Back ground -the story “Fair Science” , why I wrote it & audio recording of it. 

For the manuscript to the story “Fair science” go to:

I read my chicken scratch original writing and recorded the telling of it. I posted that on YouTube. I’m not anticipating a whole bunch of views, it’s just me reading a story but you never know some people may hear it and really enjoy it.

The reason I wrote this story isn’t because I’m set some huge environmentalist or tree hugger or feel like we can do great things to conserve energy and possibly burn cleaner gas (although I hope and know we all can) but honestly because I had this character of a funny, quirky, crazy but brilliant scientists in my head who invites three children to his mansion and allows them to pick his brain in the field of science and ways Natural Science can be helpful rather than hurtful to the Earth’s environment

Some, I’m sure, may feel motivated to explore other options and resources that are at our fingertips to make our carbon finger and footprints on earth a little smaller.

There are some new technologies and new habits that offer some promises and solutions for the survival of our planet.

Back when I originally wrote it solor energy was still just barely being tapped into. I recall seeing solor powered vehicles but they were basically a golf cart. Now there are not only houses but major companies with huge buildings, all powered from solor panels on their roofs (like Ikea). In some cases the electric company pays the individual or larger corporation to use some of their power rather than the other way around.  I know I personally like the little tiny security solar lights I have outside in the front of my house. I got thise for only a $1 at the dollar store. They not only go on & off by themselves but they don’t use any electricity.

Also, the newer florescent bulbs were just starting to come out. I am still amazed at how long they last and how much less energy they use while working better than the traditional bulbs.

In 2007 I read a National Geographic article that stated Global carbon emissions are estimated at 8 billion metric tons a year.

There are more studies out now about reusing old vegetable oil for fuel. Also, potatoes, corn,  sugar cane, perennial prairie grasses, soybeans, rice, grain  and other crops are not only being used to do things like feed cattle but sent to ethanol plants.

I was amazed to read about algae and how it was used. Researchers say the fast-growing green scum fed by power plant exhaust could soak up carbon dioxide while cranking out 5,000 gallons of biofuel an acre each year, at least in theory.

There were not many gas stations selling gas for cars that was made up of 85% ethanol and 15% gas (fossil fuel) but that mixture could only be burned in specially designed engines. Ethanol delivered 30% fewer miles per gallon than gasoline.

There are always two sides to every story. Chemically altered plant oils to make biodiesel takes less energy than distilling corn into ethanol. The fuel main drawbacks are low yield and high cost.

I am by no means a scientist. I am not even scientific minded, however, I do hope that great minds will continue to work and that greedy, unethical, corporate mongers and politics will not stop us from taking better care of the planet God created for us.

Without making any more excuses I finally mustered up the courage to read my story and record it.  I’m very happy that I did so.
Here’s a link to the playlist, the five parts, to the story “Fair Science”. I hope you enjoy it.
Go to 👉 Fair Science the recording 👈

Thank you, Beetle

2 thoughts on “Back ground -the story “Fair Science” , why I wrote it & audio recording of it. 

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  2. Necessity get mixed with wants, selfish desires and greed as much and as often as opinions get mixed up with facts.

    Here is a cute old “SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK” educational short. My question remains, how far is too far when it comes to inventions and at what cost do we continue to invent things to try to make this awesome planet what we consider better?


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