Slow Down Everyone 

Why is it so hard for many of us to just simply slow down in this rat race life?

Why do we find it hard to completely “stop & smell the roses” and appreciate the small things?

I watched a video of a guy forming these gigantic, larger than a grown man, bubbles and faster than they are formed they are gone.

See video:

We are just a vapor waiting to pass. Our lives are short, very short, here on earth. 

As believers we have so much more to look forward to but it seems to me like we spend most of our lives here trying to accomplish things, become what the world views as successful & attain all we can buying into the phrase, “He with the most toys, when he dies, wins.”

It’s time for me to slow down & not move so fast that I don’t savor at least a few things.

Being overly concerned or worrying about what we achieve or can’t seem to conquer  won’t add one thing to accomplishing it.

God’s timing is completely different from ours. He allows & prohibits, He gives & takes away.

Too many times we feature a picture of some meal we ate rather than post a Word that fueled us to be a better person to others around us that will also serve to encourage them.

We post, for the world to see on social media, our griefs or a comment on what we are proud of but may rarely,  if at all, give thanks to our creator for tragedies that He ends up triumphing in the end.

Think for a moment about what has come your way and don’t dwell on what could have been.

Look back at situations and circumstances that had consequences that you were spared from or results and debits you had to pay because of mispent choices you made. 

In my past I’ve been to quick to blame God or the devil for things that were purely a direct outcome of me rushing into deciding to do things without considering what is best (God’s will, not my own).

Consider that hope is opposition and opportunity.

I’m counting my blessings & past tasks I’ve completed but I’m trusting that God will make me pleasing to Him regardless of how much I do within my allotted  lifetime, let alone what I get done today.

Be at peace, strive to live pleasing to God more than just pleasing yourself, storing up treasures in heaven, rather than fretting over things that God has already promised He will accomplish in His timing regardless of our feeble attempts.

I think sometimes,  many times, God accomplishes more when we step back & allow Him to fully work, without trying to manipulate situations.

Sure, it is only natural to desire to be in control but it is when we are stripped of power that we fall to our knees and acknowledge we fully need our creator to do supernatural things beyond our own capabilities. 

Perhaps tragedy & turmoil & even death of our loved ones or threat of death to us is the only avenue that causes us to realize that we need more than what we’ve ever considered asking God for. 

The road we are on will always come to a cross road and it is at that time that we either turn to God or just decide to go our own way.

It is not easy but perhaps we can step back, step off a few things and get more done by simply living our lives to Glorify God, pointing to His sovereignty rather that our own self-righteous securities.

Perhaps you also are moving too fast without stopping to ask God for His directions, His will and His way of doing things rather than your own way.

Sometimes it is not what we say that speaks the loudest. It is what we do or don’t do, resting in Him, that shows 

us and 

others who is really in charge.

In Christ,  Beetle 

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