Committed & Communicating With The Creator

Daniel 1 & 2 is the account of a troubled  King  (leader) and a young man named Daniel.

What equipped Daniel to help his leader was Daniel’s faith, belief, 2 way communication with God which all came (stemmed) from Dan’s commitment to God.

No one & nothing else can guide, comfort & equip us like The One True God.

The mind blowing reality is that as you develop some type of segway of communication & commitment with Him He enters into our minds, thoughts & soul.

When we allow, by freewill, to allow Him to do this a change comes over us & we experience things:

way beyond what we knew before. Way beyond what anyone else can offer.
Way beyond anything else.

Way beyond us.

HE>i ,

Inspiration for this post came from The Holy Spirit, His Living Word & His presence in & thru my son Alexx.
To view alexx’s blog go to:

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