You propose that we use ‘Nature’s resources’ in place of the incredible inventions you yourself, Dr. Raymond Rooosha, developed?!” Dr. Rooosha, his entire staff and the three students smiled. What happened next was started not by any of the doctor’s staff,  students, associates or colleagues but by a small voice standing in the front row looking up at the stage. The soft spoken word came out, “Yes.” It began to spread through the entire crowd and was repeated over and over until everyone there, as well as, everyone watching or listening to the broadcast joined in one chant, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” The president heard the crowd. His cell phone rang. He answered it. It was his wife, the first lady, she simply said, “Yes.”

 With that being said and broadcasted to every possible destination Dr. Rooosha gave a nod, turned and walked off the stage. 

The acceptance of what took place that day was more fulfilling and remarkable than any moment in history. It spread throughout the world and people followed up their words with actions to the ends of the Earth. And that my children,  is what helped prevent the Earth from coming to an end.


To read about when the president came back go to:


For some background on what inspired me to write this story go to:

To hear the story read go to 👉 Fair Science the recording 👈( )

For another short story, “The Park” – about 3 boys who sneak into an abandoned amusement park and discover that it has a mind of its own- go to the Online publication of “The Park”:

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For a list of other stories go to:
Thanks for reading, Beetle

This story or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise – without prior written permission of the publisher.

This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or businesses in practice, are purely coincidental. The views expressed here are my own, as are whatever factual errors exist in the text.

To read what happened that day go to;

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