What have we become?

Maturity required 

also, i am not able at this time to physically edit things as i wish due to some health issues, please take all this typos and all and i hope you can in some way say, yeah cool.

the song says enough.

i also thought of this song:

i did another post similar to this because The Word of God was burning deep in my soul as i read and reread  the Old Testament and how God, the Father, The CREATOR keeps trying to have a relationship with the creatures he has made.

Humans have the most difficulties mainly because we have freewill (Freewill Rush post).

Our wills are very strong too and that is what makes us human and fight to stay alive even when suffering a great deal. It is only natural.

Many people asked me why would God allow man to choose and put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil there for them to even have the risk or chance to choose to know evil rather than just know good.

Look, lets not make this schtuff any more complicated than it need be let’s use our 6th sense, you know common sense,  and see if it makes sense to you.

What kind of marriage would you have if the person just automatically loved you, like the stafford wives (book and movie ref.)?

some of you say, that would be great, but lemme ask you, you  would it relly be love or just obligation and become just an auto thing that is expected and with no real CONNECTION and no real two way relationship.


Be real, come on now, if your GF or BF or even your BFF let alone spouse had build into them to automatically robotically really, love you without anything in return and it was all one sided it would be no different then all the other means of self gratification like shopping, eating, sports, drinking, drugs, binge watching (and all kinds of other things we do to please ourselves or that we enjoy)…after a while that gets old and we want to talk sports with someone or compete against them to see who wins, we want to have a shopping buddy or have someone to talk about how to get deal when we shop, we want to share the meal that we love eating. We only enjoy pleasing ourselves to a certain degree and then we want someone to do whatever that is we like to do with us or at least share that same interest and act interested as we spew our guts about how much pleasure we get some that car or that team or that book or that …whatever…we want interaction, we want feed back, we want to share and we want a “like” (thumbs up) from someone, anyone out there we want acceptance and as i said some type of involvement and interaction with someone other wise the joy of it is just us and that only goes so far. We need something beyond ourselves as much as we love ourselves we want and need loving and interest back. IT is only natural. It is the way we were made, something in us eventually needs interaction.




well, hello, that is all God has been looking for since the beginning of creating us. He wants us to choose to love him or not. He wants us to have a relationship where we share and thank him and get blessed as much as he blesses us.


idk i just got to flip things around, rather than “GOD BLESS AMERICA” how about America, bless God.

Rather than saying oh Lord come to us, we come to Him.

How about rather than us always asking Him to Bless our food, travel, day, work we Bless Him with how we eat, drive, go thru our day (daily activity), work ethics…

i say with the psalmist,

Bless the Lord oh my soul and everything that is within me bless His Holy name.


I am so in love with HIM (The Lord Jesus Christ) and He is not even here in the flesh to shake hands or meet for face time or physically hold my or hug me, let alone wash my feet or give me a bed bath but because He is with us in 2016 in Spirit form he can hold my soul.

We are giving a Comforter and counselor in His Spirit that He sent when He ascended to heaven.

He kept His promise, yet again and sent His Spirit, which is looking to live in us. Longing to be part of our lives and live in and through us so we can become what Jesus was while Jesus was here in the flesh.  To “BE”  an example and “living proof” that HE IS FOR REAL.

Rather than self possessed/obsessed or obsessed/possessed by something (chemical or material) else or demon possessed he wants us to be obsessed and possessed with and by  Him.

“Jesus Possessed”

No longer wearing the label “Christian” but bearing the fruit, notice here it is fruit (no “s”) of His Spirit and showing His characteristics in us. “Christ-Like”and  “Like Christ”.


I am writing this while partially paralyzed from my hips down, now both legs having trouble.  i don’t tell you that to try to woo you or win you over cause we all on our own when it comes to this one on one personal relationship.

yeah we got family members thru the blood of Jesus but when it comes down to it  3  years ago when that truck hit me at approx. 4:20am April 2 2012 there was no one there biut the guy driving the pickup truck going 65mps and me flying up onto the hood of his truck and then flyin’ off across the road and into a ditch (from what the police report says i don’t know cause i can not recall it, never have). My scooter was lodged into the fron grill of his truck and i some how called my wife (don’t remember any of this but she says i did) i told her, “Honey, now don’t worry but i was just in an accident and this guy is calling the ambulance”


My point is no one else was there and had i died, you would not have died at that same point and when i read and reread the new testament i read about how jesus says,i just want to love love love you and for you to love me back and us to have a relationship where we hang out together and as a result you wanna be more like me and i am like my father to the point of being 1 and it should be like a marriage .


On that final day, it wasn’t april 2, 2012 for me but it could have been, by all reports should have been. on that final day will he say i know you and you not only know me but you are like me and like my father and as a matter of fact because you accepted and took my Spirit into your soul come on into this Kingdom i’ve prepared for people like this because this place is full of people who loved unconditionally like me.

The sad thing remains that even since the beginning and thru time i tried to get others to love unconditional like me so we’d have this “KINGDOM” with plenty of room filled with people who are on the same page as everyone else there, especially the CREATOR OF THIS NEW PLACE . but those who have not been in agreement with me i can not let in because then it would be just like the place you left.

People have the full  knowledge of good and evil (remember the choice and the tree thing) and those who choose evil will continue to do evil in here (this new place) and i am not going to allow that. It is a part of them and they never let me remove it and take over, they stayed in control of their own will and ways and were just, for whatever reason just didn’t believe in me and give me a chance so i couldn’t help them. They just wouldn’t let me be part of their life down there and so they really must not want to be part of it at all, or they’d have some type of communication with me or use my name other than when they are mad or bothered by something. You know using it in vain, not to talk to me or address me.

oh, by the way here is a crown, what do you want to do with it…then as if it is one last test after i’ve already died and already going into the fest i throw it on the ground before HIS feet and say,

“i am not worthy to wear that! You kidding me again? i am only in here because of Your love for me and me simply acknowledging that in front of others and letting YOU be my King, my Lord.”

and He smiles because that is just final proof that He knew all along, that i know He is The real and only One worthy of being crowned king the King of all kings, i am not the king, i am  not the king and rather than try to do things my way i just have to continue moment by moment (not a one time decision) moment by moment, opportunity by opportunity let Him have more & more  of tom beetle bailey over the years, day by day. 


He gave all he did all he needed to do. Christ came, saw and conquered !. HE completed His end He fills us when we ask, then it is up to us in this two way “relationship to ” keep submitting to Him, His way and His nature as we journey on each second of our lives falling deeper in love with Him it is then we gt to know Him and HE does the changing.


HE regenerates us and changes our nature and desires and the things we use to think were the boss and the best all of a sudden become strangely dim and out of focus and all that matters more and more is Him and this relationship. He has DONE all he needed and continues to do now with His HOly Spirit He sent, rather than send His son in the flesh again (That day is coming too but by then we better be knowin’ Him cause at that point it is literally the “end of the world as we know it.”

i can personally say the physical spine troubles i am having and the physical pain is tolerable not matter how bad, even to the point were me legs give out on me, but when you have no Spiritual Spine, no solid foundation in the depths of your heart, no balance in who and what and why you are alive,  no love relationship with the one who created you

THAT is misery.

That is something that makes you wanna give up, give in, be pissed off at “the world and God and everything you don’t understand.” No reason, rational but this longing to just escape with some materialistic thing you may be able to find some comfort from. You try working out or other physical activity that pump up natural endorphins. Some even try putting  other  chemicals in their body  for a while. It works, PART  of you feels good so you do more of whatever that is, even things that are helpful to others like service or offering assistance to others but there is something deeper that still leaves you feeling like, there has got to be more because no matter how much bad i do there is always worse things and no matter how much good i do it is never enough.

i’ve witnessed people do good things, even practice religion to the point where they get a “good enough” feeling of self satisfaction and think that is what a relationship with God and faith in Him is all about.

i’ve witnessed addicts (including work-a-holics) do so much of what ever it is they are addicted to that they find enough satisfaction to be okay and make it and feel like they have accomplished something and so ‘found their purpose in life’ but they don’t have any connection with their creator at all. It is still all about us, our control, our own satisfaction not believing we need and not naturally desiring to please the one who created us as all.

So,  we leave Him out sometimes hoping there really is no creator.

We may even hope or wish or choose to tell ourselves there  really is no heaven.

and hoping that IF there is we are not left out after we’ve decided to leave Him out of everything that had to do with us. 

It gets to the point where you just don’t care if you even come back to what you know as reality and all that is around you all the time because everything seems to be fine one second and all mucked up the second second and it never ends, we just keep trying to go it on our own cause that is all we got.





Friends, somehow too many of us miss the part that WE need to hear the most. He said,

I AM going to send MY HOLY SPIRIT back down to the earth.

after He left earth and went to heaven HE DID THAT (ACTS 2)

As i said earlier  MY BODY is  partially paralyzed right now (but only physically ) somehow He holds my heart, he gives me a new nature, a Spiritual spine that makes everything else, no matter how mucked up, tolerable because i know this is not my home, the ground isn’t either and when my final day comes there is not only a better place with better things and better people around me but HE is there and the way he has touched me (inside) while i am still in the physical body and the hope he gives me now, without even being here can never be compared to what i believe and accept  it will be like when i am actually with Him in spirit also.

i END with this;

 Matthew 7:21-23
21 “Noteveryone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.
22 Many willsay to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’
23 “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’
Do you know Him, he knows you and just wantss you to “know” you  (be in some kind of honest persoanl 1 on 1 two way relatioship with Him)
It starts with a conversation (talking to Him and listening to Him). If you can just start like that HE will enter in the doors you open and you won’t need more of Him you will beging to want Him to have more of you.
“i don’t need more of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit needs more of me”
-General Tillsley


Your friend,


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