Acurate Scripture Picture of Christ

I love to look at the gospels,  acts, epistles  & revelation to show me , “what Jesus was like”.

It is truly amazing that we can find out Who he was, is & will be.

The Old Testament also gives us an acurate account of not only his character but gave his mission &  predicted his coming in great details.

I think we must see clearly WHO Jesus Christ was before we ask “what” would Jesus do? {“W.W.J.D.?” }
Then, not  just ask W.W.J.D but DO what Jesus did.

Especially in the gospels it stands out to me  when people asked,
“Who was that man Jesus?”
And when Jesus asks,
“Who do people say I am?”
Then ultimately asks,

Note as we look at both the Old & New Testament God gives us a good clear picture of his character, if we don’t look for ourselves & we look at others as an example we could get a very warped image & impression of who God is and how he does thing.



Go to THE Authorized Biography of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Acurate Scripture Picture of Christ

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