If you are one who really wonders if size & gender (sex) means anything
Watch this clip of “Ultimate Fighter: Uriah vs. Ronda” on YouTube

Things are not always about looks, size, gender, color, job titles etc.

Look at
1 Sam 16 before you read it here are some things to Ponder that take you beyond 1 sam 16

Remember the little boy David?

The runt of the family?

The youngest out all his 7 brothers?

He was a Shepherd. 

He was an errand boy (brought his brothers lunch while there were in the heat & heart of a stand off, about to go into battle).

He ended up fighting the 9ft. tall, head instigator of that war.

He, none of his bigger bros, defeated that giant, chopped his head off after the giant suffered a single but  fatal  blow to the head.

He did it with a sling shot and 1 stone.
1 stone
1 throw
1 dead giant
(Link to short sermon on that)


That lil’ boy, with all those discriptions,  that kid DID NOT DO THOSE THINGS…

God did those things.

To all appearances & recordings that kid, David, wasn’t alone.

God did those things, He chose the youngest,
undeveloped and…
in comparison to the all natural, stronger, healthy, post puberty, SEVEN, more mature,  older brothers God chose this young boy
named Dave.

To me, I am even more amazed that Dave listened, obeyed, accepted that call and . . .

David gave GOD
the credit!

So shall i.

Jesus > i


“Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”

Enjoy digging in…start in
1st Samuel 16
Here is a link: Read The Book, Don’t Wait For The Movie
“It All Started with a man named Sam”

Link to sermon:
1 stone, 1 throw, 1 dead giant

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