Fact or Fiction, Omniscient or Opinions

Even state approved school text books hold fiction mixed in with facts.

We daily hear opinions shared with such strength, boldness, athority & conviction  that we may feel so inclined to listen & believe it over God’s all knowing truth (Omniscient ability).

The great news is,

we can search & double check God’s Word as a source of the one & only truth.

Christ tells us He is the way, the truth & the life. Not “a” way but “the” way.

One road, One Spirit,  One truth (fact).

We read several times the reiteration of being careful of false teachers, especially in 1 John 4…but again that is only 1 of many places we are forewarned.

So, always measure the behavior & persuasive speaking of others against The True Source,


IN Christ, Christ in me,

1.)contact me & other believers with questions you have in regard to helping you interpret Scripture.

2.) And more importantly, dig into God’s Word on your own to find the truth & explanation on what HE is searching for, what HE (The Word) requires & how He is able to abide in you to accomplish His will & over come yours.

This will bring you peace, truth & life.

You may be surprised to note differences between what God is really saying & what you thought or others told you.

Reading & studying His Word closely can give us an accurate picture of who God is, What He is really like & how He wants & can be in a personal relationship with you & others.

Go to An Accurate Picture of Christ
Click 👉The Authorized Biography of Jesus Christ 👈

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