Discovering Spiritual Gifts (Part 4 on The Holy Spirit)

This post is on The Holy Spirit.
It is Part 4,

How to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

in a series by:
Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge

“How to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts”
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Spiritual gifts in the Church today…
The Views range from
Denial to Ignorance (and /or
Confusion) to

Four questions everyone needs to ask and answer about spiritual gifts

1st Question
🔥Why bother with spiritual gifts?

1. They are essential for determining __________________ _________________.


2. They are God’s “stamp of approval” on your ____________________ as a person.
3. When known and exercised, they put you in the place of _____________________
_____________ and building deep ______________ ______________________.
4. The by-product of exercising your spiritual gifts is __________________________.
(Keep in mind, ‘talent’ is not the same as a gift of The Holy Spirit)

🔥2nd Question
– What is a spiritual gift?

Definition: A “divine endowment” of special ability upon every member of the Body of Christ which “fits” them for specific and corresponding service.

Look at 1 Corinthians 12:4-6

1. Gift – “Charismata”


2. Spiritual – “Pneumatikos”


3. Every spiritual gift embodies:
a) Ability
b) Qualification
c) Strength
d) Responsibility


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🔥3rd Question
– How and why do we receive spiritual gifts?

1. They are distributed by the ascended Christ. Ephesians 4:7-11

2. Gifts are distributed to every believer without exception at the time of salvation on the basis of grace.
1 Peter 4:10

3. Gifts are distributed for the profit of others 1 Corinthians 12:7


4. Gifts are distributed sovereignly by the Holy Spirit in accordance with each believer’s best interest and God’s ultimate glory and purpose.
1 Corinthians 12:11


🔥4th Question
– How do I discover my spiritual gift(s)?

1. Pray seriously seeking guidance.
2. Study the gift passages in God’s Word.
3. “Test the waters.”
4. Examine the fulfillment factor.
5. Evaluate honestly.
6. Get quality counsel.
7. Recognize God’s evident blessing.

Discussion Questions:
1. What, if anything, did you learn that was new to you concerning spiritual gifts? How
could this information be used to enhance the way God wants to use your life?

2. Why is it important to know and develop your spiritual gifts? Discuss how spiritual
gifts benefit others and how they benefit you.

3. What ministry have you been involved in at any church that you really felt fulfilled in
doing? Describe it and your experience. How could you further develop your gifts?

4. What do you see as the natural implications of a church body that takes the whole
concept of spiritual gifts and interdependence seriously? What would it look like?
How would it differ from the norm? What impact would it have beginning with you?

This concludes this series on The Holy Spirit.

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Who Is The Holy Spirit?
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