U R not Superman ya know?

Watch “Luna Halo – Superman (subtitulado español) [History Maker]”

Play this next one, just for the audio, read on:

We all need a Superman.
Someone who can do what we cannot.
We need a hero!

God sent His only son , God taking on the form of a human, putting on the same flesh & blood, the same earth suit we adorn.

He didn’t come to condemn us, He didn’t come for those who already believed, not for the healthy godly people.
He came to save those who were in poor spiritual health and He did that & more.

It’s been done.

Then because Jesus was faithful & willing He died in place of an animal sacrifice for us. He died so if we take His hand, handing ourselves (our will) over to Him, we will live beyond this life.

He conquered death & after He rose from the dead He went to Heaven & sent His Spirit.

2016 and until He comes again we live in an age of the need to believe Him on word, not by sight.

He is that hero.

When He comes again it will be to judge & determine the right from the wrong…

Final video for this blog.

Faith, our faith comes from hearing, accepting, trusting, embracing Him as our hero:

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