Take any wood, preferably wood that is not processed,  not many Knotts or heavy grain…the grain makes it burn uneven.

Here us a crate for example, note very light pencil stenciled in:


Choose a design or picture & transfer it onto the wood…

Example below:


Go over those lines with wood burner…

Pic. Below, started doing the burning, still see the pencil to be done?

Now a little more done…

The key is to take your time…until completed  (below pic.)

Here is another crate I burned around some of the grains and made the “eyes” part of the picture…


Another side:


One more example:


Notice how I used the grain, used it to go with the pattern in the “Seahourse’s” scales. I also left the round wood grain knot alone and made it like a “sun burst”.

If you look at the bottom left corner of the above pic. You will see a panther in pencil.

Wood burn over that and You’ll Complete the Project. 

It really is that simple.

What you do can be shared as a “Mode of transportation”

Show who you are, what you enjoy, express yourself.



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