Alexx devo – take 2 and call & call me in the morning.

Nahum 1:5 says,

in His presence the mountain quake, and the hills melt away; the earth trembles, and it’s people are destroyed.

My son does 2 devotional thoughts a day, sends them via text to 50 some people.  Then he post them to his blog (

Eventually he is going to put them all together and publish them into a hard back book giving the reader 2 Bible verses with devoted thoughts that go along with those Scripture verses.

In this devoted thought he shares,

The red sea literally ran in both directions from God’s power making dry land for His people.

Another time the sun stood in its tracks for a whole day at His command.

The entire earth trembled at His death.

Why is it that everything else in the universe besides humans submit to His power?

We are the only beings in existance with the gift to truly understand what it means to have grace, faith, and the beauty in truly embracing a one on one relationship with God and yet we seem to also be the only ones who don’t understand.

We take advantage of the greatest gift ever made and the worst part is that we’re not ignorant, we have had ample opportunity to learn, know, and comprehend we simply choose ignorance but the truth is that Ignorance is not always bliss.

In Christ,
(Alexx’s dad)

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