God Takes Us Firmly By The Hand (Ro.2:3&4)


We have a Heavenly Father who is unlike even the best earthly father.

Look closer at Romans 2:3&4

You didn’t think, did you, that just by pointing your finger at others you would distract God from seeing all your misdoings and from coming down on you hard?

Or did you think that because he’s such a nice God, he’d let you off the hook?

Better think this one through from the beginning.

God is kind, but he’s not soft.

In kindness he takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change.
Romans 2:3-4 MSG
Meek means strong but gentle or strength under control.

As He holds our hand we can walk willingly the way He is leading or we can constantly put away, trying to get our own way.

We can even break His grip and insist on not walking with Him.

Then we are on our own.

The choice is ours.

If you are struggling against God in some way, rather than let go of Him, embrace HIM and all HE OFFERS,  you won’t regret it.

Enough said,

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