Reason in Relation to Revelation

MY son’s 1st sermon. He gave it in Saint Augustine Florida and in Clearwater Florida…now ,here is the manuscript and video so no matter where you are, you too can hear what he shares.

It still amazes me that as far as the internet reaches, God hand reaches there AND BEYOND.

pressing words

Among my pets is a hamster that goes by the name Humble. I had no idea how sly a hamster could be until this little guy became a part of my family. You see when he was first adopted while I was away from the house I kept him in the top of my closet as to keep him from my cats; it seemed like a great spot until one day when I made it home to find him missing from his cage. I had been gone all day, the height of which he had to have fallen must have been eight hamster stories high and reminding you of my two cats I was sure he hadn’t survived the in devour. With some help I searched every crease, crevices, and cubic centimeter of my place having no luck what so ever towards his safe finding. At this point in panic…

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