Trust. We can trust Him, can He trust us?


Will develop more thoughts on this in the comment section; however, let me ask you, the reader:

  • What do you see?
  • What do you hear?
  • Comment below.

What stood out to me….
They entrusted him with their lives but He didn’t entrust HIS life to them.

He knew them inside and out.

He knew how untrustworthy they were.

He didn’t need any help in seeing right through them.

He didn’t need someone to help Him see through them or help considering their real intentions. Some of them may have been at the wedding and thought, this is the guy that can turn water into wine 🙂 Some may have been saying in their mind,

‘i think i found a new BFF!’

He didn’t have to take a few days or sleep on it or spend time with head bowed, eyes closed talking to the Father about them and asking The Father for advice on whether or not He could trust them.

HE knew because He and God were/are one.

I can not write much more now because i have been jumping up and down trying to edit this here and there.


i don’t write from top to bottom. i do;

the top intro, sometimes have to jump to bottom, plug in the middle sections, save to draft, come back and write more, answer phone, learn sign language to communicate with new hearing impaired co-worker, make some calls, take some calls, make some copies, prep. for up and coming things, check on some things, occasionally use the bathroom….i think you get the idea (catching breath).

So i must stop now and DO ‘other somethings’ for


God is trusting and depending on me to do this and do it my best.

 tis the season.

He is the same today, yesterday and for ever (will get Bible ref. for this and put in comments later…Heb.?)

He knows everything, He knows our true heart and desires and when we are not honest with ourselves, others or Him.

He loves us anyway but He wants to be able to trust us with what He has given us.

We are human but when we ask Him to come into and be part of our lives, it is only then that we can be one with Him. Engaged and even married to Him. Final wedding day is coming (His return, 2nd coming for the bride aka the church, body of believers).

He knows what we don’t know.
Is.55 His thoughts far above ours.

Many other passages reveal He looks @ & reads our heart, we may fool yourself but can not fool Him.

TIme to decide if you want to love Him back, fall in love with Him, let Him in to be part of you…then you will become more and more like Him.

I will not ask,  are you a Christian anymore, i will ask and challenge you to ask others, yourself and me,

“Are you Christ like?”

When i am asked, the answer is,

“With Christ’s help, i am trying.”

Be sure to look at this scripture with 20/20 vision (20 verse before 20 verses after more or less) John2:1-30;3:1-10 <—click here to look at it here on your computer (this link is to NLT -New Living Translation, find which translation you understand best).

My 20/20 view will be in comment section noting larger picture, context, culture, notes of who was there and other considerations.

That is what we are doing with “God’s word, considering, listening, applying. Not questioning God but asking healthy questions that God will give us answers to if we open our eyes, heart,  and the mind HE created.

Consider the context, context is key.

Consider Culture and whose mail you are reading (who is it to?) <–in this case it is a record for all to read, whosoever will.

Ask who, what, where, when how. Ask lots of questions, fully consider, put yourself there.

Apply lesson you get from this, the old w.w.j.d. (what Would Jesus Do)  then D.W.J.D> (do what Jesus Did).

~ Roll Credits~

My Righteousness, The Lord Jesus Christ

Holy Living Word Of God

Pressing On,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey                                                                                              (just a another dog of peace leading people to The Good Shepherd                    ~ John 10)

I work at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That is also my church. Visit our Facebook page:

And if you’re ever in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida visit us

at 1425 Old Dixie Highway Saint Augustine, FL 32084

904-824-6956 Ext. 4407




Read THE book,don’t rent the movie.



4 thoughts on “Trust. We can trust Him, can He trust us?

  1. HE knows, He wants to be the one to hold you.
    He knows you best. He will go steady with you. He will not break up with you, leave you, nor forsake you. He alone wants you to be HIS and He wants to be yours.

    You can trust Him with your life and He wants to trust you.

    Fall in love with Him and hold his hand. He will love and lead you not love and leave you.

    He can and will lead you through this mucked up world of conditional love in His Unconditional Love.
    Go With God.


  2. Karen Dawson

    I guess I should elaborate on my comment “The Gift of Discernment”. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that God gives us when we accept Jesus as our Savior. The ability to see in a person’s heart. I like to call it a protection gift. When we walk in obedience and operate in those gifts that is evidence that we are saved and we live for Him because we hear the Father. As Tom says the Father and Jesus are one, just like the Father and us are one. He is in us, with that said we don’t have to pray for hours about a situation if we are one we should KNOW the Fathers heart. The gifts of the Spirit are artillery for the Spiritual war we are in. God loves us! Whether we believe it or not we are in a spiritual war and he gives us many gifts that equip us for Spiritual warfare. We can use them and be mighty in Him or be defeated, just the way the enemy wants us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amen Karen, still growing, always growing and eating spiritually, people laugh when i talk about wanting to get SPIRITUALLY OVERWEIGHT. If we can pray, with The Holy Spirit’s help (Ro. 8), more than we eat (Physically) we’ll keep growing as He wants. However, i am realizing if i Eat (Physically) more than i pray (Spiritually) my flesh desires will be stronger than my Spirit.

      Jesus said to his 11 (cause 1 already betrayed him) the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (they fell asleep in the garden). Too many times my flesh is willing and my spirit is weak. i “fall asleep” (Spiritually) in serving Him…the body of Christ falls short in functioning as we could…. not even staying in prayer while we are awake.

      I may have shared this in another post, my memory just not working right in some areas but i think of it like this;
      When we have a dream, especially a nightmare, we have hardly any control, if any control, if we stay asleep, HOWEVER; when we wake up from that dream (good or bad dream, pleasant or unpleasant dream) it is when we WAKE UP that we realize, that dream was not what reality is or should be. If that makes sense.

      Somehow if circulation of Jesus’ Blood is cut off from any part of Christ’s body by:
      -parts just not functioning right or
      -false teaching or
      -cutting them selves off from knowing HIm
      (His word and in communion with His Spirit)
      that part of the body (individuals or whole congregation) falls asleep.

      It is a real WAKE UP CALL for all of us.

      I feel the tingling of HIS blood coming back into me now…

      Strengthening HIS Spirit in me


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