New In Christ (Ro. 2:12&13)


How amazing it is when we developed a relationship with Christ.

It is from that point on that we realize the difference between a relationship & religion.

Especially for those who most recently are developing a relationship with The Lord, you start to consider what may offend Him and what is not offensive to Him.

Consider Christ on the cross saying , “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”

However,  for me personally there have been times when I am so selfish i  decided to do things i knew were not pleasing to Him.

The end results;  regret and
dead ends with temporary, passing and meaningless gratification for me as I make Christ cry again.

Those past experience are only proof to me that i am and always will me a man in need of a Savior.

May we hear and do (live) God’s Word.

In Christ,

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