THE WALL (devo on Pink Floyd movie)


The band Pink Floyd did a ‘concept album’ which was turned into a movie, “The Wall“- story of a young boy,  and the confusion that causes future trauma in his life.

He grows up, loosing his dad in a war. He is left with nothing but a photograph & an over protective single mother.

The young boys life at school is not much better than it is at home.

He ventures out on his own & the world begins to swollow him alive.

He becomes a “pop”ular rock star and has many possesions, attempts at relationships,  cars, clothes, speakers, t.v.s, expensive rooms, swimming pools & stardom, drugs (all things we see now & associate with great value, success & treasure).

Those possesions & relationships  take the place of the comfort he found in His mother’s loving arms.

A metephorical wall of materialistic things & hang ups surrounded him.

He discovers his wife finds someone else so he looks for someone, something else (more “stuff)” in order to find some type of comfort from the world around him until the drugs & outside pressure cause him to feel trapped, as if hemmed in by a wall, with no hope at all. He become “comfotably numb”.

He becomes possessed by the world’s view, the thoughts & philosophy of becoming a “dic”tator completely take over.

He turns into a beast. In an attempt to gain control, the control freak many of us are all to familiar with, takes OVER and the world has its way with him. He becomes a self-righteous authoritarian.

The end of the movie may be confussing to some, it shows children in the streets picking up pieces from yet another result of people not getting along & insisting on their own ways, fighting over who is right & who is wrong (WAR).

1 child picks up a bottle that’s been made into a bomb (i think they call it a “molotov  cocktail”).

That 1 child picks it up, pulls out the rag, used as a wick, and dumps out the flammable liquid.

This brings an END TO THE MADNESS, history repeating itself, doing the same thing over & over & over again, passing it on to our children & expecting something different to happen with their future (different results).

We are the future &
We can pass this on to our children….

Rather than trying to take control & make decisions on how we should live & how others should be i am focusing on Christ & His plans. Letting Him possess me, I am obsessed with Him, no longer letting relationships, religions, man made things & possessions possess my attention.

Christ tears down the walls that try to entrap me.

My treasure is unseen & i am investing in God’s kingdom, not the temporal things of this world people associate  with what the world calls success and if the enemy gives me the choice to fight back with man made weapons or die, i say to live is Christ & to die is gain.

Either way i am destin to win.

Another beautiful thought is that Christ accepts the “whosoever”, it is His desire to save everyone.

Once we accept Him, He comes in & makes us more & more pleasing to Him. HOLINESS IS A PROCESS.

What i see too much of is ‘religious people’ who try to be like the final main character in “The Wall” deciding who is in & who should be thrown out. God is the only judge not some man behind a pulpit with a microphone.

May we be a ‘Church without walls’, accepting all and show the world a glimpse of Who God is and How He wants to be everything to & for them.

Showing Christ ‘s true colors not my own,
💿Color blind by DcTalk💿

Clarification on one of “Pink Floyd’s” most well known songs-
Another Brick In The Wall part 2
Where the kids chant
“We don’t Need No Education”
was not against children learning so much as it was about what the school “system” & world was teaching & how they were being taught.
We don’t need the kind of education the world generates, teachers who take out their frustrations on the children that are under them, the “dark sarcasm” in the classroom.

May The Church be more than Sunday “School”, may we take the time, everyday to show people Christ’s characteristics so that He can set them free from this world & it’s overwhelming images & empty philosophy.

💿My Will by DcTalk💿

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