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Ever consider consequences? Ponder for a moment how God is ultimately in control of everything, Sovereign.

This will effect everything in your life, from how you pray to how you deal with difficult people & situations.

This will take you back to my post on acceptance.

I’m learning not to put God into any kind of box, trusting Him, going to His Word & taking Him at His Word. 

Life is so much better when I admit I don’t know everything, I can’t do everything but that God is in control of everything, loves us & He has our best interest in mind.

The first step, admit He is God & all the other steps after that involve allowing Him to do His will & not going against His plan for life.

The more I surrender to Him & not just pray but live out, “Lord, your will be done not mine.” The more comfort & satisfaction I find in my life.

He > i, Beetle  

If you are struggling go to:

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