30 Years For A 6 Month Ministry 

I was watching an old video of Keith Green  (posted below) and he pointed out something I never really thought much about.

John the Baptist spent 30 years in training (for him that meant wandering/living in the wilderness) for 30 for a 6 month ministry. 

He wore animal skins on his back and ate locust. He spent 30 years on the backside of a desert. He never got married, never lived like many people were able to live. When he finally got to preaching it only lasted 6 months, then he was arrested and spent the rest of his life in prison until his head was separated from his body.

We may not all be called to do exactly that but for each of us God has a plan and for each type of personality God has a purpose. 

Training and studies of all sorts are out there and available and most are very good but nothing goes above or beyond what God teaches all of us in our personal relationship with him.

As you go through your journey, living with Christ, may you continue to mature and ALWAYS measure your thoughts, actions & expression against the full Word of God. 

Also, as “strangers” or even people you know who may behave in a way that is strange to you ALWAYS measure their thoughts, actions & expression against the full Word of God. 

Don’t be to quick to judge “The container” (the outward person) listen to the Creator (God). He has already given us all we need to know and more.

We must study to know & handle  The Word of God with accuracy.

When someone says they have a word from the Lord and yet it doesn’t match  what the Bible already says  don’t take stock in what they say, however even your rejection of their message  (not them) can be done in love and balance.

Remember Shepherds don’t make sheep, sheep make sheep. Understanding your place, your pastor’s place and other people’s place in the body of Christ will help you, others and most importantly Christ in accomplishing His will.

When the whole body works it is an amazing & beautiful thing.
People have asked me and I’ve asked why are some Christians such jerks👈 I address that question with a Biblical look in that post.

The struggles I am having physically with my own partial paralysis has been such an example of how Christ’s body seems to be behaving in this generation.

Let’s learn to skip like a lamp and avoid head butting goats.

Let’s come together with all our differences and get together in Christ and be who He wants us to be.

Let’s get upset over the right things. May we agree with The Word of God and act on it but may we not and never lack love toward non-believers or believers.

Just because God gives us some type of platform does not mean we have the right to steal the show and express our own opinion  (seperate from The Word of God).

God always has and always will give us the right training, the right words and the right opportunity to deliver His Word, we just need to make sure it is His word (not ours) that we are delivering & standing on.

Note, not only John the Baptist in the New Testament but in the Old Testament  Moses, Jonah, Elijah and more give perfect examples of how God uses people.


The specific section I refer to is around 39:29


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