Necessary Pain

We all go through pain, it is always necessary.

We may not like it or understand it but God is sovereign,  He gives & takes away.

He allows the rain & sunshine on the justified,  righteous,  good living person as well as on the ungodly who turn their back on Him.

HE knows & understands people to  have a choice to rely & depend on Him regardless of their situation & circumstances.

As for me, the excruciating pain i am in even now as i write is letting my body realize, something is wrong & needs to be fixed.

i  can not walk, sit or stand.
my legs will not bear my weight.
i have lost the use of my legs but i have not lost my mind or my soul.

God’s got out back. ALL OF US are in His care.

We are all His Children,  some are disobedient children but, none the less, we are His.

In Christ’s care

I wrote a similar blog to this a while back:Pain Post

One thought on “Necessary Pain

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