Shared from WordPress (My Oldest Daughter’s Blog Post of Grief)

I Want to Break Something – (my oldest daughter’s blog post on grief).

Since my son’s death we’ve all been trying to carry on in life.

My oldest daughter wrote today, “Perhaps you’ve read through my denial stage. But don’t think a mind goes through the stages (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) in perfect order. Nor does a person complete one and “level up” to the next stage that hits.”

Her blog is mainly about teaching. How hard it is for all of us when we have to go through tradgady but use it to teach us some things about life.

How blessed we are to realize, even through these hard times, we can grow and learn and be taught so much.

To visit my daughters blog go to:

Who knew learning and teaching could be so hard?

A grief stricken but a proud father, Beetle 

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