Freed from my CELL, Grace

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Acts. 5 Freed from cell (by God’s UNCONDITIONAL G.R.A.C.E).

Chip Ingram

December 29, 2015Notes

When you think about your faith journey, has it become routine, dull, kind of like you’re living in a spiritual rut? Chip looks at what destroys God’s work in our lives, and how we can prevent that from happening in the future.



Learning to Walk in the Power of God

Chip Ingram

December 28, 2015Notes

2 thoughts on “Freed from my CELL, Grace

    1. I have several drafts saved that must be edited before I can submit for publication because they are just like someone banging on percussion instruments or different size cymbals on distinct a music store testing their sound. I’ll work on those drafts, edit, practice, place words in right spots then publish them for some type of display rather than closed rehearsal. …tnx 4 prayer.


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