Wedding Wine, why?

I was inspired by The Holy Spirit to take part of
“Believe:Jesus Unfiltered,
Volume 1”
(Part 2, 3rd Audio in series)
By Chip Ingram/living on the Edge
Where Chip not only talks about where & where Jesus
Launches a Movement but also who were the 1st to witness this, why he did it & how He was able to do it.

He highlights meaning behind this 1st miracle Jesus did,

“Turning Water into Wine”

To hear the full scope i encourage you to
👉Play 3rd Audio👈
Notes: on the audio Chip answer questions that come from observations made of John 2 :1-11

He  described Jewish wedding traditions,  environment,  length, 
Invite, customs, hospitality,
(Wedding stand for union of two becoming one).

Weddings like the one Christ  was at in John 2  could  last as long as 7 days.
They would do a Parade through the village letting everyone know it was taking place.

(Torches & brigade of people in a parade announcing the wedding & inviting people to come & participate)

Many times guest would Hang out 7 days after the wedding.

This very well may have been Mid. Week.

Jesus was along as a guest, he was not part of “wedding party” meaning not the groom, not family or closest friend but was among the guest by some association  but everyone present was still part of the “Wedding Feast”.

Everyone brought wine and or food.
It was a big issue to run out of wine. Running out would disgrace the family and put them to shame.

🍷What are we to make of the conversation with His mother?
He wasn’t being a smart mouth, wasn’t being disrespectful he was clarifying that it wasn’t time to display His abilities or expose his full abilities to the world.
He expressed that it was not the right timing to show the miracle man, supernatural side of Him
He said,

“Woman,   why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”
John 2:4 NIV
The literal rendering is

-‘your consern & mine are not the same’.

CHRIST had a Clear path & purpose. He knew to follow God’s timing.
In that reply he also say,’

It s not my hour/my hour has not come yet’

-reference to same saying & wording at His death. (Jesus uses this phrase 5 times in book of John) 

His mom here was conserned about ediqites & pleasing people. He had a deeper purpose.  But watch how He takes this situation to get across a deeper meaning & convey a deeper lesson…

HE never did a miracle without it being part of His mission.

In this account He didn’t turn water into wine to get people drunk or condone the use of liquor, He had a better, more meaningful reason.

(Also consider metephorically the final wedding feast, Christ the groom, the church being the bride).

🍷What significance is there in the six stone jars?
Consider culture & custom.
Washing, purification, holy ritual.

They used the water from the jars to symbolically wash their outsides.
It was what we would consider Holy water.
They didn’t just sprinkle it on themselves, they would do a cerimony washing of their hands, not for germs like us but as a symbol of being clean before God.

Each jar was about 20 to 30 gal. each and used by the Jewish people for purification.

The Jewish people were & some still are very aware of ‘numerology’
The Book “The Choosen” gives great detail of how the practicing, Orthodox Jews give certain significance to numbers & what numbers can represent.

7 stands for perfection & completion.
6  represents things unfinished.

The 6 jars are mentioned in John, recorded to point out this wedding & miracle was just the start & Jesus had greater things to accomplish, prove & show mankind.

Jars holding the cerimonial, holy water were used for External religious rites -an unfinished sacrament that was only a shadow of what Christ was going to do with His blood.

Wine at the last supper was given by Christ & taken by His closest followers as a symbol of His blood which was the real, final & only source of true cleaning,

Nothing but the blood of Jesus,  no cerimony, religious rite, sacrament can truly sanctify us.
150 gal. Of wine given –

The Jews used water from jars in hope to  help them ask God to purify them on the outside. The did it at times as a show to those around them, “look, see me, I am doing a cerimonial washing & making myself clean before God because I do this.  Hypocrites did it to try to justify themselves, think it make them a better person or at least look like someone who had it all together before God.
Jesus’ changes the water in those jars into wine…

🍷What underlying spiritual implications are we to grasp?

Chip helps with a true Interpretation if thus passage that i never saw before:

Joy & wine are metephorically connected.
Jesus is able to take the watered down truth of what they used as a ritual to ‘wash’ (as a sacrament) & changed it into wine they can take into their bodies & have lasting joy.

Jesus is the Only one who can do more that a sacriment, symbolically washing, a ritual to show you are being washed, He goes beyond that & is able to fill us with Joy if we ‘drink Him in’.
👉 Play Audio 4👈 for more.
It starts with a lil’ review of past series notes the gets into the rest of the meaning behind the miracle

You can’t have the new until old is replaced, changed and the thirsty take it internally.

External religion were the jars Jesus goes deeper. The water from the jars they only applied to this outsides. The wine was consumed.

Chip goes onto ” The Whipping” in the temple & Christ expressing  his anger but comes back to this section…

🍷How did this miracle position, or launch, His ministry with the disciples?

Remember wine was associated with Joy and the
Wedding references to Christ being groom & believers being bride, never running out of joy (wine not running out after Jesus turns water into the wine represents eternal joy. The Wedding being a union of two becoming one ).

✔Personally or in small group you can really chew on this but look at the facts, culture  (Their culture when & where it took place not our culture) how their weddings were (length, importance) wine rep. Joy, what water & jars used for (cerimony of cleansing). 6 jars shows represents incomplete, just the beginning of ministry, more to come, this is an earthly wedding feast. The Heavenly wedding feast will be complete. The groom will be Jesus. The bride is all the true believers as one -union, one accord, one ‘body’.

This Audio really opened my eyes to see why Jesus ends up doing His 1st miracle, the importance of where, when, what He used. Why He did it & who He did it for.

The only thing we will never ever know is HOW He did it other than HE IS GOD, HE IS SUPERNATURAL  and not only able to do what is impossible to us but do it with a purpose & with meaning.

Learning the meaning & answering why He did it reveals His mission & intentions -to provide for us in a loving way that will never end, joy that never stops.

If you enjoyed this post check out 6 Jars at the setting of a wedding

Glory to God,

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