Tough Times of The Mind Alone

My son shared this devoted Thought this a.m. with me,

A common struggle we share from time to time but conquer in Christ cause we walk by faith not “feelings”.
Alexx writes,

Psalm 13:2 says how long must I wrestle with my thoughts and every day have sorrow in my heart? How long will my enemies triumph over me? We all get caught up in our thoughts and lost in fits of sorrow from time to time. Though it may not always be the majority of our time spent in these down days when we are in one it can often feel like forever. In our seemingly endless bitter we begin to think negatively of God questioning Him as to why He would do this to us. In this process our enemy, satan, begins to triumph over us and this only adds to our vibes. Though the truth is that God has not abandoned us at all but rather we have abandoned Him wallowing in our sorrow giving satan ample opportunities to twist up our thoughts. The best plan of action here is to take no action, understand that you are upset, realize you are vulnerable, and hold onto Christ as you wait it out knowing things will end.

Thanks son.

Glory to God who always causes us to Triumph & HELP US Continue To CLIMB spiritually EVEN WHEN OUR MIND & FEELINGS Cause US To Feel LIKE WE ARE IN A Dark valley.

Where there is a shadow,  there is a light.
In Christ’s light,

To read more from Alexx (my son) go to: Pressing Words

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