Array & Decay 

When Facing this mucked up world with the fact that it  & all of us in it are slowly dieing it would be easy to lose heart and become naturally depressed. It’s really just a wake up call on how much we need our creator’s intervention.

Part of the lyrics to the song “Natural Science” by Rush are brought this to mind…

The mess and the magic

Triumphant and tragic
A mechanized world out of hand

Computerized clinic
For superior cynics
Who dance to a synthetic band

In their own image
Their world is fashioned
No wonder they don’t understand.”

It is difficult to find hope in & of this world. There are a few things in nature that show us life is viscous but everything seems to serve a purpose. Even so, when you are brought face to face with your loved one dieing or you face death yourself it is awful hard to make sense of the confusion & chaos.

  During one of the harshest times of my life, having lost the use of my legs, losing my job then losing my son I wrote two stories  Season of Jail & Season of Prison. They are metaphorical of my personal experiences. 

Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything we see is not going to be around forever. The good and the bad times are all temporary. There is a season, a time, for every thing.

Remember the 4 seasons we see every year all around us:

  •  Summer then
  • Fall then,
  • Winter followed by,
  • Spring , where everything that died has  a chance to come back to life.

No matter how bad things are there is hope in our creator. God was in beginning, at the start of it all, miraculously putting galaxies & planets & people into place. He will also be at the end, or what we’d consider to be the end of our world as we know it. What we see as the end is only a week beginning.

He made this world to eventually be disposed of and for us (mankind) to return to a garden of Eden environment (HEAVEN👈post giving a Scriptural Pictorial of what Heaven is like)

We may find peace by getting through the seasons of life but we’ll find ultimate & eternal peace by knowing that there is so much more after we’ve left this world.

While I am here I hope that I can offer hope to all I meet, regardless of the array & decay.

Rush Music video of Natural Science with lyrics:

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“Away From Array & Decay”

I look forward to a day

When I travel far away

From all the array & decay

I believe there’s a place

Where I’ll see Jesus face to face

I’ll miss you and you’ll miss me

But that is the place where we need to be

Away from all array & decay

With our Savior not just today

But forever and ever and evermore

That’s what we have in store

Away, away, AWAY!!! A way

from the array & decay

Where HIS GLORY is on display

THE WAY (away), THE WAY (away), Yahweh is the way away from from the array and decay.

In Christ, Beetle




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