Living In The Limelight 

One of my favorite bands is “Rush”. As their popularity grew the band’s drummer and lyricist wrote a song called “limelight”.  Although popularity helped their success it also made things difficult.  People wanted a piece of them. Neil Peart (drummer) expressed how he could not pretend  a stranger was a long awaited friend. He understood people appreciating their talents but didn’t understand the stalking and the longing to show up at their hotel room. Playing music for the masses was part of being in a rock arena band but before, during and after a show they longed for a personal and private life.
Alex Life’s (guitarist) expressed,  before their success that he didn’t need all the luxuries and money he just wanted to share his talents.

Geddy Lee (bass and vocals -the front man of the band) expressed his surprise when 60,000 people would show up and many would even be waiting at the airport for their arrival,  after all it’s not like they are Justin Timberlake or Beaber or something.

They are entertainers, performers, artist sharing their gifts, but what about those in the Lord specifically doing good deeds, helping others, practicing and doing righteous things, what and how are they to share?

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. Matthew 6 NIV (

So get the applause of man now or do things without a show and be blessed by God now and after this life.

Let’s put our best foot forward. Perform well but don’t put on a show and ask, “who am I really trying to impress and please?”

All The World is a Stage

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Thanks for reading,  Beetle


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