blIND bEGGAR (Open Air Brass band)


Time to take it to the streets or at least the parking lot.

Let’s take this outside, wanna fight?

Wanna take a brass horn and snare drum and kick it!


Last year we  put together a “pep” band, kinda last minute for our Superbowl Sunday party. IT went well and anyone was welcome to step in and play, they even let me play the drums but it is Dec. right now so….

i sent this lead to some college age kids i know (we use to say college cats)

i am holding auditions for a new band. The above music is the style i am looking for.

In the comment section i will post some more music of this style so you get what i am shooting for. Only serious, fun and dedicated musicians need apply.

You can ‘get me number’ from KEvin Fulford or Nick KElley i have ‘given me number to them’ via private message. If you don’t know KEvin or Nick then leave a comment below and i can contact you.

Anyone interested can ‘call me cell’. Only those that feel like they can jam like this need to apply with an audition.

Above musical skill (while aptitude is needed) i am looking for the “attitude” it takes to pull this off.

Please note, this is separate from the indoor Salvation Army Brass band or ensemble.



From the album “Rebirth of New Orleans” (Basin Street Records, April 12, 2011)……

Phil Frazier – Tuba
Corey Henry – Trombone
Stafford Agee – Trombone
Glen Andrews – Trumpet
Chadrick Honore – Trumpet
Derrick Shezbie – Trumpet
Vincent Broussard – Saxophone
Keith Frazier – Drums (Bass)
Derrick Tabb – Drums (Snare)
Tambourine Green – Tambourine
Soloman Doyle III – Percussion
Reed Watson – Percussion
Dwayne Williams – Congas
Lionel Delpit – Vocals

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10 thoughts on “blIND bEGGAR (Open Air Brass band)

  1. Never auditioned for a band other than band camp, high school or college?
    This is a no sweat aud. Here is a sample of a band that does the best they can…

    Last year @ the Super Bowl 2015 here in St. Augustine Florida we threw together anybody and everybody, we had ‘something’ but we’d like to do more.


  2. Gospel songs, not religious over kill, giving people a choice.

    Got your attention?
    Let’ do this, those who talk to The Father, throw one up for us.
    For Christ sake, let’s do this.
    No religious affiliation required to be in the band and…

    Just because your not in the band doesn’t mean you’re not in the band. -Jack Black


  3. i throw this invite to audition out there as far and as hard as i can…let’s see what happens.
    Here is the style we are shooting for:
    From the album “Rebirth of New Orleans” (Basin Street Records, April 12, 2011)……


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