Depression – Darkness Dragged Into The Spotlight 

Depression – Darkness Dragged Into The Spotlight

​Here are just a few well known people who are in the spotlight often talking about their personal experiences with depression.
They may not have all the answers, or may suggest things that only offer some type of resolution or temporary solution, but nonetheless, they are admitting to it and willing to talking about it:
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Whether you agree with them or not, like their acting or not, agree with them or not, these are fellow human beings (yes, celebrities are people, too).
If you struggle with depression, more than just being sad because things are rough, and you find yourself paralyzed in this natural chemical imbalance of pain, go see a doctor. Don’t hesitate to get help anymore than you would hesitate if you were in an accident, broke your arm or had the flu.

It is nothing new. 

Mental health issues as well as help has been around for years. 

 It may be new to you but it is clinical and can be managed.
The doctor you see may not be of much help but you can always go see another one. Finding a good doctor can sometimes be a challenge, especially depending on what your insurance covers. Many health insurance companies do cover it and many regular doctors will assist you. You can always start with your family doctor and tell them what your feeling and what your going through emotionally & mentally and they may even give you a medication that is used to treat your mind. They may also help refer you to a doctor that specializes in that area.

If things are really bad and you are in a crisis situation you can go to an emergency room and they will assist you do.

A few helpful notes:

  • A “Psychologist” does not prescribe medication (they are more like a counselor to talk to). They can treat you with words and maybe even help you find triggers that set off your depression (or other mental health issues) They may even give you some mental exercises to help you work through things but a Psychologist does not prescribe medication. They may run test  and give diagnostic results so you know where to start in learning how to live with what ever issues you have.
  • A “Therapist” also is just a counselor to talk to. They should be ‘licensed,” but they are available to just listen, offer encouragement, and may suggest a few things that help. They are very helpful because “Doctors” who are in the psychiatric field are not there to fully listen or sit with you for 45 minutes of their time. A Therapist will block out 45 minutes or more to sit and really listen. Sometimes when people meet with a therapist and talk, they end up working out their own issues without the therapist even saying a word.
  • A “Psychiatrist” deals with your psychological chemical imbalance and will usually treat you with medication. Some medications take approximately up to 2 weeks until the patient notices a difference (sometime more, sometimes less).
  • Medication helps, but there is no magic pill that cures all. Some medication may be very helpful to one individual but not right for another. Medication should always be taken as directed and never stopped suddenly (it will make you very sick). Self medicating with alcohol, drugs, sex, or other bingeing is never a solution (it makes it worse).

I am not a professional. I am not licensed. I am just a patient who was diagnosed back in 1997 and I’m still learning as I go.
Here is a clinical look at depression, I hope this explains things in a way that is helpful and comprehensive.
Depression and its treatment (Video insert):

Around one in every 10 people will suffer from depression.

 Brain regions that control mood are often disrupted in depression. 

So, what about you?
Are you feeling trapped?

Are you uninteresting in things around you or easily agitated?

Do things seem to, “just not make sense?”

Is it hard or difficult to interact with others (coworkers, friends, even family)?

Do you feel like you want the whole world around you just to stop?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, or other questions you came up with, regarding how you’ve been feeling or acting, what will it hurt to talk to someone?
You are not alone.
Here a few more helpful spotlights (please pardon the Ads):

Thanks for reading, Beetle

I hope all the links work, I did my best at putting all this together and want to give special thanks to my wife Rhonda, my mother, my daughters (Kyri, Olivia, Madi and Abbey) as well as  my late son Alexx.

Here is a short video clip regarding other mental health issues that people in the limelight or spotlight fought, or are fighting, & willing to admit to:

Now go to: 👉” Where did this fog come from?“👈 (a post I did regarding my manic depression, or as I refer to “The bipolar express”).

Want more info? Want to do something? Go to 👉 Suicide prevention & statistics👈

If you feel like you need help right now and you don’t have time to let some stupid medication to take effect or If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).
This will connect you with a crisis center in your area.

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