When God Says No To Us.

If you will, please watch this video first:

Now, consider that God always answers prayer. We assume we know what is best and pray for or against what we think is “right”, wrong, good or bad rather than accepting God’s will & praying accordingly.

Find God’s blessings even in what seems like a curse because He knows what’s best & loves you.

If you don’t agree that God simply says no & allows life to be mucked up or just plain sucked for a reason or you need reassurance of why go to:

👉God Said No👈
One more video, “Shoulders” from “for KING and Country”:

You may not realize this but there are QUESTIONS GOD CAN’T ANSWER go to:
Ihttps://tombeetlebailey.wordpress.com/2018/10/02/questions-god-cant-answer/n for an explaination of this.

Christ, Beetle


“Even If” lyric video:

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