My daughter who finished college and now teaches middle school said she was in a coffee shop (big surprize huh?) that a lot of college students go to. While in there she noticed  people kept walking by this guy in there and patting him on the back and saying,

“Throw one up for me!”

When she inquired she found out he was a local youth pastor that everyone in there knew and that was their way of saying,

“lift me up in prayer!”

Keep this in mind as i share with you a conversation i had last week sometime….

i got into a discussion with someone last week sometime and they were saying how bummed out there we’re getting by the news feeds and even facebook post on their cell phone.

i told them i had heard recently that some college students use the expression,



No need to read this section if you are already are familiar with this slag:


Swipe left is in reference to when they are looking at pictures of potential people they think are cute or ‘hot’ and they would consider going on a ‘not so blind date with. They don’t go to a soda shop usually to meet, they go to a coffee shop or on the internet.

Different, I know but try finding a soda shop in the year 1980 on up to the year 2000 up.

From what i understand Facebook started with young adult college students developing a way to ‘check out other’ students…to get to know them better 😉

Some human beings go by outward appearance 1st so if they come across a pic. (picture) of someone whose appearance they are not attracted to they,

“Swipe Left”

They take a finger and swipe it across the screen to the left and it goes to the next pic.

They move on.

So the person i am talking to (closer to my age) says,

“oh, well, on my phone for the FB (facebook) feed i have to swipe up.”

I smiled and wondered if they heard what i heard.

They said,

“yeah, ‘swipe up’!”

As we both raise out hands in prayer lifting up our burdens.

2 thoughts on “SHORT SWIPE LEFT

    1. I am noticing and seeing and hearing more and more small meaningful moments that before i missed out on because i was too busy to notice.

      “Life rushes by, if we don’t stop and look around we might just miss it.”
      -Ferris Bueller


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