Balancing (Part 4) Religion Vs. Relationship

This is from Part 4 of series on:
“Balancing Life’s Demands”
This one focuses on
Warning: Personal Discipline
Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
It is by:
Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge

It can be listened to by itself or as a series.

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Review: Biblical Priorities
“Pop Quiz”

To what degree have you taken specific steps in the following areas?
(1 = none; 2 = little; 3 = started and doing okay; 4 = making good progress; 5 = vigorously pursuing)

🔸____🔸Objectives: Moving from vague ideas to specific decisions about the
kind of person I want to become and what I want to accomplish.
🔸____🔸Priorities: Ordering my life in such a way that the important and eternal
are not forfeited by the “pressing” and the “urgent.”
🔸____ 🔸Schedule: Determining specifically how and when I will place the important
and eternal in my daily life.
🔸____ 🔸Discipline: Doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done (i.e.
choosing to habitually delay gratification of short-term pleasures in order to
more fully enjoy long-term success).
🔸____🔸Accountability: Enlisting the support of those who love me to help me
keep my commitments to God.

Jesus’ Warning #1:

In our pursuit of “seeking first” His righteousness there is the…
…danger of ______________________.

Matthew 5 Overview

Mt. 5:3-12
The reward and character
of His true followers

Mt. 5:13-16
Salt and light –
be worthy examples

Mt. 5:17-20
Relationship of this new
teaching vs. the Law of Moses

True Righteousness
(Matthew 5:20)

“You have
heard it said vs.
but I say
to you…”
Mt. 5:21-48
Compared what you’ve heard with What Jesus says.

Compare the Old Testament Law (written/heard) with New Testament  (Jesus’ Word & promises)

(heard law vs. Jesus says)
External vs. Internal
Doing vs. Being
Duty vs. Devotion
Performance vs.Relationship
Guilt vs. Grace
Letter vs. Spirit
Head vs. Heart

The law served its purpose then Jesus came, made a new covenant,  new promise,  New Testament.

Now we live like Him, for Him by grace, not under law.

Application of Matthew 5:20 to…
• Murder – Mt. 5:21-26
• Adultery – Mt. 5:27-30
• Divorce – Mt. 5:31-32
• Oaths – Mt. 5:33-37
• Retribution – Mt. 5:38-41
• Enemies – Mt. 5:43-48

(Ephesians 3)
Whole Christian life in one word = Abide.

Summary: Jesus condemns ________________ righteousness (spiritual activities)
when it does not flow from ____________________ relationship with God.

Jesus’ Warning #2:

In our pursuit of “seeking first” His righteousness there is also the…
…danger of _____________________.
( Matthew 6:1-18 )

• Giving – Key Issue = ________________ Matthew 6:1- 4

You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving.

• Prayer– Key Issue = ________________ Matthew 6:5-8

• Fasting – Key Issue = ______________ Matthew 6:16-18

Summary: Spiritual disciplines are ________________ but become dangerous
when they become a means to gain the ___________________ of men rather than
deepen our ____________________ with God.

Application: ___________________ is God’s method of keeping our motives pure.

LUKE 16:15
who are we seeking to please?

Discussion Questions:
1. In brief, summarize the two principles taught today with regard to discipline in our
spiritual lives: the principles of distortion and deception.
2. How is it that even our efforts to draw near to God can sometimes be destructive to
our relationship with God?
3. What aspect of this message hit “closest to home” with you? Why?
4. Discuss the balance needed with regard to our will and effort, God’s grace,
accountability and maintaining pure motives as they relate to “seeking first” His
righteousness in your life right now?

This was part 4 from
“Balancing Life’s Demands”
(Warning: Personal Discipline
Can Be Hazardous to Your Health)

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Copyright © 2011 Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge

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