I do not know who to give credit to for this other than giving full & wholly credit to The Holy Spirit in accordance with His word…

In my Prayer Journal on FaceBook page/group i wrote the following:

Fellowship in the physical realm is what i need when in physical pain…it blends perfectly with what my Heavenly Father has for me Spiritually (<—i am going to share that with all)

If i need it i am sure others do too. Speak up!

  • Who are you?
  • Who are they?

post in this group (Prayer Journal on FaceBook), even if you can not put JUST A FIRST NAME and need to type “ANONYMOUS FRIEND” God knows. 

If you are starting to or have always taken petitions (needs) and Intercession (praying for others) serious go to: Prayer Journal on FaceBook

Come on now, this ain’t’ no cheap promo.

Honestly I don’t really care if you go or not, i don’t care how many people are in that group, it will not profit me one cent i just want “change”.

I want to be able to pray for lost souls and for brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers in Christ.

I have an all powerful God, His Son and the presence of His Holy Spirit even while here in this old earth suit but i need fellowship with others in that same type of earth suit, flaws and all to increase my faith and fight along side me.

Thank you friend, family and even the thorns…you know them ? Mr and Mrs. Thorn? (go to: kicking against the pricks index you know them)


and please keep the cyber/social media cards, calls, txt, and visitation coming.

Pressing on with word press,

TomBeetle Bailey

6 thoughts on ““ANONYMOUS FRIEND”

  1. Here is a comment i just shared on Debby Hudson’s blog (http://debbyhudson.com/2015/11/30/10925/)
    in response to gathering with other Christians for Worship and making it formal and pleasant place to attend but not worrying about details.

    The Holy Spirit will take care of those (i wasn’t sure how to word that)

    I hope this connects with the bigger picture of connecting with people in church and people attending church and people trying to attend and just people in general. You may be bed bound in a nursing home or locked up in a facility or just attending church every Sunday, maybe you feel like your Church (the one you attend) is the institution you are trapped in…. ask with me:

    What are you looking for? Why are YOU going?

    Now think about this short story:
    place your mind in the setting of a football fan…forget everything above that you read and trip with me in the mind of a true sport fanatic…

    I (true sports fanatic) still attend games in person even though the music they play during half time is a joke, no food bands, nothing worth watching and i just use it as a change to hit the head.

    I still go even though i sat next to a guy at the last game who’s b.o. smelled so bad i could barely breath.Then spilled his beer on me.

    I still go to the game because of my commitment to the team. Not ever even sure if it’s that it is more so my commitment to the sport!

    I can’t be on the field and play but i do my part by cheering on and when i cheer it keeps the sport going and my enthusiasm is contagious. Others catch on too and buy tickets, attend, get into painting their face and some their whole body bodies (even more enthusiastic than me). The fans demand allows the players to get paid but more important allows all of us, ‘mericans’ to have something more. A topic that fires us up and we have tail gates and get to know people we never met before but share the same team so we’re like family.

    I just love going! I don’t like the parking and ticket prices are too high. The announcements pregame are too long.
    The other team always has fans and i hate sitting near them cause they are the opposite of me (sometimes seem like a different breed or people all together) but i love going to the game!

    I stopped going to games for a while. I got mad. I wasn’t mad at football, the team, any of the coaches or the sport. I never hated the sport, i just couldn’t handle the crowds so we’d pay $50 for pay preview and watch or we’d follow it on the radio but there is nothing like a LIVE game.
    I’ll continue to go to the areana regardless of:
    other people,
    the music,
    the price,
    the parking conditions,
    When it comes right down to it i am a loyal sports fan and I want to get together with other sports fans.


    Now think of that sports fan as a Fan For Jesus, i don’t mean an over fanatical religious person that turns others off i mean someone who is a loyal, genuine LOVER who is in a meaningful relationship with Christ.

    I hope and pray we will all stop going to Church and start BEING the Church, regardless of where you go or don’t go to gather together.

    Find and have peace. Leave a Sunday Worship Service better than when we walked into it.

    If that is not happening, it is time to find another group to gathering with or kick against the pricks” and go anyway.

    Go to Worship and be with Jesus and fellowship with those who are over playing church games and going for the same purpose. Mature enough not to be chokes out by the weeds or complain about the thorns in their side too, HIS GRACE is sufficient but if you just can not take it and it is stunting your growth, go someplace else, or no where for a while just never have the savior or turn on HIM.

    Why i hate Religion but LOVE Jesus.
    Years ago The Holy Spirit said to my heart, “GROW UP TOM!”

    i am still growing, still kicking and at times not kicking and learning what all that means.

    HERE IS WHAT I PUT IN DEBBY’S COMMENT SECTION go to:http://debbyhudson.com/2015/11/30/10925/#comment-11675 to read HER post or you can just read it here (i cut and paste).
    Yes, balance is the key for everything. I love ROCK ‘n ROLL, especially when it is for Jesus but i do not enjoy my Sunday Morning Worship being like a Rock concert so as much as i encourage those who go to a Church that is more that format i attend a place where we try to do a mix.

    I do not always like the mix, but when it really comes down to it, it is not about what i like it is about Jesus.

    As a program coordinator i have to keep my personal relationship in line constantly, stop to keep it in check and PUSH out and away things that may be blocking The Holy Spirit from moving in a different direction.

    Lord, come in like a flood that no man made dam can hold back. Christ may your Holy Spirit rush through here and this program or service like a wildfire that many, let alone one person can fight against. Jesus, savior blow us away like a hurricane and don’t let me try to stand in your forceful wind, make me just kneel and hold on for dear life, life in you. In Jesus name and for His sake, AMEN!

    Thank you debby aka Christian Sister

    Unfortunately i do not have any time or physical strength left to proof read this comment any more.
    For those who have been keeping track i go for pre. op. surgery tomorrow and another MRI is needed and the original surgery date for Dec. 8th is being moved back a little. PRAISE GOD, it gives me time to do what i can that i won’t be physically able to do in post op. God has a reason and purpose for everything, even the things we may not enjoy so much but it is some necessary pian, with a purpose. I can not begin to compare myself with other’s pain and i know and believe “JOB” (ya know the guy from the Bible) had things much much worse and He was human and able to trust God through it before Jesus so no i can do it with Jesus (the holy Spirit’s presence in my life, mind body and Spirit). I can not and will not promise no tears.


    1. Amen, i claim this in Christ my savior.

      When i committed my life to HIM that was the main theme and draw to me, to be complete in Christ and i made HIM my master and i became His bond slave.

      Anyone not in that relationship may find it hard to believe or not understand it but i will lift HIM up, live in HIM, not occupying myself with trying to point out their flaws and share HIM with them so they may choose Christ as well.

      (sorry for edit problems, i am having serious health issues -thank you for understanding)

      Occupied and commanded by Christ our Lord, beetle


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