I Got Hit By A Truck, What Is Your Excuse?

2 years ago  (2013 )  at the Salvation Army Camp Keystone men’s fellowship camp we had a great special guest. I bought two of his CDs.

I’m going to plug in his name and a link to his main website let alone post a video of him performing one of his songs.

He not only had a great voice but used it as part of a prison ministry. Talk about a mode of transportation.

He not only sings good Christian songs, you know praise band stuff or what people call worship team music nowadays, he realized that he could take some classic rock tunes and make the lyrics a little more meaningful toward things that apply to faith in Jesus Christ.

The last thing I’m going to say about him is that he has no arms at all and 1 leg shorter than the other. I will include his testimony, let him tell you the details.

And there are more details!

My point is God can use everybody and anything. My other posts talked about how he used dreams – animals – situation  – tragedies – music – and more.

That special guest reminded all of us that there is no such thing as an accident with God. This man was born with no arms. Sometimes the tragedies in our life or our disabilities can be the biggest blessing because regardless of how great the opposition is there’s always an opportunity. Some times the bigger the opposition, the bigger the opportunity.

I was able to send this entire post while laying flat on my back, on the floor, dealing with some health issues… We’ll leave it at that.

I’m not going to go back and edit this but in the comment section below when I’m able to I will add the promised music and videos of that special guest.

I remember hearing a little girl with cerebral palsy say,

“I have cerebral palsy what’s your excuse?”

Although this **temporary disability I’m struggling with is nothing compared to those other brothers and sisters in Christ it still slows me down in some ways but there is no disabling God’s work. **https://tombeetlebailey.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/toms-physical-health/

There is no disabling God’s ability!

May He reach others through me, my blog, and what I share. after all, what I am sharing is HIM.

HE is greater  than  I

Where there’s a will there’s a way! may God’s will be done.


See comment for Video and details of Special guest mentioned above Jon Sheptock


Here is just audio and a slideshow

Play this while you read comment section…

13 thoughts on “I Got Hit By A Truck, What Is Your Excuse?

  1. I did not want to add anything more to the post above, i did the entire thing from a small phone in the palm of my hand. That may not be very amazing to you but for a 47 year old who has the mentality of a 7 year old and the reading level of a 7th grader, it is a miracle. Simple yet grand miracle depending on your eyesight.

    Just like the commentary that goes along with the movie and the credits that run in the end it is my hope that people will recognize some things they may not have seen in the movie (posts) itself. …may these and other comments from other people be as helpful or in some cases more helpful than the blog itself. I think sometimes the extras make the blue rays extra beautiful, valuable and a better blue!

    I am still acquiring the web site and music video for the special guest i mentioned, some of you may have already heard of him or met him. I am not releasing his name until i show post it officially. If anyone is sill in the “theater” …there is a cliffhanger for you.

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  2. The Special guest i am referring to in this blog post is Jon Sheptock and his prison ministry band “One Percenters” Encompass the Gospel Message & the Word of God.
    Jon is a professional Christian Recording Artist who was Born Without Any Arms, and a Short Right Leg.

    i was looking for his testimony on video and better quality videos but this is the best i could find, it is long but if you are interested it is worth your time …

    Here is his YOUTUBE Channel:

    and google:


  3. If you think you are amazed that God can use someone like me (flaws, disabilities and all) and someone like Jon (no arms and against odds) watch this:
    Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limbs – CBN.com

    Still feel limited now?

    If this stirs your soul and makes you get some type of reaction in your gut that you can not explain and you can not shake go to:Fight, please FIGHT.


  4. When i shared the concept of this post with Major Ronald Mott (St. Augustine Salvation Army) he said he had just see something on FB about a guy with no arms still using a wheelbarrow Strapped to him with a harness. It said something about, no excuses or i have no arms what’s your excuse and he was still able to function.

    I could not find that pic. bit i quickly found this on a little girl living with what some people call a disability but she carries on….

    Lacey was born without arms. She is 4 years old and just started walking the beginning of this year. She’s very independent and has a lot of determination and spirit. God has a special purpose for her, and we wouldn’t trade Lacey for anything.

    As i was writing this i thought about the body of Christ. Back 3 years ago when i was paralyzed on my left side i thought about it too and the sad truth is there are parts of the body of Christ who are just paralyzed, not doing what they could or should do. Rather than be overwhelmed and go off on a rant about this i choose to focus on the parts that are functioning, encourage and enable those parts and do my part while praying for HIS whole body.


  5. The key/secret to happiness is not letting any other person tell you, “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t” GOD allows and doesn’t allow. Listen to HIm he created us, and others just as they are. He accepts you now it is time for you to accept others even when you feel not acceptable.

    Don’t need easy, just need possible and with God all things are possible within His perfect will. He has made each of us, flaws and all to be just as we are and to reach our personal potential.

    You are accepted by the one who matters most.




    1. jon, the more i think about your feed back the more Glory i give to God our Father. How do you type? Voice recognition? I had dragon voice recog. program when my left side was paralyzed. How do you do it?


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