Stinkin’ Thinkn’

Here is some good advice on how to battle “stinking thinking” -those thoughts that seem to haunt, discourage & cloud our judgment on ourselves:
write a reoccurring negative  thought you have on a 3×5 card, FOR EXAMPLE:

I need other people’s approval in order to be happy

Then write ❎STOP❎ flip card over and write truth backed by God’s word -write,

I want people’s approval but I do not need it. With God’s approval I am no longer compelled to earn Love & acceptance.  I am free to be me, who I truly am in Christ.

Another example:

Lie- my value as a person depends on what others think of me. ❎STOP❎ flip the card over…

FLIP CARD OVER AND on other side of card write the truth, pure thought backed by God’s word. Write,

My value as a person has already been determined by God because of my relationship to Christ. I will not give the power to any human being to determine my value.

Just as we turn a card over, so also, we can turn our thoughts over to God, letting HIM develop His truth in us and correct our Mis-belief s into PURE THOUGHTS He gives for us to live accurately in Him.

Again, keep these verses in your mind & heart (internalize them)
Phil. 4:8 & Col. 3:2 & Eph. 4:21-24



In Christ,

For more on this & 2 helpful Audios go to:
A Health Holy Spirit Esteem

Sometimes we need to “turn over anew leaf” other times we need God to uproot things and plant a new pure seed of His that will produce the fruit He wants.

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