Obituary of my son Alexx Bailey 

Obituary for Alexx Bailey

A Biography of Alexx Bailey
By Kimberly Read & Kyri Bailey

Alexx Edward Bailey, born May 18, 1994 in Sarasota, Florida, arrived a month early ready to take on the world. Alexx was a rambunctious and energetic addition to his family: mom, Kimberly; dad, Tom; and big sister, Kyri. Everyone knew when Alexx entered the scene. He was a delight to his grandparents Bailey on his dad’s side of the family and his grandparents Eastridge on his mom’s side.

Alexx was a child full of love and laughter who grew into a young man passionate for creativity across many genres. He always loved music. When he was about five years old, he cleverly mixed Barney’s song “I Love You” with Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer.” It was a spontaneous and hilarious drive in the car that day. Throughout middle school and high school, Alexx played in a number of bands. One year all he wanted for Christmas was his own drum set, which he played ceaselessly. And not too long after that, he picked up guitar and bass guitar. He and his bandmates were one of the youngest groups to play a local venue here in Tampa. He was also in his high school concert and marching band, playing both the saxophone and baritone saxophone. For his twenty-first birthday, everyone pitched in to get him a synthesizer. He’s made some beautiful instrumental compositions.

Alexx also loved to paint. His paintings were bright, colorful and often tongue-in-cheek. Chris Read, his stepfather, often fanned the flame of his creativity by encouraging Alexx’s artistic endeavors. One of his sister’s favorites is a cheeseburger eating a screaming French fry. On his nightstand he painted a smoking gnome in swirl of blue sky and clouds. His mom loves his piece that features a detailed fantasy city rising from ocean. And you should see the detailed tessellations inside of a superhero’s cape.

His passion for visual art bled over into body art that he proudly displayed. One of his first tattoos featured a sheep in wolf’s clothing, an image that speaks to the beauty of his soul. He recently added a descending peace dove surrounded by flames and rising waves. It had a banner that reads, “Come Hell or High Water.” He poignantly described this as his affirmation that his faith in God brought peace through all his trials.

Alexx’s nom de plume was Pressing Words. He was a prolific writer, filling journal after journal, starting as early as he could write. He wrote a memoir entitled Psyper, which is a fantastical journey of madness. It is both illuminating and haunting. You can read his memoir in its entirety: In the last year, Alexx was writing a twice-daily devotional that he sent out via text message each morning and each evening. He blogged these devotionals:

As part of his blog, Alexx wrote his personal testimony he called “A Sheep Smothered in Wolve’s Clothing” ( His testimony speaks to the difficult road he has trod through his short life. He concludes his testimony with these uplifting words:

“I still continue to further myself towards holiness and live more and more daily in a way that not only honors my Heavenly Father but in a way that I can for the first time in my life be proud of.

“Proverbs 14:4 states that without oxen a stable stays clean but with a strong ox comes abundant harvest.

“While I found, in the hardship of my cleaning, that it may have been easier to have kept my life clean in the first place, and that having this ox of bad choices in my stable had truly given me a mass of mess to clean up, I also found a mass of lessons in my ablution. With this great fall that my life had taken and the contrast of my getting back up, I became a walking testimony because of this ox in my past. I am able now to harvest an abundant ministry for those walking in the tattered shoes I once wore.”

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