Heard said Vs. JESUS SAYS

Jesus says,

“Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.

Matthew 5:17 NASB

“You have
heard it said vs.
but I say
to you…”

Look at
Matt. 5:21-48

Compared what you’ve heard with What Jesus says.

Compare the Old Testament Law (written/heard) with New Testament  (Jesus’ Word & promises)

(heard law vs. Jesus says)
External vs. Internal

The law covered external things
Jesus is concerned with the internal person.

Doing vs. Being

The law was all about works alone. Jesus is more concerned with us being like Him.

Duty vs. Devotion

Again the law focused on obligation. Jesus interested in true Devotion.

Performance vs.Relationship

The law was a way to show (and became a way to ‘show off’ how ‘dedicated’ people were to God. Jesus is interested in a true love relationship and things done from a loving heart for and with Him, not just a performance piece.

Guilt vs. Grace

The law increased Guilt because humans are not able to fulfill it. Jesus gives grace & did what we cannot.

Letter vs. Spirit

The letter of the law can’t be relied on but His Holy Spirit can fill us and make us pleasing to Him.

Head vs. Heart

The law was something to wrap humans head around. Jesus wants our heart.

The law served its purpose. Then Jesus came, made a new covenant,  new promise,  New Testament.

Now we live like Him, for Him by grace, not under law.

Hear what Jesus is saying.

Application of Matthew 5:20 to…
• Murder – 5:21-26
• Adultery – 5:27-30
• Divorce – 5:31-32
• Oaths – 5:33-37
• Retribution – 5:38-41
• Enemies – 5:43-48

Hear what Jesus is saying.

In Christ,

An Indepth study at:
Chip Ingram audio on this

For Post with audio and notes on this Go to: Balance  (Relationship vs. Religion)

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