“Array & Decay” (Poem)

I wrote a post on this subject as well but here is the poem:

“Away From Array & Decay”

I look forward to a day

When I travel far away

From all the array & decay

I believe there’s a place

Where I’ll see Jesus face to face

I’ll miss you and you’ll miss me

But that is the place where we need to be

Away from all array & decay

With our Savior not just today

But forever and ever and evermore

That’s what we have in store

Away, away, AWAY!!!

A way from the array & decay

Where HIS GLORY is on display

THE WAY (away), THE WAY (away), Yahweh is the way away from from the array and decay.


In Christ, Beetle

Go to 👉Array & Decay , The Post👈 for more.

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