Please take a moment to watch or just listen to the video below.



A very real Christ-like woman (my new co-worker, see comment section)) shared this with me by planting the seed, and the Holy Spirit took that and helped me grow just a little bit more.

That is what we are doing, growing.

So why is the post title “Fight, please fight?”

Because the more i grow the more i see the need to fight and i don’t want to fight alone. I can not, yes i have Christ, yes HE is my Heavenly Fathers and yes HE is my Heavenly Commanding officer but just like i have a good earthly father and a good earthly commanding officer i need comrades here on this earth, in the world but not of this world who will fight with me.

Fight, Please FIGHT!

Pressing on in the fight,

~beetle bailey (tom)

For those still in the theater or who want a backstage pass (<—click) Here are a few pictures that say over a thousand words each.

(Credits in comment section)

I’ll Fight Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 5th, 2015

for more details go to:

4 thoughts on “FIGHT, PLEASE FIGHT!

  1. So, that is where The Salvation Army started? That was what was once called “The Christian Mission”? YES, and again i say YES and it still is what we practice today, we are an Army of Salvation.
    We are saved to serve.
    To know Him and make Him known.

    Fight for all HE stands for.

    Stand Spiritually, even if your legs do not work, even if you have no arms, even if you have some type of disability God can help you and use you to help others.

    If this stirs your soul and makes you get some type of reaction in your gut go to: “We all hurt, that is no excuse anymore, sorry”.


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