ONE little Victory 

In the summer of 1997 (August) drummer Neil Peart got word that his daughter died in an automobile accident.

They stopped everything as a band for four years at that point.

Nothing was as important as taking time for family.

Then his wife died shortly thereafter and Neil decided to take a seriously long road trip. He has written about his  55,000 mile trek.

After that time he came back, regrouped himself and eventually the band regrouped and they picked back up with this…

Now here is the LIVE performance:

I personally know, especially since my son died this past July 2016, that when tragedy like this happens the only way to work through it is moment by moment.  Not one day at a time but one little moment at a time.

It is extremely difficult but getting through each little moment is one little victory.

Each moment in our lives brings opposition but with opposition comes opportunity. That is why I got a tattoo on my wrist (pictured below).

For the Chinese they have  2 words for our word hope (opposition & opportunity).



Pressing on, Beetle 

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