Who is your Shepherd ?

Psalm 23
I did a post a while back breaking down Psalm 23 (God’s part as The Good Shepherd and us as His sheep)
go to: He Makes Me Lie Down post.

Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd.

Here are some notes i took on John 10 (New Testament, Jesus explaining WHO HE IS).

Jesus is the __GOOD___ Shepherd. John 10:1-6.


🔸The Parable – John 10:1-6

🔸The Teaching – John 10:7-10
o His Offer – John 10:9
o His Purpose – John 10:10

The good Shepherd _LAYS_ _DOWN__ His life for the sheep. John 10:11-21

🔸He offers His life “in our place.” John 10:15.

🔸He offers His life to all people. John 10:16.

🔸He offers His life voluntarily. John 10:18.

The good Shepherd reveals His identity as Savior and _SHEPHERD _. John 10:28-29.

🔸His Promise – John 10:28-29.

🔸His Identity – John 10:30.

🔸Two Vivid Responses – John 10:39-42.

Following Him,

These notes taken from the last part of:
Follow (Part 5) Every Sheep Needs a Shepherd

Jesus Unfiltered, Vol. 2 John 10

This concludes this whole series

👉play Every Sheep Needs A Shepherd Part 1👈

👉play final audio, Every Sheep Needs A Shepherd Part 2👈

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