It Is What It Is, what WILL Be WILL be

It is what it is & what will be will be.

What was is. Can’t go back & change the past.
What was need not be repeated, unless the consistency of the past would result on a good future.

Robin Williams  (former actor & comedian) said,

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over; expecting a different result.

Although i am sure he didn’t coin that quote he did share it.

How much control do we really have over anything?

Where does God’s will start & ours end?

We know from the only written notes on life He (our creator) wants what is best & gives us guidance toward this life we have.

i love the acronym  B.I.B.L.E.
(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) but let’s take this a step further…
i have personally had HIM (my creator) speak to my heart. The Bible is just a companion that matches what HE, the living word, has brought to life.

So I do my small part, not with words only, but with letting Him, His Spirit live on me and as i measure every choice & decision along with what He lays on my heart directly & the direction of His word i find my way in life.

Come what may i do my best, pray that it’s blessed and He’ll take care of the rest.


Remember your best is your best not someone else’s
Your best will vary from time to time depending on you skill level, education,  health,  financial statue, environment and more.

4 fairly simple things that are a challenge to apply:
Don’t take things personal
Don’t make assumptions
Do your best
For more on these same 4 go to:        4 agreements

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