Health Update (Physical, Mental & Spiritual)

Body & Body Building
1 co 12
Ro. 12

Believers are all part of Christ’s body no matter who we are, where we are, where we go & what shape we are in physically or mentally.

CHRIST decides what position we hold & to what capacity HE will use us.

We must all do our part & that is going to be different & individualistic depending on you & what God wants.
As i go through physical therapy 2x’s a week for 6-8 weeks and do the exercises they give me to do at home daily in order to build up my strength to stand, walk, sit, even drive again i can’t help but think of how important it is to exercise Spiritually & use coping skills for my mental health as well.

We ALL have those 3 sides:

To be healthy & keep our balance we need to feed, exercise & consider all 3 of those aspects.

The Scripture above also relates to our interactions with others (commonly thought of as what denomination & where we meet to attend a “service”)

Once we’ve surrendered our soul to Christ & let His Spirit & His will be done rather than our will be done we continue to develop & at times struggle with our physical body & deal with our mental health.

This also joins us with other believers but no matter how strong & healthy we may be Spiritually we are still human.

No matter where we are Spiritually & how “not of this world” we are we still carry around this earth suit made up of flesh, blood, bone & chemicals.
When you have a broken arm it doesn’t break The Holy Spirit’s presence in you.

When our sugar levels or estrogen or testosterone or adrenaline (chemical make up) goes up & down it is separate from how we are Spiritually.

We walk by faith not by sight or feelings (2 Co. 5:7).

Follow Christ, not our own will or the will of others (Acts 4:19).

When the chemicals in our mind or body are unbalanced it doesn’t knock our Spiritual relationship with God the Father off the course He sets for us.

Those things (Physical & Mental Health issues & conditions) have an effect on all of us and will go up & down, however, in Christ & Christ in us we can continue to climb, progress & grow.

Just as we exercise & take in good things to increase our physically & mentall health, so also we must take in good things Spiritually to make progress every day.

i have personally realized i can not just sit back and not read God’s Word, not communicate with Him & just go to a certain address on a Sunday Morning and or midweek
(Church) ‘service’ and thrive Spiritually.

i seek the Lord 1 on 1 in a relationship and fellowship with other believers (within in or without the 4 walls of a building) & serve Him daily.

This is how i grow & make progress Spiritually.

The Physical Therapist may help but the real work is at home, consistently & deliberately.

A Psychologist may prescribe medication & offer skills on how to cope with anxiety, mania or depression but i must take & apply them.

There are plenty of tools & healthy things available for all our needs but it is up to us to actually do those things that are healthy & avoid those things that are not healthy (Physically, Mentally & Spiritually .

In Christ,


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