“Who is God?” (Start here)

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Read & DIGEST this post 1st

This is the 1st stage in a series that may bring you into knowing exactly who God really is or get you to know Him better…
“Is Your God Too Small?”  Audio link 👉http://subspla.sh/489a473

1st Step in this stage:

Is. 40

Is. 55

He is the opposite of us and everyone we know.

2 Samuel 7:22 …the depths, beyond tracing out, no one has fully grasped.
He is not like us.

2nd step in this stage:
Don’t shrink God.
We tend to shrink God
in an attempt to comprehend & contain him (put in box).

We shrink Him, thinking on terms that give us the ability to claim  we ‘know’ him.

Rather than be a servant we try to get Him to serve us.

3rd Step in this stage:
Get to truly ‘know’ Him personally…
How & when will we know?
Some day…
Our physical body hold our soul right now but one day our body will give up our spirit.
If God’s got our soul because we’ve surrendered it to His care we know, He has got us…His love handles everything…
1st John 3
1 John 3
But how about B4 we die?

2 Co. 3
When we have an

Encounter with God

We can experience transformation, salvation, sanctification.
And that’s not all
Read Romans 12 it is a perfect picture of what it really means to have Christ living in you.

Begin or rekindle to see God,
not as we perceive him but as He really is.

Not just as He is described in the Bible or as we’ve heard him preach but as He reveals Himself to us, one one one, personally.

We tend to move toward our mental vision of God and if that is not who he really is we’ll just be forming  another religion,  not the ‘relationship’ God longs to have with us.

If we think God is anything like or exactly like some one who claims to be an Athority on Him yet is not humble, bearing
Simple kindness and
Then we are truly deceived!

Romans 1 explains,
since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.
Romans 1:19 NIV
Ro. 1 also shows a good example ‘exchange’, how people have a choice & are able to accept God’s ‘gifts’ or exchange them,
They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
Romans 1:25 NIV

In John 10 Jesus himself describes the difference between His (the good shepherd) and those who are just “hired hands” they are playing the ‘Church’ game but it us just a job to them, they would never lay down their life, let alone defend the sheep when it come right down to it.

Look at Job 38-42 and watch a series of people who very successfully pack God into a very convenient tuperware container and limit Him, but our God will not be contained .

In Ex. 32:1-6 follow how people, when they are not in control, put God in terms they think they can control. They even got Aaron in on it!

i am perobally realizing & learning to know that i do not know.

Letting God be God.
Being myself & who He wants me to be.

A few words come to my mind here:
Possesion not possesions.

When i let GOD come in…
take ahold of my hand…
i take ahold of His hand and i keep holding.

He never let’s go but i have and it only ended in catastrophe, a dead end that gave no satisfaction.

Now, i move when HE says move.
Stay when HE says stay…
(Several songs & videos I will edit on later when i can get to a computer or phone has more data:
Song: “move” by Audio Adrenaline
Song: by Toby Mac “me without you”)

Oh, that others will see the attributes and very character of God in me & long to know Him too.

I can start with simply showing real compassion, care, LOVE.
1 JN 4 -God is love.
See “my letter of agreement” post & “acceptance” post.

Still keeping & pressing on but not in my strength, 

In Him,

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