Remontant: Word of the Day with ‘The Word’ for the day.

Word of the Day – remontant: blooming more than once in a season. at

Hmmm… the seed God planted in me bloomed and the more I feed on His Word and develop the relationship He has given me (His Holy Spirit in me) the more I bloom, every day.

For me God doesn’t just have 3 or 4 months to show His goodness,  His blessings.  He doesn’t just give winter, spring, summer & fall.

Ecclesiastes 3 mentions to every thing there is a season. A time for everything, good, bad, happy sad…life, real life it rains on the righteous & the unrighteous. Bad things happen to good people in spite of any worse case senerio  the most comforting reality is the

“God’s got my back.”

God works out everything for the good for those that love/trust Him.
(Romans 8:28)

I praise God, no matter what season I am going through.  It amazes me how what I thought was something “bad” that happens God ends up using that same situation to show me how blessed I truly am.

May I be blooming more than once in a season, let alone blooming in and out of season, year around.

May all of us who bear the name “Christ”ian always be ready in any season (time period) to bloom (show the fruit of) The Holy Spirit.

Bless God,

To go to: “Season of Jail” (part one) a story I am writing regarding a man going through  a very tough season.

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