Amen doesn’t mean ‘The End’/ Get right Church and let’s go home.

Every wonder how we can pray without ceasing?

I guess we could also ask, can you live without breathing?

We breath without ceasing.

So also we need to,

“pray without ceasing.”

Notice i said need. i know i need to.

It sure helps me but beyond that i really believe

God wants to hear us, He doesn’t need us He wants us.

When we say amen, that literally means, “may it be so”.

Some funny stories about people shouting,


at different times when i wasn’t sure if they really meant, “may it be so.”

i walked the streets in Atlanta and decided to step into this old weathered and partially falling apart wooden Church. The white paint was chipping off onto the ground around the entire building. 

My comrades and i used caution as we stepped inside knowing we just saw cement cinder blocks straining to try and helping the foundation. It was there i recall sitting in the back and taking in a meeting like i had rarely seen growing up in The Salvation Army.

The the music that drew us in there was mostly voices and some type of drums as they sang over and over, “get right Church and let’s go home.”

When the music finally came to an end it was as if it never really stopped because it continued to ring in my ears and i thing about at least 1 block away from where we were.

The preacher was already on his feet and he shouted with every  word. No mic. was needed. It was a small chapel and almost everyone had a fan. For a moment my mind went to, ‘they still make hand held fans?’ I noticed the clothing they were wearing were 3 piece suits, even in the heat. Most dressed to the nines with a few hardly dressed at all (on a scale from 1-10 maybe a 3). Everyone was dressed their best but for some that meant a white t-shirt and dirty jeans. 

Some hung their head low, others were looking up and doing a Stevie Wonder impression (for lack of a better description). There was not one woman without a hat and i mean a fancy big hat. I had to bobble my head to look around those in front of me. The ‘Bishop’ (Bishop Gray i found out later was his name) had a small white handkerchief and blotted his head and whipped the sweat from his brow and neck, occasionally dabbing it on his lip to keep from spraying the congregation. This was ‘Chuch!’, not ‘Cherch’ or ‘Church’…make no mistake this was CHUCH! 

Bishop Gray shouted and moved around the small stage avoiding the makeshift drum kit & worn out acoustic guitar with only 5 strings that was propped up against the bass drum. At times he hopped like a bunny. People in front of me and around me swayed and were extremely verbal. I heard a lot of, “preach it!” “Common’ now!” “Yeah man.” “Lord have mercy.” and i am not sure how to spell this but a heard a lot of “mmm hmm!”

I prayed and took it all in and listened intently for the Word of God. I heard it being preached, i heard the gospel. I also heard a message that was geared toward the neighborhood people there  who walked to the church from their house, with only a few that drove . i found out later (in conversation)  that some drove but had to park over in the gas station or in Johnny’s vacant lot next to his granddaddy’s house. He owns the lot his granddad owns the house and can make some serious greens.

I took it all in and i heard Bishop Grey compare this area of town, their hood to Corinth.

This is when i heard him shout,

“we ‘gots prostutes’ on our streets”

and then i  heard a few shout,


misplaced there…probably meaning, “that’s right, i know that’s right we sure do!” but i say all that, come back with me now, to say,


i hope we are all on the same page now…

Next time you hear “amen” at the end of the prayer realize , that is just the beginning of the living, breathing, prayer in action that you are now to be engaged with and moving onward with, may it be so. going along with what was said to The Lord.



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