Obvious as Air 

Ever think about involuntary muscles . . .

You don’t have to think to blink.

You breath with ease.

However, what about when we can’t get air?  When we have a  stuffed up nose, an anxiety attack or heart attack…that feeling of needing to breath, as if we’ve been under water too long and need to come up.

Sometimes we don’t know what we have until we loose it.

    Other time we are unaware of things until they have a direct impact on us.

    Just because we are doing fine doesn’t mean the whole world is ok. The same can be said when we are not doing fine, that doesn’t mean the whole world is coming to an End FOR EVERYONE. 

    When I stop, i mean really stop, it helps me realize that God not only created us but He is still ultimately in complete control. 

    When we read of God creating man Adam was not alive until God breathed into him. God gives life, creating new life everyday.  We may not give much thought to it or take it for granted but when life is taken away it causes us to realize the Lord gives and takes away. 

    My prayer,  Lord, pull my head out of darkness.  Remove the lies i’ve told myself and others and remove the lies others have told me that i believed.  

    Pull me out on the institution and give me intuition. Help me to continue to develop a relationship with you as i develop relationships with others.

    Help me Lord to acknowledge you, speak to you regularly and listen to your still voice. Help me to stop being so busy and loud and talking so much that i forget to praise you for the things that seem so obvious and small but are truly of utmost importance. 

    In Jesus name and for Christ’s sake,


    Let everything that has breath praise The Lord PSALM 150

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