Who is God, my son’s post

While still editing my 3 post on who is God? I received a devotional from my son.
What a blessing.
This is what Alex shared with me, just one of his many views showing that he understands who God is.

Alex shares,
Jeremiah 23:24 says can anyone hide from me in a secret place? Am I not everywhere in all the heavens and earth? Says the LORD.

The fact that God is always watching at first may seem over whelming and can most certainly be rather convicting but this can be seen as a good thing in time.

I remember the feeling deep in my gut like a knot in my stomach that I would get when I knew something that I did wasnt right, you keep telling yourself that you’ll get over it but late at night when you can’t sleep you feel that knot.

The terrible feeling finaly did pass for me but it was only after I let God in.

It was hard at first because of the shame but the relief that He lifted off of me was breath taking, now im glad He was watching the whole time and I look forward to making Him proud these days.


To read more of Alexx’s Blog post go to:
Alexx’s Blog, “Pressing Words”

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