21 -Grounding Your Faith- From Groundwire 

This post is dedicated to a 21 day adventure I am taking in my faith journey . 

It all started here:

http://twentyone-gw.com/          That link is where I signed up with “groundwire” to start.

They give a 2 min. video each day.

This link takes you to day 1: http://twentyone-gw.com/video/video-1-2/

I am not sure how all this will transfer to my blog but hope it is a resource for anyone who wants to ground & gain ground in their faith too.

In Christ , Beetle 

Each video is attached to an online journal that digs deeper into scripture and helps you find application to every day life.

There is also a relationship component with 21 and you are assigned a coach that prays, encourages, and cheers you on throughout the process.

Click here:                                                    👉http://twentyone-gw.com👈 to start your journey . 

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